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Set by Zoffix on 25 July 2018.
buggable 🎺🎺🎺 It's time for the monthly Accidental /win Lottery 😍😍😍 We have 0 ballots submitted by 0 users! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!... 00:00
timotimo can you have a look if it's better now?
buggable And the winning number is 42! Congratulations to Zoffix! You win a roll of duck tape!
timotimo buggable: rigged!
tbrowder fake winner!
timotimo i should probably do some more work on my advent calendar post, too ... you know, before it's supposed to go up on the blog ... 00:01
loops what topic are you covering timotimo
mornfall as a punishment, Zoffix should add POD to WWW :p 00:02
timotimo i'm hoping to do one on cellular automata
loops ala Wolfram NKS? 00:03
tbrowder timotimo: ref wordpress, i still see 12:01 AM for my blog schedule
timotimo i.imgur.com/uy3Kves.gifv 00:05
yeah, i read that book when i was already working for someone at uni about that whole topic
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timotimo tbrowder: i totally set it to be "23:59" :( 00:08
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mornfall also... can i precompile a script? 00:09
loops mesmerizing image.
AlexDaniel loops: yeah o_o
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timotimo mornfall: yes, but only by turning it into a module and invoking an empty script and -M-ing the module, or by having a script that just "use TheModuleThatIsActuallyAScript" 00:10
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tbrowder timotimo: hm, schedule time looks good in the actual time window setting, but the summary time shows in a different format!! still think wordpress is crappy and we need another solution. 00:12
mornfall okay i'll give it a try some other day :) also, perl6 on an empty script takes anywhere between 200 and 300ms :\
timotimo perhaps need to flush some caches or something
tbrowder my church went to wordpress some years ago and our website is crappy, too!
timotimo mornfall: on my machine it's always "0:00.10 elapsed" 00:13
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MasterDuke mornfall: more of a style than a performance thing, but it looks like $commit is only used for it's boolean value. i might write it as `my $commit = @*ARGS.elems > 0 and @*ARGS[0] eq '--commit';` (and the `> 0` could probably even be removed) 00:14
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mornfall MasterDuke: that whole thing is getting ditched :p it's just a safety measure since i was sort-of debugging the script on live data :p 00:14
MasterDuke heh, the best way to debug 00:15
mornfall i'll do a getopt thing when i need something real
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tbrowder our docs site looks good. should be "easy" to add an advent display and authors could write in pod6! 00:15
timotimo no need to reach for getopt
look up sub MAIN :) :)
mornfall yeah i mean %*options something something
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mornfall timotimo: i'll read it right away if you can come up with a p6doc incantation that shows me the docs ;) 00:16
MasterDuke mornfall: i'm not following the code very well, what are you using Algorithm::Diff for? 00:17
mornfall MasterDuke: well, the thing reads in data from a filesystem, then it reads the live (student-visible) copy of that data, then it shows me what changed and perhaps lets me sync up the live data to my copy of it 00:18
loops Saw there was a bug hunting drive for perl6/doc, tried "make html" in there but it died trying to process a "defn" directive in one of the pods 00:20
mornfall the first part collects and formats various bits of info and sorts it into a per-student text file (which then gets diffed to the text file the student currently sees)
loops Haven't made much progress :-/
mornfall where did the moarvm blog go... i remember reading something about startup times 00:21
it's been a while tho (easily a year or more)
MasterDuke ah, so are actually diffing a whole file, not just a single text string
mornfall MasterDuke: the files don't exist on disk, they are just strings 00:22
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MasterDuke ok, but you're not really looking for an edit difference, correct? 00:23
loops mornfall: maybe 6guts.wordpress.com/
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mornfall loops: i'm paging through that right now, yeah 00:24
MasterDuke loops: does it tell you which file/directive? i don't know pod very well, but it looks like tbrowder is on now and he does
mornfall MasterDuke: i just want to see what changed in the approximately 1/4 MiB of text :) 00:26
loops MasterDuke: doc/Language/pod.pod6 has a couple "defn" lines. I deleted them and the html build is proceeding at least.
tbrowder loops: some of the pod renderers are not quite current with the defn block, but so far i don’t think it is a rakudo pod issue from what i’ve seen. 00:28
loops i'm only building the html to run checklink on them, thought i might be able to nibble away at github.com/perl6/doc/issues/561
tbrowder: okay, I figured as much, which is why I just deleted those lines.
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tbrowder loops: that issue you referenced i think is part of a massive effort by jjmerelo and finanalyst to improve the docs tooling—i’m not sure that issue should be worked in this hackathon, but i would ask jj. 00:31
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loops Yeah, it is marked "big" and doesn't have "good first issue" tag 00:33
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buggable New CPAN upload: Algorithm-LDA-0.0.3.tar.gz by TITSUKI modules.perl6.org/dist/Algorithm::L...an:TITSUKI 01:17
sacomo hi all 01:20
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AlexDaniel loops: actually it is part of this squashathon, and I think everyone should be able to contribute a little bit 01:50
loops: most warnings there are due to incorrect html that is produced, and that can and should be fixed 01:51
but maybe that's not very easy, I'm not sure
loops: however, if you somehow ignore all the warnings from checklink that are related to incorrect html, there are probably still some 404s and other issues
that can be resolved with relatively simple PRs :)
so judge yourself! 01:52
lichtkind cheers 01:58
does anybody know whats wrong with appvayor?
pastebin.com/6dnCxYKX 02:05
i think im not only one with that issue , that seems on strawberry side
tbrowder AlexDaniel: you’re right, i shouldn’t have made such a sweeping judgement of the situation 02:25
AlexDaniel tbrowder: you're right also, it's a difficult issue 02:26
but it's docs&tools, and IIRC a lot of checklink errors come from issues with tools :)
tbrowder roger!
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SmokeMachine .tell pmurias this is the error message on safari's console: [Error] SyntaxError: No identifiers allowed directly after numeric literal (função anônima) (eval_code.js:147) 02:32
yoleaux SmokeMachine: I'll pass your message to pmurias.
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SmokeMachine .tell pmurias: usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../error.png 02:34
yoleaux SmokeMachine: What kind of a name is "pmurias:"?!
SmokeMachine .tell pmurias same error on safari technology preview 02:37
yoleaux SmokeMachine: I'll pass your message to pmurias.
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Summertime could the following error occur during OOM situation? 06:10
moar: src/unix/core.c:539: uv__close: Assertion `fd > STDERR_FILENO' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)
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Summertime I'd assume that like, fd exaustion approaching (since that could be fd wrapping around to negatives?) ... I dunno 06:12
input is: for |($*ARGFILES.lines) xx * { last if $been{$position += $_}++; } 06:13
with the input being AoC 2018/01
nope, memory doesn't creep high enough at all... 06:22
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Summertime hm, its just due to container size I guess... 06:28
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squashable6 🍕 JJ++ submitted a review on pull request “Added test for consisten header capitalization”: github.com/perl6/doc/pull/2485#pul...-180514477 06:47
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jmerelo panics a little bit since the first Perl6 Advent calendar article has not been published 06:57
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Xliff m: my @a = <1 2 3 4 5 e>; @a.sort; @a.say 07:06
camelia [1 2 3 4 5 e]
Xliff m: my @a = <1 2 3 4 5 e>; @a .= sort; @a.say 07:07
camelia [1 2 3 4 5 e]
Xliff m: my @a = </ 1 2 3 4 5 e>; @a .= sort; @a.say
camelia [/ 1 2 3 4 5 e]
Xliff m: my @a = </ 1 2 3 4 5 e>; @a.sort; @a.say
camelia [/ 1 2 3 4 5 e]
Xliff m: my @a = </ 1 2 4 3 5 e>; @a.sort; @a.say
camelia [/ 1 2 4 3 5 e]
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Geth doc: 5057eb4cd8 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Cool.pod6
Minor rephrasing for EVAL
synopsebot_ Link: doc.perl6.org/type/Cool
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buggable New CPAN upload: Algorithm-LDA-0.0.4.tar.gz by TITSUKI modules.perl6.org/dist/Algorithm::L...an:TITSUKI 07:47
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squashable6 🍕 JJ++ wrote a comment on “Searching Str should poi…”: github.com/perl6/doc/issues/2484#i...-443408368 08:01
🍕 JJ++ labeled issue “Searching Str should poi…” (search): github.com/perl6/doc/issues/2484 08:02
🍕 JJ++ labeled issue “Searching Str should poi…” (big): github.com/perl6/doc/issues/2484
moritz good morning
does anybody know what's up with the advent calendar? 08:03
tbrowder: can you jump in with your article please?
oh, the designated author for day 1 just accepted the wordpress invitation
squashable6 🍕 kensanata++ wrote a comment on “Added test for consisten header capitalization”: github.com/perl6/doc/pull/2485#iss...-443408786 08:08
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squashable6 🍕 JJ++ wrote a comment on “Added test for consisten header capitalization”: github.com/perl6/doc/pull/2485#iss...-443409148 08:16
🍕 JJ++ closed issue “Inconsistent capitalization for doc headers”: github.com/perl6/doc/issues/1945
Geth doc/master: 6 commits pushed by (Alex Schroeder)++, (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++
squashable6 🍕 JJ++ merged pull request “Added test for consisten header capitalization”: github.com/perl6/doc/pull/2485
jmerelo moritz: I've pinged the first person, and he was sick
moritz: he will try to get it done today.
moritz: anyway, it would be good to have at least a couple of articles ready to publish, maybe temporarily 08:17
There are 5 drafts there. Can we maybe use one of them? They're from yesteryear, but maybe we could email the authors and ask for permission to publish in a pinch
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jmerelo moritz: the draft is already there. 08:29
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jmerelo announces my advent calendar entry is ready as a draft, just in case anyone wants to have a look 09:01
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moritz jmerelo: I had actually considered writing a reserve article as well, but I was sick as well :( 09:07
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lizmat morning! 09:16
yoleaux 30 Nov 2018 21:20Z <AlexDaniel> lizmat: you win the bet, btw :D
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mornfall morning :-) 09:25
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jmerelo moritz: get well soon... 09:27
mornfall, lizmat morning!
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mornfall do i understand correctly that every time i run a perl6 script, the entire compiler starts out as unoptimized (unspecialised) bytecode? i haven't read too much yet, just ran through the 6guts blog very quickly so my understanding is rather incomplete at this point 09:30
jmerelo mornfall: I would say so, yes. .precomp caches do not store runtime information, far as I understand it. 09:31
Geth doc: 6f1d0e81d7 | (JJ Merelo)++ | xt/headings.t
Fixes typo
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mornfall hmm... what would be the best way to have a bunch of modules and scripts that are part of a project which i run from its source directory? something like PERL5LIB would probably suffice, i already tweak PATH 10:13
lizmat there's PERL6LIB: docs.perl6.org/language/5to6-nutsh...B-PERL6LIB 10:14
mornfall i see thanks (i was looking at 5to6 variables for whatever reason) 10:15
lizmat also, see the caveat: Note that PERL6LIB is more of a developer convenience in Perl 6 (as opposed to the equivalent usage of PERL5LIB in Perl5) and shouldn't be used by module consumers as it could be removed in the future. This is because Perl 6's module loading isn't directly compatible with operating system paths.
mornfall could i perhaps use lib $*PROGRAM? *tries* 10:19
almost 10:20
.parent, \o/ 10:21
lizmat yup... also .sibling("name") also be useful
if the code happens to be in a subdir
mornfall it looks a bit like something that'd be discouraged though... is it?
lizmat you mean, using "use lib" in a module ? 10:22
mornfall in a script
especially with the $*PROGRAM.parent magic
lizmat personally I don't care too much about that: I'm more of the "whatever works, works" side of the fence 10:23
mornfall :-)
lizmat but please don't take my opinion to carry any value, please
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lizmat I'm well aware that programming should be fun, but that there is always a reason for doing it that is not "l'art pour l'art" 10:24
mornfall i'm not saying that it would stop me from using it, but i'm still curious, i didn't find that much info in the docs so far 10:25
the canonical solution seems to be put your modules in cpan and/or at least install them
lizmat that's because I guess we haven't got "well established" practices in that area yet
mornfall: yeah, if you can do that, that's the easiest
let zef and rakudo do the work for you
and this will also help you run code with different versions of the same module easier 10:26
mornfall but i like the immediacy of edit-run cycle, without installing anything inbetween
lizmat true, and that's why there is -I and use lib
but you should realize that in Perl 6 they're not necessarily production tools
mornfall yeah, that's fine, this is not production code either (at least for now; it's just personal-use automation) 10:27
if the time comes, i'll make it a proper package and all
lizmat if that works for you, go for it :-) 10:28
but remember: TIMTOWTSYITF
(There Is More Than One Way To Shoot Yourself In The Foot)
mornfall i parsed the last f as face for whatever reason :p
okay i'm a bit stumped... how do i call a sub that 'is export' in a module, but not :DEFAULT? neither MyMod.mysub nor MyMod::mysub DWIM 10:37
lizmat you can not call subs from outside a package unless they're marked "our" 10:38
jnthn You'd have to mark it `our` scoped, and then the latter will work
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mornfall that's odd i was looking at WWW.pm6 for examples but there's no 'our' anywhere in that module (is the :DEFAULT a substitute for that?) 10:39
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jnthn It's quite common to make the subs lexical and only available through export. 10:41
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lizmat mornfall: you should also realize that imports of external subs are also lexical 10:42
so if you only need the subs of a module inside another sub, or only inside another class
mornfall i'm confused. so i have lexical sub: sub fetch() is export { yada yada }; but I can't use that when i use MyMod? 10:43
lizmat you can put the use inside the sub / class and have the imported subs only be visible there
m: { use Test; pass "foo" }; pass "bar"
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
pass used at line 1
lizmat Test::pass is marked as "is export", but "use Test" will only make that visible inside the scope in which the "use" occurs 10:44
so in Perl 6 we worry a lot less about what is getting exported / imported 10:45
mornfall oh! so 'is export' lets me use the sub unqualified, and 'our' lets me use it qualified... that's the bit of info i was missing 10:46
lizmat also: when you use "our", it is also put on the default export list (so the "is export" is redundant in that case) 10:47
mornfall is there a way to export something for qualified-use-only?
lizmat hmmm... maybe I was wrong about "our" putting it on the export list 10:49
mornfall yeah, 'our' seems to achieve what i want afterall 10:50
lizmat hmmm... jnthn: "our" is implicit on class / module and that makes them be exported 10:51
jnthn: but "our" on a sub inside a module / class doesn't export them 10:52
jnthn: so I guess they need to be at the top level to have "our" export them? Is that intentional?
mornfall actually making the module a 'unit class' instead of 'unit module' allows me to use MyMod.fetch which i kinda like better than MyMod::fetch 10:53
jnthn lizmat: How does it "make them be xported"?
mornfall but i guess :: is more customary
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jnthn lizmat: They're just visible as globals 10:54
mornfall okay, completely unrelated question
lizmat if I have a module file that only consists of "our sub foo() { ... }", loading that module will put &foo in the MY:: of the scope where I use it 10:55
mornfall is 'return %_' somehow magic and does something else than i expect? this is what i have: my %rv; given %rv { .<foo> = 'bar'; return %rv; } # this works, but changing it to return %_ gives me an empty hash
lizmat jnthn: are you saying that all the globals of a module are always exported ? 10:56
mornfall yes because it should be return $_ /o\
silly me
jnthn lizmat: Well, at least the original mechanism was not export, just global merging. 10:57
mornfall is there a better way to write this? sprunge.us/1GCIJi 10:58
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jnthn lizmat: They're two separate mechanisms (or at least were; I think it got somehow refined at some point) 10:58
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lizmat ok, I guess I need to look at that in more depth when I get to write that particular article 10:59
jnthn mornfall: The return $_ could be just `.return`, but it's also possible to do `%args<klic fakulta kod operace zkratka> = $key, 1433, $subj, $op, $subj;` 11:00
sena_kun tobs, ping? 11:02
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tobs sena_kun: pong 11:30
sena_kun tobs, hi!
tobs good morning
(on a saturday noon :/)
sena_kun it's about Advent. the thing is that my single post... has grown and I have claimed another spot, which is a bit far away from first one, so what do you think about possibility of us switching posting days? 15th and 19th. 11:31
lizmat afk& 11:32
tobs sena_kun: yeah, no problem
sena_kun tobs, I'll send a PR then. Thanks! 11:33
Geth advent: Altai-man++ created pull request #6:
Switch days and specify topics
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buggable New CPAN upload: Object-Delayed-0.0.5.tar.gz by ELIZABETH modules.perl6.org/dist/Object::Dela...:ELIZABETH 11:37
mornfall i guess there isn't a neat way to tell a program 'please die at your earliest convenience, but not before the current react block ends'? 11:43
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sena_kun neat - don't think so, but you can e.g. prepare a setup Promise "flag" that can be updated at the end of react block and it will be like "if $bad-conditions { await $promise.then({ die }) }" 11:46
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Juerd mornfall: Just have a simple boolean flag. my Bool $exit; react { whenever ... { $exit = 1 if ...; }; ... }; die ... if $exit; 11:51
s/= 1/= True/
11:51 p6bannerbot sets mode: +v Praise
Juerd "Do something at a specific point in the linear execution of the program" is typically not done with "neat ways", but with primitive imperative things. 11:52
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mornfall it's what i have, but it's not very composable 11:55
lichtkind anyone else with the strawberry perl issue in appveyor?
Juerd mornfall: What problem are you running into? 11:56
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mornfall Juerd: well, basically what I want is to propagate failures in a way that doesn't exit the react block immediately, because I have a captive Proc::Async for which I absolutely need to get all the output even if things failed 11:58
11:58 yqt joined
mornfall so the only way out of the react should be whenever $proc.start { ...; done } 11:59
11:59 p6bannerbot sets mode: +v yqt
Juerd Maybe you can CATCH the failures and .resume them? 11:59
I don't know if that works with react
araraloren Handle it in QUIT phaser ? 12:01
mornfall araraloren: handle what exactly?
araraloren The exception what you got 12:02
lichtkind Juerd looks like strawberryperl.com is down 12:07
Juerd lichtkind: I can't help you with that 12:08
araraloren Why you ask the question about Perl 5 in Perl 6 channel :) 12:09
lichtkind Juerd, sure but i m curious if anyone has info about it
Geth advent: ash++ created pull request #7:
Update schedule
lichtkind araraloren, becasue the perl6 build process in the CI depends on perl 5
araraloren oh, right 12:10
tobs is it just me (my browser) or did something go wrong with the code blocks in today's advent post? i.imgur.com/nDHaR2N.png 12:12
my suggestion would be fixed-width font and smaller size, maybe a bit of color 12:13
Geth advent: 8e413611cf | Altai-man++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | perl6advent-2018/schedule
Switch days and specify topics

Agreed on colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...12-01#l371
advent: bbced61338 | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | perl6advent-2018/schedule
Merge pull request #6 from Altai-man/patch-1

Switch days and specify topics
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araraloren tobs Me too, on firefox 12:14
Geth advent: 6c15564afb | (Andrew Shitov)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | perl6advent-2018/schedule
Update schedule
advent: 9a1ecb289b | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | perl6advent-2018/schedule
Merge pull request #7 from ash/patch-1

Update schedule
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tobs tmtvl: are you clairvoyant? :) 12:15
tmtvl No, I just jumped on here when I got the e-mail from WordPress. 12:16
yoleaux 30 Nov 2018 20:24Z <tbrowder> tmtvl: are you going to be able to publish on time?
tmtvl perl6advent.wordpress.com/2018/12/...dard-tools 12:17
tobs oh
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tobs I was just saying 12:17
tbrowder moot now after success
tobs is it just me (my browser) or did something go wrong with the code blocks in today's advent post? i.imgur.com/nDHaR2N.png
my suggestion would be fixed-width font and smaller size, maybe a bit of color
tbrowder they looked a bit off to me, too. 12:18
tmtvl: thnx for the link. did you use one of the tools we show in the instructions for md to html? 12:19
tmtvl Yes, I used the advent highlighter from zoffix. 12:20
Original md: gist.github.com/tmtvl/5339094bf5a6...2f11c7be50
tbrowder that’s right, you had no probs but i and jjmerelo did...hm 12:21
tmtvl When using standard markup from the tool the code highlighting broke on WP.
As I was pressed for time I just put all the code in blockquotes. 12:22
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tbrowder so you manually edited the final html? 12:24
12:24 p6bannerbot sets mode: +v movl
tmtvl Yes. 12:27
nextcloud.tmtvl.info/s/2rEFtxLLiKHr4nL snapshot of the code probs 12:30
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tbrowder ok, that’s probably part of it. if you don’t mind experimenting, we can try to improve the process and then edit your original advent entry to prettify it if we can show improvement on a temp file. 12:41
12:41 p6bannerbot sets mode: +v qiqi
tbrowder in fact, i can do that on my own for the most part—i’ll keep you posted. 12:42
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mornfall can i un-tap a supply? 13:24
13:25 qiqi left
sena_kun `tap` returns Tap and you can call `done` on it, iirc. 13:25
docs.perl6.org/type/Tap <- first example 13:26
araraloren or close ? I think 13:27
mornfall you mean .close right? sounds perfect
sena_kun yeah
mornfall thanks for the tip
sena_kun sorry, a bit busy right now. :)
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tbrowder tmtvl: i used the other tool with your source (unedited) and back-published it to 2018-11-01--looks much better,l check it out--i'll trash it if there are complaints, but i would like to leave there for a while (or put it in a better place) 13:45
moritz: can we get an advent practice url? or at least enable sharing the theme settings so users can get a true preview on their personal wordpress site? 13:47
sena_kun tbrowder, new one looks a lot better.
tmtvl 2018-11-01, eh...
tbrowder yep, there is some problem with Zoffix's module 'cause i used his original script before his module was created to get the results you see 13:48
tmtvl Seems fine, the first line of every code block is misaligned, but aside from that I see no problem.
tbrowder yes, i saw that too in my scheduled post. i made a lame attempt to manually edit but didn't persevere--i'll see if i can fix the script and redo. 13:51
sena_kun tbrowder, if you are re-doing, please note that you can get syntax highlighting if code blocks will be done not using indent, but inside of "```perl6" and "```" pair(with zero indentation!). 13:54
tbrowder see the example again. i manually added a newline immediately after each <code> entry and that removed the extra leading space. is that good enough? if so, i think i can fix the md->html script 14:00
sena_kun: ? 14:03
sena_kun tbrowder, should I check November's entry? It still has a newline if you ask me. That's odd, I have used your script and it went a bit better. I still think we have to do a repost though. 14:04
tbrowder refresh the 1 nov entry, i missed some places and did several updates--be sure an refresh the page 14:05
i am working on the script now and think i see the solution...
sena_kun still seeing a newline 14:06
domm if anybody is bored: what about coming up with nice, ideomatic Perl6 solutions to adventofcode.com/, and collecting/posting them somewhere? (and no (sorry!), I'm not volunteering...)
tbrowder where do you see the extra newline? at the top of each code block? 14:08
sena_kun yeah
my post doesn't have that
though I have used your script
tbrowder so what was your solution in your md source? 14:09
sena_kun well, I hadn't this from the start... My code blocks were wrapped in "```perl6" and "```" pairs, no indentation.
tbrowder i'm not grokking the whole picture. can you show a one-line code example? 14:11
sena_kun one-liner: no. Give me a second...
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tbrowder in md of course 14:11
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sena_kun tbrowder, gist.github.com/Altai-man/d4ef89ac...d1a148f89d <- here. You can get non-rendered code using "Raw" button. 14:12
tbrowder oh, i see! all you did was add the "perl6" after the opening "```", correct? 14:13
sena_kun well, I don't know if it is related to a newline, but it 1)adds a syntax highlighting, which makes things 10x better; 2)it works for me without newlines too. 14:14
*works for me and newlines are not added
tbrowder ok, let me do it all again!! give me a few minutes... 14:15
sena_kun thanks for working on this!
tbrowder my pleasure--posting the last two years was painful and i hope our little lab work will help the situation 14:16
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tmtvl I just noticed that the <md5sum> and <filename> in the last code block of the command line options will need to be fixed by changing to &lt; and &gt;. 14:17
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tbrowder sena_kun: see the 1 nov now!! excellent imho! 14:21
sena_kun yup, that's great better!
tbrowder tmtvl: tmtvl: check the last version of 1 nov (refresh). problem still there? 14:25
tobs` tbrowder: I'm a bit late but here is my shot at MD -> HTML: github.com/taboege/advent-md2html 14:26
not without a bunch of dependencies, but it also looks nice: taboege.de/~tobs/advent-test/
tmtvl No it isn't, and it looks amazing.
If it's okay with you I'd like to replace my article with your version. 14:28
moritz tbrowder: I get a real preview, but I'm using the older editor at perl6advent.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit.php 14:29
tbrowder tmtvl: great! if you update your md source to add the "perl6" after each beginning "```" for a code block, you should be able to redo your html and update your blog. thanks to sena_kun, that's all that's needed to fix it
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tbrowder tobs`: thanks for the input but have you tested it on wordpress? looks like some dependencies the current tool doesn't have. 14:31
pmurias SmokeMachine: turns out I forgot to push the bigint removal to 6pad
yoleaux 02:32Z <SmokeMachine> pmurias: this is the error message on safari's console: [Error] SyntaxError: No identifiers allowed directly after numeric literal (função anônima) (eval_code.js:147)
02:37Z <SmokeMachine> pmurias: same error on safari technology preview
tobs tbrowder: I never used wordpress, but soon I will have to :-)
tmtvl tbrowder, where can I grab the script you use?
tbrowder what is your scheduled post date?
tobs tbrowder: 19th now 14:32
my script has some dependencies, but the HTML it outputs only needs an external "highlight.css", if that's what breaks for you
tbrowder ok, plenty of time. we're getting some issues worked out and i hope to have detailed examples and instruction soon.
tobs and there is a sample highlight.css in the repo
tbrowder tmtvl: script is referenced and linlked here github.com/perl6/advent/blob/maste...IBUTING.md 14:37
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tbrowder tobs: i would prefer a canned solution for consistency. the p6 wordpress has non-standard themes and styles that us non-admin users don't have access to. Zoffix's script takes care of all that. 14:39
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tobs ah, I see 14:39
clarkema Is it possible to terminate a reduction early, but with what would be the new value of the accumulator rather than the previous value? 14:40
using 'last' in the reduce block works, but gives me the previous value
tbrowder the only downside is that, for now, you have to manually insert your source md file in a github gist. when he gets back and fixes his module, it will be much easier as you can use a local md file as long as you can provide a github access token. 14:41
tmtvl: after your replace yr p6 wordpress html with the new code, all you have to do is click the "UPDATE" button 14:45
tmtvl kk 14:46
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tbrowder .ask moritz can we get a wordpress sandbox site (duplicating the "real" site) for the current advent process? 14:47
yoleaux tbrowder: I'll pass your message to moritz.
tbrowder tmtvl: update looks good! i appreciate the kudo but it’s sena_kun who really solved the formatting problem 🙂 15:05
sena_kun tbrowder, we also have to remove post on November, I think. 15:09
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Geth perl6.org: d9c65b9537 | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | source/resources/index.html
add link to instructions
tbrowder sena_kun: i’ll do that now... 15:20
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hahainternet so re: day1 of AOC, does perl6 have an equiv to ruby's 'cycle' or similar? 15:23
turning a finite list into an infinite seq with repetition?
clarkema I used |@digits xx * 15:24
that's a pipe in front of the @
hahainternet interesting, i didn't think of xx
i just wrote a traditional seq incorporating the addition
thx clarkema 15:25
clarkema i'm still trying to find a clean way of returning a value early from a reduction though
it would be nice if 'succeed' worked in that context
hahainternet List.produce ? 15:26
believe it's lazy?
i'll give it a try in a min 15:27
clarkema ah, didn't know about that one
that plus 'repeated' should do the trick
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hahainternet possibly, let me know what you come up with 15:28
clarkema yup 15:29
say (|@words xx *).produce(&[+]).repeated.first; # <-- does the trick
hahainternet prly could golf with [\+] ? 15:30
clarkema yup, that works too 15:34
although it ends up being pretty dense
it also means that the entire solution for today's challenge fits in under half a tweet ;) 15:35
tbrowder sena_kun: so done 15:36
sena_kun tbrowder++ 15:37
hahainternet []J: you should participate too, 15:40
oh wrong channel, my mistake
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hahainternet clarkema: i quite like ([\+] |@l xx *).repeated 15:43
which is my result
15:43 Khisanth left
clarkema Yeah, I've got say "Part 2: ", ([\+] |@drift xx *).repeated.first; 15:44
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hahainternet clarkema: oh sorry i didn't see you replied, yeah and given the first part is [+] @l then it's a nice bit of.. not quite symmetry but there's a lovely similarity between the two parts 16:00
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SmokeMachine pmurias: now it's working!!! usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/...G_3611.PNG 16:05
pmurias: but it still warns that the browser does not support bigint 16:07
16:09 pmurias left
SmokeMachine .tell pmurias sorry, I just reloaded and that haven’t warn again... 16:10
yoleaux SmokeMachine: I'll pass your message to pmurias.
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hahainternet ouch, the profile for that solution posted before is quite somethign, 52% of time in GC 16:50
Geth perl6.org: d08a3b69c4 | (Tom Browder)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | source/resources/index.html
use html entities for square brackets