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Set by Zoffix on 25 July 2018.
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jmerelo .seen colomon 05:14
tellable6 jmerelo, I saw colomon 2018-09-07T16:20:08Z in #perl6: <colomon> (translating some perl 5 $workhorse scripts to perl 6 because I’m having difficulty getting needed p5 modules working on my Mac.)
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tyil AlexDaniel: yes, me 06:12
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jmerelo .tell AlexDaniel Geth seems to be down... 06:23
tellable6 jmerelo, I'll pass your message to AlexDaniel
tyil jmerelo: that's something I host
it seems connected to the channel
is it not posting updated? 06:24
jmerelo Apparently not...
tyil I can give it a kick and see, I don't have time at this exact moment to debug since I'm lreaving for work 06:25
jmerelo tyil: no problem.
tyil I can probably take a quick look when I'm at work 06:26
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jmerelo tyil: thanks. 06:26
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tyil .tell jmerelo which message was not sent by Geth? in the logs I saw a message about the docs repo, and in #raku I saw Geth posting about the docs repo update 06:52
tellable6 tyil, I'll pass your message to jmerelo
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domm how does something like "PerlishCon 2020" sound to raku devs? Or is PerlRakuCon better? 08:28
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sena_kun domm, I think the conference naming question goes to those who organize conferences, do you? the renaming document specifies examples of naming 08:54
domm, github.com/perl6/problem-solving/p...2017cfR307 <- 08:58
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domm sena_kun: yeah, I'm asking as a orga :-) 09:21
sena_kun domm, oh, great. I am not a core dev, so can't answer then. :) 09:22
nine domm: will there be a longer version of the name, too, or is it just the short one? 09:24
domm no prob, and thanks for the link... but I find "The Perl and Raku Conference" a bit long, and don't want to go back to an acronym
nine: I very much liked perlcon.eu, much better than cryptic yapc / tpciX 09:25
nine But but but.... it could be PeRlCon (Perl and Raku Languages Convention)
domm :-) 09:26
nine Oh, should be PeRLCon obviously 09:27
domm thats of course the best solution, but I was wondering if we want to make raku more visible in the urls/hashtags
which would not work in PerlishCon 09:28
and PerlRakuCon is a bit
nine PerlishCon seems too subtle a hint to be worth it
domm and PerlRakuCon is a bit "hatschert" (if you pardon my Viennese)
nine Call it PR Con and see who shows up ;) 09:30
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domm nine: while I have your attention: what about a Perl&Raku Workshop in Linz, maybe early spring 2020? 09:49
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jnthn Linz is a direct train from Prague. :) 09:50
nine Sounds lovely. As long as I don't have to organize anything ;) I've learned my lesson there...
jnthn So I'd probably be quite tempted :)
nine jnthn: darn
domm oh, and maroš will show a simple geizhals-internal raku web app at tomorrows Vienna.pm TechSocialMeet
jnthn nine: Why darn? It means I could easily attend an event in Linz ;) 09:51
domm nine: we can organize most of it remotely, but would need a venue (maybe your office, if it's big enough?)
nine jnthn: because it makes it all the harder to say "I won't organise anyting"
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jnthn Oh :D 09:52
tyil sena_kun: you're a possible attendee, so your opinion is still valued :>
nine Actually we moved to a much nicer office a year ago and have a very nice 100 sqm room on the top floor with a very pretty view 09:54
lizmat Why not just RakuCon ? 09:57
I sorta suspect the number of Perl 5 visitors / speakers at a PerlRakuCon will be limited anyway 09:58
nine lizmat: they haven't been the past few years when YAPC/Perlcon was targeting Perl5 and Perl 6? 09:59
lizmat my feeling about the Perl 5 community atm, is that most of them will not attend a conference / workshop from which it is clear that Raku is also targeted 10:01
nine I assume that feeling is created by the noisy few, not the large but silent majority 10:02
lizmat well, I can only hope my feeling is wrong 10:03
nine I'm pretty sure right now is peak emotion and things will only calm down from here. 10:04
Juerd I can't get the word perakul out of my head. 10:08
It sounds horrible but it has both perl and raku in it.
domm I'm quite sure that a lot of Perl people will attend an event that's targeted at Perl and Raku
Juerd domm, lizmat: Isn't the only way to be sure, to try?
domm if it's "only" RakuCon, I'm not so sure (and vice versa, hence my search for a conference name that covers both) 10:09
and while I like PeRLCon, I think it might be to cryptic and not inviting enough for Raku...
Juerd There's been a great name debate surrounding the Dutch quadrennial hacker event, and many different people had different expectations of the rest of the community. During a vote, though, many gut feelings were proven wrong...
lizmat yeah, and that is only casing away from PerlCon, which doesn't help in search engines 10:10
Juerd For search engines, tag lines work just as well as identifiers 10:11
Only when you have direct competitors, does the ranking of information really matter
(By that I mean title > heading > article text > footnote) 10:12
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pmurias lizmat: re feeling about Perl 5 community, did the attitude at the last TPC change (I wasn't there) or is it based on the reactions of a radical but vocal minority? 10:15
lizmat pmurias: PerlCon was actually better than I'd hoped 10:20
PTS was a disaster in that respect
but generally, the way prominent Perl 5 community members treat Perl 6: 10:22
you are treated like an abscess that needs to removed from the body as soon as possible
a certain person's actions on the Perl 6 facebook group made that abundantly clear 10:23
but there's also people on this channel, who have *NO* affinity with Perl 6 / Raku at all
who are just here to make sure Perl 6 leaves the building as soon as possible
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pmurias lizmat: I do think we giving a damn about what a tiny minority thinks about us makes any sense, it's a lot better to be polarising then ignored 10:35
lizmat within the Perl echo chamber, it's not a tiny minority
ask anybody in the echo chamber what they think about the renaming, and they'll say that it was long overdue 10:36
and that they're glad it's happening now
outside of the echo chamber, nobody cares about Perl anymore 10:37
pmurias lizmat: sure, I meant the declared Perl 6 haters
or now Raku haters ;)
lizmat sorry, I've tried to be that callous towards those people, but I can't 10:38
nine lizmat: the sentiment among our Perl/Raku programmers at work seems to be: "oh, yeah, we don't care what it's called" 10:43
And they love both languages
lizmat I also love both languages 10:44
it's the community around Perl 5 in which I've lost all trust
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> I understand how you feel, lizmat 10:56
<RaycatWhoDat> I'm a JavaScript dev so, I'm no stranger to people trying to shoo me away in other programming servers
<RaycatWhoDat> Stay powerful 10:57
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El_Che domm: what about "PRC"? We may get sponsoring from China :) 11:30
tadzik recent happenings show you why it's not always a good idea ;) 11:33
tyil I don't think we should be looking for the most clever name, but a name that people can read and just know what it's about 11:34
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lizmat Perl Family Conference 11:39
emphasizing both the family aspect of the languages, as well as being an event to which you can bring your family
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lizmat tries to work on the last Perl 6 Weekly again 11:45
tadzik that's a great name :) 11:47
domm El_Che: I don't want to use an acronym again...
lizmat: I like "Perlish Con" better then "Perl Family" or "Perl and Friends" etc 11:49
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lizmat I was just giving a suggestion, I'm not an organizer of Perl events anymore 11:50
domm or we could just drop the "Con" and go for "Perl & Raku 2020" (and have the "con" only in the url (perlrakucon.eu)
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domm yeah, and I'm here trying to get some feedback / brainstorming on names that not only won't offend anybody in our slightly complicated family, but let everybody feel included and welcomed :-) 11:51
jjatria WhipIT: a conference celebrating whipupitude in IT (featuring Perl and Raku) 11:53
sena_kun .oO ( TimToadyCon ) 11:54
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El_Che domm: I like the "Perl & Raku 2020" naming 11:57
the fact that both are in the name suggest a relationship already 11:58
sena_kun likes `Perl & Raku` too
domm but will this taint Raku again with the old Perl baggage? uff, naming things... 12:03
sena_kun I am not sure how it'll taint anything compared to e.g. Perlish Con or Perl Family. 12:06
tyil domm: iirc, Shitov still wants to do Rakucon, if the perl baggage is the main problem, we'll see everyone flocking to there, no? 12:08
AlexDaniel tyil: this situation is so weird 12:09
tyil: so at the end of perlcon there was voting on where the next conference will be held 12:10
tyil it is strange indeed, but I'm not going to complain about more raku events :p
AlexDaniel everyone voted, including those mainly involved with raku, to show their preference
and now I'm completely confused as to what's going to happen in reality 12:11
will perlcon be perl-only con?
if not, then what's exactly the point of rakucon?
tyil the conference in Amsterdam is for both Perl and Raku 12:12
Shitov's rakucon appears to be for only Raku
(but you'd have to ask him for more details, I don't co-organize that event)
AlexDaniel I don't know about “more”, if you have a rakucon and a perl family con, it feels like some people will go to only one 12:13
lizmat is not in favour of RakuCon as proposed by Andrew Shitov
AlexDaniel and that's also a problem, yes, given how Andrew is completely and purposefully disconnected from everything we do around here 12:15
lizmat well, he presents us with his views: raku.online/2019/10/12/ok-raku/ 12:18
in which he suggests that someone will build a faster, better Raku compiler 12:19
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lizmat also: "I want to reset all previous grudges and start it over." 12:19
which, given his comments on FaceBook yesterday, seems to imply starting new grudges :-( 12:20
AlexDaniel am I crazy to want him to discuss thoughts like this with rakudo developers before making public proposals in his blog posts?
also, why is it so hard
tyil I don't know about Andrew's comments on facebook, since facebook doesn't load in my browsers due to privacy settings/addons 12:21
(and I'd like to keep it that way, for privacy and security reasons)
pmurias it's interesting how he wants to build a faster Rakudo
tyil AlexDaniel: do we have a ML for this kind of stuff? I know the venue mailing list exists for conference planning, but would this fit?
AlexDaniel tyil: his comments are mostly positive after Larry's review, but with little bits of cancer sprinkled all over them
tyil: there's problem-solving repo for discussing big questions like this, but what I'm suggesting is him simply coming to #perl6-dev and having a chat 12:22
tyil that would work too
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AlexDaniel “If you want to help my team” and then we're being called a hijack lobby 12:26
tyil I think we could all do with some more love and attention tbh 12:27
El_Che AlexDaniel: I don't think his behaviour inspires confidence and while I would love a Raku conference in the future it looks to happen in a spirit of confrontation, and that's where we want to be atm 12:28
tyil it seems like everyone is still a bit upset
lizmat El_Che: don't ? 12:29
El_Che no, Perl 6 is now Raku, the version trouble is fixed, no need for drama 12:30
if people want to organize stuff in good faith being Perl+Raku or Raku only, it's ok
but RakuConf looks more like a competitor for the Conf in Amsterdam 12:31
AlexDaniel El_Che: reread your message
El_Che so, I have trouble being enthousiastic about the context of RakuConf? 12:32
I don't make sense?
AlexDaniel El_Che: I don't know, it sounded like you said that we want to be in confrontation
El_Che oh, no, that's not what I meant 12:33
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pmurias why does TPC even need to be renamed? 12:50
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nine I _guess_ that once people are involved enough to consider going to a conference, the name does'nt matter as much anymore. Someone who's into Raku enough to want to learn more already knows that it's not 1990's Perl even if the conference has "Perl" in the name 13:40
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Xliff m: <a b c d>.kv.say 13:46
camelia (0 a 1 b 2 c 3 d)
Xliff m: <a b c d>.reverse.kv.say
camelia (0 d 1 c 2 b 3 a)
pmurias having Perl in the name likely help people who are interested in Raku and work as Perl devs 13:49
nine good point 13:50
lizmat but "Perl" just by itself means "Perl 5" 13:54
if there is nothing else in the name indicating other languages, then it sort of defeats the purpose 13:55
which is why I will not attend / sponsor such events anymore, like this weekend: "London Perl Workshop"
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Ulti just have a satellite meeting at the conference... this is not rocket science 13:58
all the Raku stuff on a specific day in a specific room so someone can come just for that if they so wish and it has its own name and branding when it has enough interest you consider breaking it out into another conference... almost every academic conference I have ever been to is like this, enitre new named fields are born this way 14:00
jdv79 is lpw not happy with raku stuff?
SmokeMachine jdv79: I think they are... they aproved my talk about Red... 14:01
nine If Andrew wants to initiate a new Raku compiler then I wish him the very best! We can only profit. Worst case is he discovers why it's so hard and learns a lot in the process and may be able to contribute back to rakudo. Best case is we find out we were on the wrong path and we get a faster Raku and I get more time for my other hobbies ;) 14:02
SmokeMachine jdv79: act.yapc.eu/lpw2019/talks/tag/perl6 14:04
Ulti the reason I cam in was also slightly more contentious... is anyone else having issues with OpenSSL and its various ecosystem libs?
especially Cro is tricky to install on macOS Catalina right now
in case any interested parties are around gist.github.com/MattOates/e7a7351d...a26b74e682 14:05
SmokeMachine Ulti: I had that problem... I needed to create a link for the lib to make it work
Ulti hmm so possibly fixable by altering the bit that goes hunting for what to bind in NativeCall then 14:06
SmokeMachine: would you mind PMing some pointers to your fix and I can take a look later?
AlexDaniel lizmat: to be fair, LPW was being organized before we fully got Raku
lizmat I discussed name change with one of the organizers of LPW as far back as last May, and made my stance clear already then 14:07
SmokeMachine Ulti: I don't mind at all, but I'm not on my personal mac now (where I did that)... would you mind if I contact you later about that? 14:08
lizmat AlexDaniel: they could have set a good example, they did not want to
lizmat can only vote with her feet in such a case 14:09
pmurias lizmat: at least to me it seems a bit of a stretch for them to rename a conference before an official decision 14:12
SmokeMachine Ulti: I did something like this: stackoverflow.com/posts/40136991/revisions
lizmat pmurias: I didn't suggest anything with Raku, because that was not a thing then 14:13
pmurias ahh
lizmat I just wanted to make clear that it was not just about Perl 5 somehow, like "London Perl Family Workshop"
or, like Barcelona: "London Perl And Friends" 14:14
but alas, no change
pmurias aren't all (recent) Perl conferences targeting both 5&6? 14:17
pmurias does want to argue but I don't see the issue prior to the rename 14:18
SmokeMachine pmurias, I think I've sent you a question some time ago... but I don't remember what question it was (neighter if I really did that...) 14:23
pmurias SmokeMachine: something await related? 14:24
SmokeMachine pmurias: yes, I think so! and it's possible you already answered... (please forgive my terrible memory...) 14:25
pmurias SmokeMachine: I'll try to get await to work once I finish the tutorial and wrap the grant up 14:27
SmokeMachine pmurias: but now I have a new question! :) some time ago I saw the generated code from rakudo.js and it was, at that time, comenting a lot of `/*await */`. is that uncommented now? are all those awaits to handle the raku's await? 14:29
lizmat pmurias: yes, but most people outside of the Perl community only see "Perl" and think "Perl 5", not knowing about the existence of Perl 6 14:30
SmokeMachine lizmat: but wouldn't that be good to go to that events and talk even more about Rakudo to make the people know about that? 14:31
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lizmat what you think many people have been doing the past years ? 14:32
SmokeMachine lizmat: yes, so why not continue with that?
lizmat because the people attending such events, are either Perl 6 people that know there are going to be Perl 6 talks
or Perl 5 people only marginally interested or not interested in Perl 6 at all 14:33
pmurias SmokeMachine: parcel-plugin-async-perl6 uncomments those
lizmat there are generally no other people at such events
pmurias SmokeMachine: under node.js that's kept commented and we use fibers 14:34
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SmokeMachine lizmat: you think there is no people on perl events that doesn't know about raku? 14:34
lizmat wrt to inside the echo chamber: the London Perl Workshop this weekend has 5 presentations with "Perl" in their name, but meaning "Perl 5"
pmurias lizmat: that's a valid point, but neither the Perl Family Workshop or Perl and Friend Workshop names will tell anyone outside of the Perl community Raku/Perl 6 exists 14:35
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lizmat it will make clearer that it's not just Perl 5 14:36
also: there are 7 presentations at LPW without "Perl" in their title, that are about Perl 5 14:37
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SmokeMachine pmurias: I don't know node.js fibers... why is it better than async/await? 14:39
pmurias faster 14:40
at least it was
SmokeMachine: it uses slow thread when needed rather then async/await everywhere 14:41
SmokeMachine pmurias: hum... I'll search about that... thanks 14:42
pmurias SmokeMachine: it's a module on npm
SmokeMachine pmurias: yes... I saw that... 14:43
pmurias lizmat: those name are an more explicit endorsement of Perl 6 by the organizers but if I didn't know about Perl 6 I wouldn't discover it from hearing the names alones 14:45
SmokeMachine pmurias: And have you decided about the JS wrapper's gist?
pmurias SmokeMachine: what do you think about using www.npmjs.com/package/browser-util-inspect? 14:47
SmokeMachine pmurias: I think that's great! 14:48
pmurias: that will be very helpful... 14:49
pmurias: and do not break when you try to say something will be even better! :)
pmurias I didn't understand the last sentence 14:50
SmokeMachine pmurias: I was trying to make a joke about me making so many mistakes when I was trying to see why I couldn't make the fetch work... 14:51
pmurias ah ok
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tony-o_ m: my role XY[$xy] { method xy { $xy; }; }; my $x = Metamodel::ClassHOW.new_type(:name<xyz>); $x.^add_role(XY); $x["a"].^compose; 15:50
camelia Type check failed in binding to parameter '<anon>'; expected Any but got xyz (?)
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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scimon So should we look to rename in any talks we're doing at the weekend? Or would that be premature? 15:53
jnthn tony-o_: The ["a"] needs to go on the XY being passed to add_role
tony-o_ jnthn++ maybe i shouldn't be doing this today 15:55
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jmerelo scimon: probably yes. Name has changed. Not the rest. 16:00
tellable6 2019-10-15T06:52:37Z #perl6 <tyil> jmerelo which message was not sent by Geth? in the logs I saw a message about the docs repo, and in #raku I saw Geth posting about the docs repo update
jmerelo .tell tyil the message with the big renaming from Perl 6 to Raku in the doc repo
tellable6 jmerelo, I'll pass your message to tyil
tyil 08:09 <Geth_> ¦ doc: Changes occurrences of "Perl 6" to Raku 16:01
this one?
jmerelo tyil: ah, right.
tyil all messages sent to #perl6 and #perl6-dev are sent to their raku counterparts instead
a small patch was added for this purpose
jmerelo tyil: is there a raku counterpart?
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tyil #raku and #raku-dev 16:02
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jmerelo tyil: so should we all move there? Is this going to be closed or just kept? 16:03
tyil I am told that eventually, a redirect will be placed on #perl6 to #raku, and similar for -dev
I'm not sure whose ultimately responsible for setting it, so I have no timeline for this 16:04
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AlexDaniel jmerelo: yes, just move now 16:07
16:08 ChanServ sets mode: +o mst
mst »ö« #raku and #raku-dev are OPEN FOR BUSINESS | perl6.org/ | evalbot usage: 'p6: say 3;' or /msg camelia p6: ... | irclog: irc.perl6.org or colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log/perl6 | UTF-8 is our friend! 🦋 16:09
mst sets mode: -o mst
mst AlexDaniel: maybe that'll help 16:09
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AlexDaniel mst: we'll see 16:10
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perryprog Yo. I'm wondering what would be a fairly clean way to port a bit of code I had written in Julia to Perl (educational purposes, nothing special). Essentially it's a tedious bit of math from KenKen. 16:18
I just need to know what possible combinations of numbers (from 1 to 6, but occasionally something like 1 to 6 without 4 and 5) will result in a given number with a given operation (in any order for subtraction or division) 16:19
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perryprog While I could just write this out in an imperative style I wonder what a more concise method would be. 16:19
Sorry, s/Perl/Raku/ :) 16:20
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jmerelo perryprog: Raku can deal with sets, for instance. You'll find its syntax pretty close to Julia. Including the concurrent bits. 16:25
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jmerelo perryprog: post your code somewhere, and let's take a look... 16:25
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perryprog hastebin.com/dolavapowu.rb 16:26
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perryprog I haven't modularized it or shoved it into a function or anything out of laziness, and I also am only using in on the repl 16:26
But it's nothing special from a technical point of view. I do want to make it a bit easier to use in the future, but that's less important. 16:34
For now I'll probably just be able to use combinations(List) with the length arg jawn. 16:35
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AlexDaniel perryprog: what about: for <2 4> X <2 4 5> -> ($a, $b) { … } 16:41
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lizmat and the last Perl 6 Weekly hits the Net: p6weekly.wordpress.com/2019/10/15/...wineskins/ 16:48
perryprog Ah! Nice—I had forgotten about that. Somewhat obscure operators FTW.
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> m: <2 4> Z <2 4 5> 17:01
evalable6 WARNINGS for /tmp/W7SnCtmMA8:
Useless use of "Z" in expression "<2 4> Z <2 4 5>" in sink context (line 1)
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> m: say <2 4> Z <2 4 5>;
evalable6 ((2 2) (4 4))
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> m: say flat <2 4> Z <2 4 5>; 17:02
evalable6 (2 2 4 4)
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> ye
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jdv79 tony-o_: can you help with adding modules to the p6c eco? 19:19
19:19 freackout joined
jdv79 .tell ugexe github.com/perl6/ecosystem/issues/468 ? 19:20
tellable6 jdv79, I'll pass your message to ugexe
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ozzy mst: I was suggested to ask you for help getting a CPAN account 19:28
mst: there should be a (two actually, but only the last one is relevant) request for an account dated 09.10.2019 in a mailbox somewhere 19:30
mst argh
I really need to find an hour to go thrtough all of those
ozzy mst: requested userid TSCREW 19:31
mst k
kick me in ~20h and hopefullu I'll remember sometime during the day 19:32
ozzy sure, will do! Thanks!
perryprog Should #raku be used over here with the rename? Not really sure what's happenin with that 19:34
freackout hi guys looking at ghidra which is a nice reverse engeneering tool....for binary.exe files to asembly And c, c++ rather cool also the ida graphing ect... Question i would love to help with or at least look into the perl compiler side of things...ie help the perl comunity...now bit i'm struggling with perl6 is written in perl6 hmm.. also runs on JVM
but where do i see the perl6 code itself...(rakudo) sorry for being bit thick but never seem to stumble onto this one..e.
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freackout i understand perl is in /usr/bin cant find perl6 in rakudo 19:36
Xliff freackout: The perl6 "bin" is actually a script that calls moarvm 19:37
freackout ok so how do see perl6 compiler
vrurg Xliff: perl6 is not a script anymore.
Xliff vrurg: Ah. 19:38
freackout: What do you mean, "see"?
freackout i wish to contribute like alter add to compiler as perl6 is a compiler writer
lucasb freackout: github.com/rakudo/rakudo 19:39
Xliff freackout: You should also learn about NQP.
github.com/perl6/nqp 19:40
freackout yup got those all books relating to perl no more available read the lot.. but what i wish to do is similar to what ghidra does ie see the perl6 code.... 19:41
of perl6
not my code ... the compiler itself
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freackout only thing i think is nqp/main.nqp 19:44
i will try that for now maybe open it up n view thanks guys... 19:45
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> wat
freackout nope just shows use compiler.. 19:47
core has just core modules 19:48
Xliff freackout: Yes. Perl6 is generated from nqp, and nqp is generated from a stage0 version of nqp. 19:49
perl6 and nqp compile down to MoarVM bytecode.
The perl6 compiler front-end looks to be here: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast...mpiler.nqp 19:51
freackout ok seen this bytecode stuff b4 small page in one p6 book
thanks xliff
Xliff That is a subclass of HLL::Compiler which is from NQP: github.com/perl6/nqp/blob/master/s...mpiler.nqp 19:52
That should be enough to get you started.
discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> o_o
<RaycatWhoDat> You good, mate?
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freackout pad6 and comma are a good start but still not at compatibles breaking pcre to p6qregex looks also for that area 19:55
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freackout really great help on that one Xliff however i think i got alot more reading to do...cheesed off no writing code as yet...soon though as getting old quickly.. 19:57
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freackout perl6 IS the future .... you heard it here... 19:58
leads me to hll compiler...........hmm gets deeper 20:00
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Xliff freackout: Best to start off slowly, with a direction. :) 20:02
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freackout yep just blew my mind in three minutes and i have been places..............wow yup sticking to smaller stuff defo 20:07
was very happy to see ghidra demo's on youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeUgu8-9B58 20:08
as have some c++ books read also....but sometimes cant really belive the effort some people go to getting opensource ruling the world. even if people add just a bit to each version gotta get a grip of git subversion ect too.. 20:11
hankache Hello * 20:13
freackout yo :) 20:14
what gives lots of chat here
all these folk gotta be very friendly privately that is 20:15
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freackout thanks guys c.u.soon 20:18
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> I'm still confused on that whole interaction. 20:19
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El_Che ok, who gave mst caffeine? What did we agree? 20:32
discord6 <Rogue> I suspect it's going to be several weeks of asses on fire, so to speak, given all the work that needs doing wrt to the rename 20:34
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discord6 <RaycatWhoDat> Sounds about right 20:41
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tony-o_ jdv79: what do you mean help with adding modules to ? 20:44
what kind of help would you like? 20:45
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ozzy tony-o_: p6c is experiencing issues with the distribution of META.list updates 21:09
tony-o_: new modules can be added to META.list, but the updated list doesn't trickle down to, for instance, zef 21:10
tony-o_: see github.com/perl6/ecosystem/issues/468
tony-o_ wasn't p6c.org taken down? 21:12
ah guess not
ozzy ? don't know.. I found it via the Perl6 documentation 21:13
tony-o_ did you see ugexe's comments on that issue?
ozzy no
tony-o_ looks like you're using old zef?
ozzy really? it there anything better, or do I need to update_ 21:14
timotimo p6c.org had its hardware die, but the things were restored
rba Hmm. Will check ecosystem-api.p6c.org/projects1.json 21:15
tony-o_ zef is the best
ozzy you should update
ozzy :-) How should ozzy update? 21:16
tony-o_ how did you build rakudo?
are you using star or rakudobrew or source?
ozzy I got it from here: rakudo.org/files
Star 21:17
(on Linux)
but I'm on 2019.03
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tony-o_ git clone github.com/ugexe/zef.git /tmp/zef && cd /tmp/zef && perl6 -Ilib bin/zef install --force . 21:19
will install the latest master of zef
ozzy ok; I'm gonna try
tony-o_ you might have to change your path afterwards, it will tell you at the end of the install where the zef script is installed to 21:20
rba projects.json and project1.json have a recent date one ecosystems-api.p6c.org and the update.log looks fine so far. 21:21
updating zef is the first thing I would try anyway.
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ozzy well, this doesn't seem to have resolved the issue I think I have. The new version of zef is v0.7.1, which is the same as the old version I had 21:24
rba rakudo star has an old zef
ozzy ok, will verify
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ozzy I can't confirm that. My old version under /opt/rakudo-star-2019.03/share/perl6/site/bin/zef reports v0.7.1 21:26
which is the same as that under /tmp/zef/bin/zef just created
tony-o_ ozzy do `which zef`
ozzy which zef returns /opt/rakudo-star-2019.03/share/perl6/site/bin/zef 21:27
tony-o_ where did the install say it installed the zef script to?
ozzy in /tmp/zef/bin/zef 21:28
tony-o_ i don't think it installed there, though that path should exist
the output of `perl6 -Ilib bin/zef install --force .` will have the last line or so say `one bin script installed to: ` or something similar at the end
ozzy find / -name zef gives me no more hits
The last three lines read: 21:30
-- Install
bin/zef [--version] -- Detailed version information
bin/zef [-h|--help]
But let me ask you something: are you able to install my module String::FuzzyIndex ?
tony-o_ can you run `rm -Rf /tmp/zef`