japhb jjatria: Are there any widget libraries for SDL? In other words, if we want a menu or select list or progress bar or such, are there prebuilt libraries that everyone uses, or does everyone just write their own from scratch? 00:41
moon-child people use dear imgui and nuklear pretty frequently. Those slot into opengl rather than sdl directly. But if you use sdl_gpu, you can get most of the same drawing primitives implemented explicitly using opengll 00:46
so I would go that route if you want to use a preexisting library
('most of the same drawing primitives'--that plain sdl provides) 00:47
japhb moon-child: Ah, thank you. 01:53
japhb has the distinct feeling he's going to have to invent a markup language for default UI components, for people who don't want to make a full UI from scratch ... 01:54
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jjatria Welp, I just did the first run of my talk, and I finished with a whole 2 seconds to spare. Might have to cut some things to be safe 💦 18:29
japhb Depends on whether you want to guarantee question time or just hope that speed up from being live makes it happen. 19:06
jjatria I felt like some parts were a little disconnected, so I'm probably going to have to add some connecting tissue 20:08
I did manage to squeeze in a slide with a video showing the system in motion, which is nice: jjatria.gitlab.io/discoverability-...ility/#/80 20:11
japhb NICE! 21:57