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Set by Zoffix on 25 July 2018.
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> "Parse errors: No plan found in TAP output" 01:56
<RaycatWhoDat> what in the what is this
tobs RaycatWhoDat: a TAP parser. TAP is the test-anything protocol which is normally what tests emit to indicate successful or failed assertions. It requires a plan line somewhere. 01:58
so you're likely executing a badly written test
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> I mean 02:02
<RaycatWhoDat> I'm running the Rakudo tests, so
<RaycatWhoDat> That would be a bit awkward
Grinnz can happen if something else is sending output improperly to the same stream being used for TAP 02:03
or if it died before it got to the plan 02:04
but that would be pretty early
tobs might not be early if it uses done_testing 02:10
anyway, RaycatWhoDat, do you have more information? Which file is it, does it exit with non-zero exit code?
`make test` passes over here on rakudo master 02:11
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Looks like a couple of them are failing with non-zeroes
<RaycatWhoDat> I did modify some of the grammar but it was the inside of a string. Nothing game-breaking. 02:12
Grinnz right, i forgot done_testing still counts as a plan
the best plans are made in hindsight :)
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Looks like 02-rakudo/03-cmp-ok, 06-telemetry/01 through 04, and 05-messages/02-errors 02:13
<RaycatWhoDat> The same tests passed when I built it on master so, maybe my changes really did break them
<RaycatWhoDat> Yeah, still haven't made headway on this. Reverting to master made the tests pass. 02:36
<RaycatWhoDat> All I did was change "only alphabetic methods may be detached" to "only basic method calls that exclusively use a dot can be detached". 02:37
<RaycatWhoDat> Why would a string passed into malformed cause that many tests to fail? 02:38
<RaycatWhoDat> i.imgur.com/raG4r9N.png 03:00
<RaycatWhoDat> Maybe I've missed something here?
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> CustomOps.pm6 is saying that: Missing or wrong version of dependency 'gen/moar/Grammar.nqp' 03:09
<RaycatWhoDat> Why would 'gen/moar/Grammar.nqp' be missing if it was built just before these test were run?
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Looks like Rakudo needed to be completely rebuilt from the ground-up instead of whatever this Z-Script thing is doing. 03:20
<RaycatWhoDat> Now, the correct test fails.
<RaycatWhoDat> Done. 03:30
Elronnd anyone wanna make a build system that doesn't suck? 03:34
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> What do you mean, Elronnd? 03:35
<RaycatWhoDat> More specifically, what's the current build system and how would you improve it?
Elronnd build system for c that is flexible (unlike makefiles), user-friendly (unlike cmake), developer-friendly (unlike autotools), and has market share (unlike all the others) 03:36
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Valid points but out of my depth since I don't know C
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discord6 <Aearnus> Elronnd: xkcd.com/927/ 04:42
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discord6 <Aearnus> cmake, scons, c++20 modules, meson, vsbuild, conan, ... 04:43
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Elronnd c++20 modules aren't a build system; scons is slow; meson isn't good enough; vsbuild is windows-only. Conan I've seen, but only looked at in passing 04:50
may check it out more later
reggae also looks nice
oh, looks like conan generates makefiles for other build systems instead of doing the build itself 04:52
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SmokeMachine jnthn: support for Red models?! What a wonderful news?!!! 06:42
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SmokeMachine sena_kun: ^^ 08:28
sena_kun SmokeMachine, hm? well, in this case "support" is just that `model` keyword does not break the parser anymore. 08:31
SmokeMachine sena_kun: yes I got it, and that's great! I'll be able to use Comma to write Red! :) 08:32
sena_kun glad if it's helpful. :) 08:33
u: r̃ 08:36
unicodable6 sena_kun, U+0072 LATIN SMALL LETTER R [Ll] (r)
sena_kun, U+0303 COMBINING TILDE [Mn] ( ̃)
sena_kun unicodable6, help 08:40
unicodable6 sena_kun, Just type any Unicode character or part of a character name. Alternatively, you can also provide a code snippet. # See wiki for more examples: github.com/perl6/whateverable/wiki/Unicodable
sena_kun unidump: r̃
unicodable6 sena_kun, gist.github.com/aa7f654082d618aae3...edde417d5b
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lizmat clickbaits p6weekly.wordpress.com/2019/09/30/...th-a-lump/ 10:36
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cpan-p6 New module released to CPAN! Acme::Text::UpsideDown (0.0.2) by 03ELIZABETH 11:42
New module released to CPAN! Acme::Text::UpsideDown (0.0.1) by 03ELIZABETH
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lizmat hmmm... interesting they get emitted in the wrong order ^^^ :-) 11:46
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El_Che upsidedown as it were 11:49
scimon I wish the twitter bot for new modules and the modules site got updated in the other order (so often I see a new module, click on the link, get a 404). 11:50
cpan-p6 New module released to CPAN! Acme::Text::UpsideDown (0.0.3) by 03ELIZABETH 11:58
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cpan-p6 New module released to CPAN! XML::Actions (0.4.2) by 03MARTIMM 12:30
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Doc_Holliwood What's a Red model? 14:00
sena_kun Doc_Holliwood, a meta-object supporting ORM operations from github.com/FCO/Red project 14:01
Doc_Holliwood Ah I see. So nothing to do with the Red language then. 14:03
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Yeah, that confused me for a while too, Doc. 14:03
sena_kun yeah, nothing to do with Red language
s/with /with the / 14:04
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> An aside: Is there an equivalent of Common Lisp's loop macro in Perl 6?
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> More specifically, is there a way to emulate all the ways loop works? 14:05
timotimo yes, perl6 is the equivalent of the loop macro :) :) 14:06
lucasb it's all builtin in the language :)
timotimo with a lisp loop macro you can do everything that perl6 can do 14:07
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> So, I'll take that as a no and I have to build those facilities myself? 14:10
<RaycatWhoDat> Can't tell through all the smilies.
timotimo i'm not familiar enough with the loop macro to answer
i mean, you can do a lot with just Z and .kv or .pairs and friends 14:11
lucasb I'm looking at www.gigamonkeys.com/book/loop-for-b...belts.html 14:12
whereas the loop macro condensates a lot of features into a single entity 14:13
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Yeah, it gets gnarly because it's its own dialect, damn near
lucasb in P6, the features are spread in the language
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Right. So, at a glance, how would you write this in Perl 6? github.com/RayMPerry/kitchen-sink/...s.lisp#L31 14:14
<RaycatWhoDat> 'floor' cheats a little bit because it's a multireturn 14:15
lucasb I would need to study to translate that CL... 14:16
but the basic list comprehension code is: (EXPR if PREDICATE for LIST)
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Got it. Actually, I think I'll give this a crack. 14:17
lucasb m: say ("<$_>" if $_ %% 2 for ^10)
camelia (<0> <2> <4> <6> <8>)
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Should be good practice.
timotimo once it's in perl6 we can surely help make it more idiomatic
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> what in tarnation is that
<RaycatWhoDat> Is $ the topic?
timotimo yes 14:18
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Okay, makes sense. Sorry, I'm still getting used to all the glyphs and seeing them in their compact forms
lucasb hmm, maybe it's better to use a gather/take for that make-deck-of-cards example 14:22
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Is that the "generator"/"yield" thing? 14:23
lucasb yes
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Neat 14:24
<RaycatWhoDat> Is there a way to say a class should have exactly X of something
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> or is there a way to say I want this to be a List of Type? 14:28
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MasterDuke RaycatWhoDat: my SomeType @somelist; my OtherType @otherlist[4]; my @yalist where .elems == 5 and .all ~~ YAType; # something roughly like those 14:33
or my @list of Type
abraxxa sena_kun: I'm here regarding ldap paging control 14:41
sena_kun abraxxa, yup 14:42
abraxxa, I am now looking at github.com/Altai-man/cro-ldap/issues/10 right now
abraxxa sena_kun: no problem
sena_kun abraxxa, as for paged one, I'd like to get more debug info, but probably a bit later... I see that the error from AD _possibly_ relates to cookie re-usage, but we explicitly change it... luckily, a couple of days ago I have finished my master's paper (which is the boring part) and can dedicate more of my time to ldap, so eventually we'll get there 14:45
abraxxa sena_kun: I've already read RfCs and AD docs and the cookie returned from the server is the same for each page 14:47
sena_kun: and the RfC states that it has to be handled as binary blob and sent with the next page unaltered, so this part looks ok
sena_kun oh, the same for each page? let me check the RFC... 14:48
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sena_kun hmm, RFC says that the server _may_ prohibit cookie reuse, but nothing about if it should be different or not 14:50
abraxxa, I see github.com/owncloud/core/issues/5438, but if the cookie is re-used by AD, then I wonder what may be the cause 14:52
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Woo. github.com/RayMPerry/kitchen-sink/...f-cards.p6 15:13
guifa Updated Intl::CLDR to add support for Genders and a much improved localized number support. Meant to push it out yesterday but … yeah haha 15:19
Please play around with it and try to break it :-) 15:20
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guifa RaycatWhoDat: you should make the .gist show the Unicode card :-) 15:59
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> wat 16:09
<RaycatWhoDat> is that a thing
<RaycatWhoDat> m: say \c[EIGHT OF SPADES CARD]
evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/WvwSKSCzyb
RaycatWhoDat, Full output: gist.github.com/49d53a5bad7b9fec8e...c65c46433b
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> m: say \c[PLAYING CARD EIGHT OF SPADES] 16:10
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evalable6 (exit code 1) 04===SORRY!04=== Error while compiling /tmp/9tM87XjPuL
RaycatWhoDat, Full output: gist.github.com/f408cd27bca0af7e06...c43fa5c830
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> ohhhhhh 16:11
<RaycatWhoDat> It needs to be in a string
<RaycatWhoDat> duh
<RaycatWhoDat> m: say "\c[PLAYING CARD EIGHT OF SPADES]"
evalable6 🂨
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guifa still wants to know why Unicode didn’t just do generic cards of values 1..* and use a combiner for the different suites, since not all decks use hearts/diamonds/clubs/spades. But at least they finally added cards for swords/coins/cups/sticks, but still no roses, acorns, bells, or leaves 16:16
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Hmm. 16:28
<RaycatWhoDat> Is there a way to safely compose those character constants?
<RaycatWhoDat> Seems like string concatenation isn't doing it for me.
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guifa .uniparse 16:30
m: my $number = “EIGHT”; my $suite = “SPADES”; say “PLAYING CARD $number OF $suite”.uniparse
camelia 🂨
guifa Latin deck (called “minor arcana” in Unicode, has slightly different format:) 16:31
m: say “TAROT CARD EIGHT OF CUPS”.uniparse
camelia Unrecognized character name [TAROT CARD EIGHT OF CUPS]
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
guifa raises an eyebrow 16:32
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> I did it but my editor doesn't understand 16:36
<RaycatWhoDat> Feels bad, man 16:37
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guifa Does it still run okay? Sometimes certain constructs make it go crazy. On Comma I find some random Regexes will cause the rest of the file to show as an error, but everythnig still runs 16:40
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timotimo guifa: have you made some reports? they could be valuable :) 16:41
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guifa timotimo: I have :-) I’m trying to find ones I can reproduce well and not end up reporting the same error multiple times over and over again 16:42
timotimo great!
guifa I’m sure jnhtn sees a new Comma issue and is like “damnit, that guifa again, always finding ways to mess things up”
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> guifa, it runs fine. My editor just doesn't know how to display the playing card unicode series 16:43
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sena_kun guifa, not sure about jnthn, but this morning I fixed #53, for example. 16:55
along with e.g. `m => 42` 16:56
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AlexDaniel moritz, nine: camelia is still behind master HEAD 17:10
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moritz m: say 42 17:33
camelia 42
moritz m: say $*VERSION 17:34
camelia Dynamic variable $*VERSION not found
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
moritz m: say $*PERL.version
camelia v6.d
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moritz camelia@camelia:~> ./rakudo-m-inst/bin/perl6-m --version 17:36
This is Rakudo version 2019.07.1-254-g17d036ad4 built on MoarVM version 2019.07.1-134-ga37504d12
implementing Perl 6.d.
so it seems to build a pretty recent rakudo, but doesn't use it?
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moritz no, not recent 17:39
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moritz perlpunks.de/paste/show/5d93931a.6c2a.15f this is how the build of a recent rakudo fails for camelia 17:55
any ideas?
lizmat git submodule update ? 18:00
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moritz doesn't change anything 18:01
lizmat starting with a fresh checkout ? 18:02
moritz tries 18:04
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moritz today I learned a secret about fast rakudo builds 18:06
it doesn't feel slow if you don't wait for it
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> o 18:07
<RaycatWhoDat> It's just that easy
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moritz m: say 42 18:13
camelia 42
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moritz we have an up-to-date rakudo now 18:13
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> What's new? 18:14
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AlexDaniel moritz++ 18:29
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eiro no way to use an object as a key for Associative ? 18:50
sena_kun just make it `does Associative` 18:51
and implement its methods
m: class A does Associative { method AT-kEY($key) { 42 }; method EXISTS-KEY($key) { True }; }; my $a = A.new; say $a<fufufu>; 18:52
camelia Associative indexing implementation missing from type A
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
sena_kun oh, really...
m: class A does Associative { method AT-kEY(\key) { 42 }; method EXISTS-KEY(\key) { True }; }; my $a = A.new; say $a<fufufu>; 18:53
camelia Associative indexing implementation missing from type A
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
eiro hmm... ok... too complicated for a simple sysop script: i'll find a way to get a Str from a Buf
sena_kun erm
ok, never mind me then
eiro sena_kun: no... the anwser is very interesting to *me* and i'll test for myself 18:54
sena_kun ah 18:55
then I'll try a bit more. :)
eiro but not relevant for the one i try to help. i try to convince him that perl6 will be simple enought to remove shell scripting (and he's a sysop, not a developper)
sena_kun what's the exact thing to do?
tobs m: my %h{Any}; %h{$*PERL} = 42; say %h; say %h{$*PERL}; say %h{$*PERL.clone} # <-- note that it uses object identity
camelia {Perl 6 (6.d) => 42}
eiro (by the way it's a very interesting experience ... i wasn't aware of all the concepts we think as simple as they scare the sysops like hell 18:56
tobs sena_kun: I understood the question differently. Isn't this about using some object as a key to a hash, instead of making your own Associative?
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sena_kun oooooh, I am stupid today 18:56
sorry for confusing, I totally mis-read this 18:57
eiro for dir 'videos' {
next if not .f && .r;
%files{.s}{.slurp :bin} = $_
there are a lot of files with the same content inthere. i wrote my first version using .. 18:58
oh w8: i'll paste-bin
tobs eiro: I am not sure if %h{Buf} will do what you mean though, that is if it considers equal buf contents equal or only identical Buf objects...
sena_kun maybe `unique` with a custom comparator is needed? 18:59
eiro this is the shell script i want to translate gist.github.com/eiro/0ff057f154e81...4d4e8fc169 19:00
sena_kun m: ['foo'.encode, 'bar'.encode, 'foo'.encode].unique(with => { $^a eqv $^b }).map(*.decode).say;
camelia (foo bar)
eiro i wrote it so easily and now we want to compare to perl6 version 19:02
i'm trying 19:04
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pmurias is the rename decided? 19:12
I'm considering I should be using the raku name for rakudo.js already 19:13
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vrurg pmurias: not yet. 19:15
Grinnz (it's already an official alias, technically)
guifa eiro: for non-string keys, use :{ … } to create it. Or you can parameterize it directly
my Foo %x{Bar} 19:16
That creates a Hash with values of type Foo, but keys of type Bar
eiro as i tested the unique thing from sena_kun's proposal, i found .classify in the documentation. raku is awesome 19:21
pmurias what should a js Symbol be mapped to in Perl 6?
eiro guifa: now i'll test your solution
guifa sena_kun: ah! I didn’t realize you were working Comma too. Okay, “I’m sure jnthn and sena_kun look at a new Comma issue and are like, ‘damnit, that guifa again, always find ways to mess things up” ;-) 19:22
sena_kun guifa, :)
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eiro guifa: was your proposal to write thing this way: %files{.s}:{.slurp :bin} = $_ ? 19:31
guifa No, you’d say …  19:32
my %files{KeyType}; %files{$key} = $value; 19:33
eiro hoo ... to declare the Associative! Nice ... 19:34
ok it works like a charm for a one level hash. thank you 19:35
guifa If you need to create a second level, you have a few options
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guifa If you are okay initializing each level, you can use Hash{KeyType}.new; instead of () 19:36
Actually, I’m not sure if you could directly do %foo{$a}{$b} in that case, I should check 19:37
m: my %foo{Int}; %foo{1}{2.5} = "bar"; say %foo.keys[0].WHAT; say %foo{1}.keys[0].WHAT; 19:39
camelia (Int)
eiro guifa: not that important tonight as .classify really was the think i needed 19:40
guifa Ah okay.
eiro actually: classify + your tip
gist.github.com/eiro/c21b6f62bcb9e...6293283a15 < guifa 19:42
i find it so sexy!
guifa This one might even be a candidate for the ==> operators 19:43
eiro i always fail trying to use it so i stick on my beloved perl5 style 19:45
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eiro the only thing i miss when i write the things that way is , can't be prefixed line continuations 19:46
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guifa oooh I just came up with an icon for the Intl:: modules. Apparently there’s a butterfly world map project :-D 20:15
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guifa en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterman_but...ection.png 20:20
eiro sena_kun, guifa thanks again for helping. 'night everyone 20:24
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eiro how guifa sena_kun i found a simple tip as well: {(.slurp: :bin).gist} 20:39
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Xliff \o 21:56
I'm having problem with %*RESOURCES not being populated prior to install. Isn't it supposed to read META6.json for that data? 21:57
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Xliff m: "\o33".say 22:16
Xliff m: "/\o1\o2\o3/\o244".say 22:17
camelia //¤
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Xliff m: sub a(&f) { say &f.^name }; a(-> $a { }); 22:25
camelia Block
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tbrowder any experts on use of Build.pm6 araound? 22:44
Xliff lizmat: You around?
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Xliff .tell lizmat Given github.com/Xliff/p6-GtkPlus/blob/m...n.pm6#L90, do you have any idea as to what I am doing wrong when using the "load-finish" alias gives me the following error: "Cannot resolve caller load_finish(GIO::FileIcon:D, GTK::Compat::Types::GAsyncResult:D); Routine does not have any candidates. Is only the proto defined?" 22:53
tellable6 Xliff, I'll pass your message to lizmat
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bazzaar \o perl6 23:30
p6 my %names = %(:family<Perl>, language => 'Perl 6', :alias<6>);my $useage = %names{'family'} ~ '\'s "' ~ %names{'alias'} ~ '" programming language is exquisite.';say $useage; 23:34
p6: my %names = %(:family<Perl>, language => 'Perl 6', :alias<6>);my $useage = %names{'family'} ~ '\'s "' ~ %names{'alias'} ~ '" programming language is exquisite.';say $useage;
camelia Perl's "6" programming language is exquisite.
bazzaar Just wondering if this is a wacky idea, if so please ignore it 23:36
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