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japhb Welcome to the channel, holyghost 17:15
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holyghost nice a gamedev channel 17:19
I'm writing these thinbs
s/thinbs/things 17:20
I'm on weekend now though
I have to watch out for burnouts
got many admin friends with the same problem
Will support some more to these next week 17:21
I'm in the middle of writing an adventure game kit
needs refactoring though
maybe an MVC and so on, I need an API for it 17:22
now it's just a loop system with update and blit rounds
collisions are not filled in, but it 's usable 17:23
you can write LSL in it if you like
just override and cas-and-paste 17:24
I'll talk more about it next week
API ideas are welcome then
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holly I'll talk about it more later on, CYA ! 17:43
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