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Set by Zoffix on 25 July 2018.
benjiikun github.com/ijneb/telegram-bot 00:02
My bot is kind of a half-butted way of doing it
with just returning a tap
but cro does some clever signature constraint stuff to pass a single block
I'm making a mockup of that for you now
Qwerasd Thanks a ton! 00:03
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benjiikun Qwerasd: gist.github.com/ijneb/ddd7ebe6a35b...7ceb311cc5 00:15
This is how cro gets the `route { get -> '/' { #do stuff } }` form for reacting to changes 00:16
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Qwerasd Interesting. 00:17
benjiikun And then it passes the `handlers { get '/' { }; get '/home' { }; ... }` for internal usage 00:19
I think it's a neat form for a library's purpose
So if you call $h() in that example, it will extract the 'hello' parameter as a constraint 00:20
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benjiikun I just realized I typod my nick to have two `i`s lol 00:29
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Qwerasd Is it possible to dynamically assemble a grammar? If so how? 00:40
timotimo well, EVAL can do it
Qwerasd True but I 00:41
Oops enter too soon.
timotimo otherwise, a grammar is "just a class", and you can create that during runtime through the MOP
Qwerasd True but I'm apt to shy away from EVAL
timotimo regexes/rules etc inside a grammar are also "just methods", so they can be added at runtime as well
Qwerasd Basically I want to assemble my TOP based on a function signature I'm iterating through. How can I do that? 00:42
timotimo right, i don't think that can be done without either EVAL or the compiler in general
Qwerasd Well, guess I'll have to use EVAL :\ 00:43
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benjikun Based on what about the function signature Qwerasd? 00:44
Qwerasd The type of each argument etc. 00:45
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benjikun Couldn't you just iterate through the signature in the TOP method of the grammar and decide what rules to use from there? 00:46
Qwerasd You can do that?
benjikun docs.perl6.org/language/grammars#M...in_Grammar 00:47
Qwerasd Oh neat. That works then :p
benjikun :)
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Qwerasd Thanks 00:48
benjikun anytime
Qwerasd How would I return tokens though, exactly? 00:49
Would returning a string work?
like return "<token1> <token2>"
I don't feel like it would.
timotimo you can use strings interpolated as regex, which is more or less equivalent to EVAL 00:50
Qwerasd Oh nice that would work? That makes me happy. 00:51
timotimo has to be like regex use-the-string { <$my-string-which-is-a-regex> }
Qwerasd Err can you show what my example would be like as a return statement then? 00:52
timotimo won't work with just a return, i'm afraid
Qwerasd Oh?
I'm confused now.
If I'm in the TOP method how do I turn my string in to the used regex. 00:53
timotimo hmm
you could probably have an attribute that has the string-to-be-used in it
Qwerasd I... don't understand. 00:54
timotimo and then TOP would just look like regex TOP { <{ $!string-to-be-used }> }
Qwerasd Oh?
So I don't iterate inside of the TOP method?
timotimo if $!string-to-be-used is already the whole thing, then no, that should be fine 00:55
Qwerasd OK thanks. I think I get it.
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Qwerasd I keep getting this error with no stacktrace, (It's being caught in a try/catch) is there a way I could force a stacktrace? 01:06
lookatme ... can do this 01:07
Qwerasd Err, how? Basically what should my CATCH block look like?
lookatme CATCH { when foo { }; when bar { }; default { }; } 01:08
Qwerasd I want to resume the error after it happens.
How can I get the stacktrace of an error?
lookatme oh, you mean get the stack trace ? 01:09
timotimo check the methods that Exception has
m: .name.say for Exception.^methods
camelia backtrace
lookatme docs.perl6.org/type/Exception
Qwerasd Probably .backtrace, right?
lookatme yeah, you better read the documents
MasterDuke Qwerasd: also, you know about --ll-exception ? 01:15
benjikun I think he wants for it to continue working after it fails
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geekosaur that doesn't make it stop, it just includes parts of the backtrace that go into the setting 01:18
benjikun oh, woops 01:19
geekosaur as such, probably not useful here unless you're debugging rakudo internals
timotimo all you have to do to make it not rethrow (which is what stops the program) is to match the type with a "when" block, or by having a "default" block
inside the CATCH
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Qwerasd Cannot resolve caller Str(Mu: Command::Parser); none of these signatures match: (Mu:U \v: *%_) (Mu:D $: *%_) 01:22
I did something wrong with a grammar I think. I'm getting this.
lookatme Can you paste your code to somewhere 01:24
Qwerasd I'll try to recreate it out of the context of my gigantic module.
hastebin.com/ebudoheqoc.p6 01:27
geekosaur hm. wonder if it's calling the wrong Str 01:30
Qwerasd So it may be a problem with the name I gave to the token?
geekosaur conceivably
Qwerasd yuuup 01:31
That was the problem
geekosaur you'll get the same with Int, then
Qwerasd Mhm, gonna lowercase em all
geekosaur that type exists too
(native string, for NativeCall)
Qwerasd Does it? Cause lowercasing it fixed it.
I guess maybe... _Str? I want to make it similar because I'm directly shoving type names in. 01:32
timotimo nativecall isn't exactly what str is for
Kaiepi aren't native strings NativeCall::CStr? 01:35
geekosaur maybe
Qwerasd Now how do I typecast things parsed by a grammar?
Using grammar actions I assume? 01:37
Kaiepi yeah 01:38
m: grammar Foo::Grammar { token TOP { <a> }; token a { a } }; class Foo::Actions { method TOP($/ --> Int) { make $<a>.ast }; method a($/ --> Int) { make ~$/.ord } }; say Foo::Grammar.parse('a', actions => Foo::Actions.new) 01:39
camelia Type check failed for return value; expected Int but got Str ("97")
in method a at <tmp> line 1
in regex a at <tmp> line 1
in regex TOP at <tmp> line 1
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
Kaiepi m: grammar Foo::Grammar { token TOP { <a> }; token a { a } }; class Foo::Actions { method TOP($/ --> Int) { make $<a>.ast }; method a($/ --> Int) { make $/.ord } }; say Foo::Grammar.parse('a', actions => Foo::Actions.new)
camelia 「a」
a => 「a」
Kaiepi m: grammar Foo::Grammar { token TOP { <a> }; token a { a } }; class Foo::Actions { method TOP($/ --> Int) { make $<a>.ast }; method a($/ --> Int) { make $/.ord } }; say Foo::Grammar.parse('a', actions => Foo::Actions.new).ast 01:40
camelia 97
Kaiepi there we go
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Qwerasd Hmm this function is saying too many positionals when passed 2 arguments but it has a signature of Str $foo, Int $bar = 1 01:44
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Qwerasd Oh wait I think I see the issue. 01:46
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Geth perl6-most-wanted: aa0d01730b | (Ben Davies)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | most-wanted/modules.md
Add WIP link for Net::Telnet
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raschipi .tell moritz What do you think about putting the content from perl6book.com into perl6.org/resources/ and then you pull the content from there. I think it would solve all the problems. Fell free to ignore if you think it's a silly idea because your content doesn't fit in the Perl6 site. 02:23
yoleaux raschipi: I'll pass your message to moritz.
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Qwerasd I cannot for the life of me figure out why this grammar.parse is returning nil. 02:34
Cloning the code out of context and setting the values makes it not do so so I'm very confused.
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benjikun Qwerasd: can you make a gist of it 02:36
Qwerasd No because in context it's 16 files, a network connection, and an API key. Out of context I can't reproduce the issue. 02:37
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Zoffix eco: Grammar::Debugger 02:39
yoleaux 26 Jul 2018 20:12Z <brrt> Zoffix: - repsectfully, and given the heat with the intent of not letting annoyance grow bigger, that is not what I said
buggable Zoffix, Grammar::Debugger 'Simple tracing and debugging support for Perl 6 grammars': modules.perl6.org/dist/Grammar::Deb...github:N'A
yoleaux 26 Jul 2018 20:13Z <brrt> Zoffix: what I said was, since there is an intent to release a version, and there is a blocking bug that is hard to fix, we may circumvent it for now, and do a point release later
Zoffix Qwerasd: ^ you can install that module and it comes with a debugger that'll let you see why it's returning Nil as well as with Grammar::Tracer that is similar, but just does the trace of the matching process 02:40
Qwerasd Ok thanks.
Zoffix Just `use` one of those modules and it'll enable the mode: tpm-regex.perl6.party/#/50
And here's how the trace looks like: tpm-regex.perl6.party/#/51 02:41
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Me Hello 02:43
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Zoffix :( 02:44
Qwerasd Grammar::Tracer is spitting out this error at me (Without it enabled the grammar in question works fine): Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull) 02:45
Zoffix :( bummer 02:46
What version of Perl 6 are you using?
Qwerasd Rakudo Star version 2018.04.1
Zoffix no idea :/ 02:47
Qwerasd Is there a way to get a grammar to return an array of each token from TOP? (ex. TOP { <a> ' ' <b> ', ' <c> } -> [a, b, c]) 02:51
Zoffix You'd have to make TOP a method and make it parse with something and then make an Array. Or have the Actions class make the array for you 02:55
m: grammar { rule TOP { <a> <b> <c> }; token a { "a" }; token b { "b" }; token c { "c" } }.parse("a b c", actions => class { method TOP ($/) { make $<a b c>».Str.Array } }).made.say
camelia [a b c]
Zoffix Qwerasd: BTW, you could try changing a bunch of tokens from rules/tokens to `regex` (or use :!ratchet adverb in them). Lack of backtracing in token/rule is a pretty common cause of a failed parse 02:56
Also, I assume you know it has to parse the string from very start to very end, otherwise it'll fail the parse (it'
Qwerasd Yes I know. 02:57
Zoffix ok
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benjikun Zoffix: when are your presentations 02:59
Zoffix In the past :) 03:00
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benjikun oof 03:03
where can I find them?
Zoffix Eventually they'll be posted here, I'm assuming: www.youtube.com/channel/UC3xi2HEaL...2fNfW61Zdg 03:05
Slides are at tpm-regex.perl6.party/ and tpm-perf.perl6.party/ 03:08
Qwerasd Oh god this is a headache. 03:09
Zoffix Qwerasd: :) sounds like a good time to take a break :)
Qwerasd Yeah, and a good time to sleep. It's 11 PM. Sleep will probably help. (Fingers crossed) 03:10
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benjikun I went to sleep at 6am 03:10
Qwerasd gn 03:11
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benjikun night 03:11
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raschipi Zoffix: Very nice slides, I'm eager to see the presentations. 03:30
benjikun www.youtube.com/watch?v=paa3niF72Nw 03:35
raschipi: found it!
raschipi I already watched that one a long time ago, it's from 2016. 03:36
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benjikun oh 03:43
didnt look at the time posted
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Geth doc: 965c2f4633 | (Ben Davies)++ | doc/Language/grammars.pod6
Document grammar attributes
doc: afd5944dd5 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/grammars.pod6
Merge pull request #2219 from Kaiepi/grammars

Document grammar attributes Thanks a lot!
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/grammars
doc: be4208a8cd | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
Decapitalize and rewrite a bit
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moritz \o 05:09
yoleaux 02:23Z <raschipi> moritz: What do you think about putting the content from perl6book.com into perl6.org/resources/ and then you pull the content from there. I think it would solve all the problems. Fell free to ignore if you think it's a silly idea because your content doesn't fit in the Perl6 site.
moritz .tell rashipi you are welcome to reuse the contents of perl6book.com on perl6.org. When perl6.org has all the relevant information (and book covers), I'll consider making perl6book.com a redirect 05:10
yoleaux moritz: I'll pass your message to rashipi.
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benjikun o/ 05:11
m: -> --> 1 { }()
camelia ( no output )
benjikun m: say -> --> 1 { }();
camelia 1
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benjikun m: ->-->0{}() 05:17
camelia ( no output )
benjikun interesting looking
Geth doc: e03987d63d | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/operators.pod6
Checking around postfix calls

Rephrased `.:` which used *colonpair* (which is clearly not). Eliminated index entry "postfix call" which didn't make a lot of sense. And closes #1346, although that had been solved before.
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/operators
benjikun m: my \say = 1; say.say.say.say; 05:24
camelia 1
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Geth doc: 5a4d7cf20b | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/grammars.pod6
Fixes categories refs #1410
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/grammars
jmerelo benjikun: yep, say returns True 05:55
benjikun: and say method is different from say sigilless variable, I guess... 05:56
benjikun mhm 05:57
m: my \say = 1; say say say say;
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Two terms in a row
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my \say = 1; say7⏏5 say say say;
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
statement modifier
benjikun only knows because I was using it as a method
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jmerelo Warning: bumpy road ahead. 05:59
There's something wrong with docs.perl6.org 06:00
benjikun again?
what's up with it now
jmerelo the search.js file is out of sync, and it's not being generated
benjikun: let me see if I found out what's the problem...
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jmerelo OK, it's synced now. I don't know what's happened, but it's OK now. 06:09
benjikun woo 06:11
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Geth doc: e85d8d1948 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Language/exceptions.pod6
General revision of the Exceptions page

Reflow, elimination of capitals and stuff, but also eliminates the Try category (refs #1410) and the incorrect indexing of Try. This would close the nicely numbered 2222 issue: closes #2222
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/exceptions
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jmerelo lizmat: hi 07:01
lizmat: there was something I wanted to ask you. But I forgot what.
lizmat: let me see if I find it again...
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jmerelo lizmat: I should have opened an issue... 07:05
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jmerelo lizmat: OK, after some digging among recently edited files and visited pages, here it is. 07:19
lizmat: is this true? docs.perl6.org/language/faq.html#C...om_Perl_6? I seem to remember you mentioned something about that in your talk in Arnhem 07:20
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El_Che jmerelo: you mean Inline::Perl5 ? 07:26
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jmerelo El_Che: right 07:28
El_Che: does it work? 07:30
stmuk yes why wouldn't it? 07:31
El_Che yes, nine keeps making it better all the time: github.com/niner/Inline-Perl5
jmerelo stmuk: dunno.
El_Che, stmuk: many issues, one-year-old pull requests, CI badge in gray... 07:32
El_Che, stmuk: but the thing is that I seem to remember lizmat mentioned something about it in the Netherlands Perl workshop. I might be wrong, however... 07:33
El_Che jmerelo: I don't use it myself (I don't like the idea of managing 2 stacks), but I am under the impression that it works very well from the people that use it
We'll get more info from lizmat and nine if they survived the heat 07:34
jmerelo El_Che, stmuk: also it says "most Perl 6 modules". Don't know what "most" means...
El_Che: OK. If that FAQ is true, then I'm OK with that. 07:35
stmuk I don't see any problems with "most"
jmerelo stmuk: well, it's a catch all. It's useful when your particular module does not run, you can always say "Well, we said most" 07:36
El_Che I think nine is going for "all"
from his doc
something not working is a bug in that cas 07:37
jmerelo stmuk: but my main issue with that is how does that carry through time. Most for perl 5.24 perl6 2017.07 might become "a bunch" in perl 5.28 perl6 2018.06
stmuk yes it's a particularly hard module to maintain but nine does a good job and I don't see any problems with the FAQ answer which seems perfectly clear to me 07:38
jmerelo stmuk: I mean, I would need a bit of qualification for that. "Most modules that have these features, for these versions of Perl and Perl6, and none of the modules that have these features"
stmuk: OK. No problem then. 07:39
El_Che jmerelo: let's wait to what nine has to say. He could qualify the statement probably 07:40
jmerelo El_Che: I mean, right now, this seems to be a problem travis-ci.org/niner/Inline-Perl5/jobs/393161623 07:41
El_Che: that's probably only a change of perlbrew interface...
I'll create an issue for that.
stmuk my guess is its a network error or something transient like that 07:45
jmerelo stmuk: looks like a perlbrew error... 07:48
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stmuk yes maybe the perlbrew author pushed a version which didn't work for a few mins or the script couldn't contact the server or something ... it worked for me just now 07:49
jmerelo stmuk: it did here when I upgraded. 07:50
stmuk: anyway, thanks for the clarification 07:51
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jmerelo stmuk: I patched and it seems to be working now travis-ci.com/JJ/Inline-Perl5/jobs/136754408. Apparently, the default installation procedure for perlbrew was not serving the last version... 08:03
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jmerelo I'm checking out the number of commits this month, and it's the third highest ever. Could be the second, we're not done yet... Also it's the month with the second-highest number of contributors. 08:27
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lizmat jmerelo: yes, that is true 08:28
jmerelo lizmat: what? 08:30
lizmat " is this true? docs.perl6.org/language/faq.html#C...om_Perl_6? I seem to remember you mentioned something about that in your talk in Arnhem"
jmerelo lizmat: OK, the FAQ.
lizmat: thanks.
lizmat: did you mention something about Inline::Perl6 in your talk? Or is it a fake memory? 08:31
lizmat: sorry, Perl6
lizmat: sorry, Perl5
My fingers go directly to type 6 after Perl...
stmuk jmerelo++ # fixing travis perlbrew
jmerelo stmuk: it's still broken for MacOSx... And that I can't fix. 08:32
lizmat jmerelo: it's not in the slides, perhaps I did mention Inline::Perl5 but my memory fails me if I did or not 08:33
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Geth doc: 423c007ce0 | (JJ Merelo)++ | 2 files
Some reflow and corrections
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jmerelo m: say $*IN 09:49
camelia IO::Handle<IO::Special.new("<STDIN>")>(opened)
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tbrowder_ \o 10:06
jmerelo: search messed up earlier i see. how did you fix it? make it an issue? 10:07
i’m still working on doc reorg—early am i think i hsve some new insight after dreaming about htmlify.p6 and friends. 10:09
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tbrowder_ *have 10:09
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stmuk lizmat: just watching your talk starting with discussion of Plato and wondered if you had seen this www.irata.online/ 10:17
El_Che (I thought we would discuss philosophy. Mildy disappointed) 10:19
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stmuk the underlying plato-like system is "cyber1" 10:26
10:27 Guest52056 is now known as daemon
jmerelo tbrowder_: I really have no idea. 10:28
tbrowder_: checked the logs, and everything seemed to be OK.
tbrowder_: that's what I call a bad dream 10:29
tbrowder_ ok, thanks.
more of a nightmare!
jmerelo tbrowder_: the problem was that there was a difference between what was on the site and what was searched 10:31
tbrowder_ yep, sounds like a build problem. i don’t understand yet how the actual site is published. caching may be a factor. 10:33
jmerelo tbrowder_: I kinda understand it a bit. 10:34
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jmerelo tbrowder_: in a nutshell, you clean up everything, then it's your script to generate stuff, then htmlify.p6, which generates search.js among other things, then it's rsynced to the actual place where it's published, and then the mojo-based web generates more stuff 10:35
tbrowder_ thnx 10:36
jmerelo So there are like 3 build steps: your script, then htmlify.p6, then make run. Two before deployment, one after deployment
I wonder if we should use Sparrowdo or some other serious deployment tool. Maybe Sake, I don't know.
tbrowder_ does the rsync have the options set to delete old stuff? that can cause weird things to happen 10:37
jmerelo But one fine day we should take htmlify.p6 (and related modules) and rewrite it from scratch. We could call it htmlify-6.p6
tbrowder_: right, it deletes stuff rsync -az --delete html/* html/.ht* [email@hidden.address] 10:38
but more weird stuff could happen if you don't delete.
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jmerelo tbrowder_: I don't know if you have seen this: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log...7-27#l362, which is to a large extent your fault :-) Kudos 10:40
tbrowder_ hm, i guess it’s like throwing thumb tacks on the dance floor 10:42
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tbrowder_ lots more movement for painful reasons 10:44
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jmerelo tbrowder_: that's a good one. But no, it's only natural. 11:47
tbrowder_: more like the sandpile. You drop one grain, nothing happens, you drop the next, avalanche.
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tbrowder_ good 12:11
good analogy!
git question: has anyone had any problems rsyncing a git repo between two locations (one fixed at home, one mobile)? i use the two hosts regularly and would like to work on my favorite git repos on both of them, changing beween them often as we travel to/from nearby relatives. 12:19
jmerelo tbrowder_: yep. All kind of problems. It's better to just use git to sync... 12:20
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jnthn 1I also move between different hosts quite a bit, but just push up a Work In Progress commit in a branch when I need to move. 12:21
tbrowder_ ok, how do you handle cleaning up accumulated commits to submit a PR? squashing seems to be too easy to mess up. 12:25
and i get enough complaints about my commits as it is... 12:27
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jnthn tbrowder_: Depends, but `git add ...` for the files I changed since and `git commit --amend` in simple cases 12:32
Or interactive rebase if I want to do something more involved
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tbrowder_ thanks. i need to study more in-depth git use. 12:35
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raschipi . 12:42
12:42 raschipi is now known as rashipi
rashipi . 12:42
yoleaux 05:10Z <moritz> rashipi: you are welcome to reuse the contents of perl6book.com on perl6.org. When perl6.org has all the relevant information (and book covers), I'll consider making perl6book.com a redirect
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moritz sorry, did I mis-type your nick? 12:43
raschipi No problem. 12:53
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Ulti tbrowder_ I dont use it myself but someone stepped me through the stuff you can do with an interactive rebase and its kind of amazing 13:02
timotimo i use it every now and then to merge together commits or change commit messages 13:03
Ulti yeah I always wondered why commits were hideous compared to other people on my team and they pointed out I was just a lot more lazy than them :'(
timotimo hahaha 13:04
Ulti I've not seen a nice GUI for doing that stuff though
timotimo i hear emacs has something extremely good
Ulti oh really
timotimo i've never used emacs, though 13:05
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timotimo i mean, never longer than a few minutes 13:05
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sarna I've found a typo in the docs, what do I do? 13:25
yoleaux 26 Jul 2018 18:25Z <AlexDaniel> sarna: squashathon discussion colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log...07-26#l900
tbrowder_ smartgit may have something, usable on linux and windows (maybe mac, too), java based.
AlexDaniel sarna: just fix it? github.com/perl6/doc/
sarna AlexDaniel: ok :) 13:26
tbrowder_ i use it on windows mostly, debian rarely cause i mostly
am using ssh
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jmerelo AlexDaniel: perl6 river, v0.1 ready github.com/JJ/p6-river/releases/tag/v0.1 13:28
maettu jnthn has completed his grant news.perlfoundation.org/2018/07/per...abi-5.html
and requested another 200h. Please leave your comments. news.perlfoundation.org/2018/07/gra...l-6-2.html 13:29
jmerelo AlexDaniel: I would have to do stuff a bit more finely, but basically big name tagas are the ones with the most dependencies downriver. Download the PDF or the SVG from the repo
AlexDaniel jmerelo: what about having a top-down placement?
El_Che the pdf is a tease 13:30
AlexDaniel or left to right
El_Che it doesn't show anything :)
jmerelo AlexDaniel: I tried that, but then it's not so clear. Download and check out sankey.html from that repo
El_Che: let me see...
El_Che 51 KB 13:31
the image was resized to death by the pdf creator soft, I suppose
jmerelo El_Che: well, it shows... something
El_Che a teaser
jmerelo El_Che: if you bump it up to 400% you can see a bit 13:32
and the gephi files are in the same repo, or the .net, use them with your favorite software...
AlexDaniel jmerelo: what can I use with dot?
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jmerelo AlexDaniel: let me export it to that format 13:33
AlexDaniel ok now we're talking :)
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tbrowder_ i just saw syntevo (German co i think) has deepgit too. samartgit and deepgit are free for non-commercial use. 13:34
sarna AlexDaniel: I've just read the squashaton discussion thingy. I haven't written any scripts dealing with github yet 13:35
jmerelo AlexDaniel: Gephi does not work with that. I've added you to the repo, and exported it to graphml. Either that or Pajek's .net should be convertible to anything... 13:36
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El_Che ff kan show the svg fine 13:38
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AlexDaniel uh but that's from perl6-all-modules… not gonna work :S 13:47
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Geth doc: sarna++ created pull request #2224:
Fixes some small typos in "Ruby to Perl 6"
sarna oh hi
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raschipi sarna: did you see the answer to your pull request? 13:58
Geth doc: be1b3d529c | sarna++ | doc/Language/rb-nutshell.pod6
doc: da0cd0dcc2 | sarna++ | doc/Language/rb-nutshell.pod6
added a colon
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/rb-nutshell
doc: f171ae0779 | (Bartosz Janus)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/rb-nutshell.pod6
Merge pull request #2224 from sarna/ruby-typos

Fixes some small typos in "Ruby to Perl 6"
raschipi yes
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sarna raschipi: yes :) I was too excited to check IRC, sorry 13:58
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Zoffix Must... resist... urge... to use this stock in 6.d Diwali teaser posters: depositphotos.com/88166820/stock-p...nesha.html 14:08
diakopter yah, the ambiguity/overlap with Nazi symbols is ... suboptimal 14:10
Zoffix :)
timotimo yes, that would be *quite* an unfortunate look 14:12
robertle these could esily be photoshopped into butterflies 14:14
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raschipi robertle: then what's the point of buying the stock, just buy another one without an unfortunate association. 14:16
Geth doc: 7f9915925e | (Ben Davies)++ | doc/Language/js-nutshell.pod6
Use sentence casing in JS nutshell page
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/js-nutshell
jkramer How would I go about writing a P6 version of Module::Refresh? Is it even possible? 14:23
Zoffix That's such a common question it should be researched and placd into our FAQ 14:25
jkramer Hmm probably not, at least not the way I want it.
Is it? Sorry :)
Zoffix (the "reload a module in a running program" question, I mean)
jkramer: no need to be sorry, I've not heard a good answer to it yet :)
squashable6: status
squashable6 Zoffix, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in 6 days and ≈19 hours (2018-08-04 UTC-12⌁UTC+14). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
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raschipi jkramer: A related problem is the fact that modules are cached after being compiled. So even if you reload the program it won't pick up changes made to the module. 14:45
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Geth marketing: 36c5fb493d | (Zoffix Znet)++ | 13 files
Add "Spec Clarifications" 6.d teaser / ID 1532698761
jkramer I wouldn't even need to reload it from disk, I just wanted to outsource some code from long-running script to tweak it during runtime. I naively tried to just slurp and EVAL it but of course it didn't work :)
timotimo you'll probably need a little indirection between the module's symbols and the actual code being run
jkramer Turns out that types need to be known at compile-time of you want type checking :D
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jkramer But it's not that important anyway 14:50
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timotimo actually, you can use "where" clauses :) 14:53
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jkramer I think I'll just dump the state of my script so I can restart it without losing progress :) 14:54
timotimo that's probably better 14:55
do that regularly and you're also probably relatively safe from crashes
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raschipi We need Systemd bindings so that processes can stash their open file descriptors in systemd. 14:59