holly_ There's Game::Numeric now 00:29
last version is not yet public 00:30
Then I'll work on Game::Decision more which now has nice utility and standard loss functions
these things can be used to calculate a risk or loss 00:31
on a real world problem, real "values" as probability distributions
moon-child holly_: I'm surprised you didn't use grammars for the FunctionParser 00:32
holly_ I know
It's just a fast hack now
so I can work on with the call-function method 00:33
regexes should also be in order
I'm a lost soul for now on grammars
and I still need to read more
Lots of stress lately, I'm on page 82 of the book which is in Game::Decision 00:34
Bayesian analysis will come
anyhow, I just quit hacking, so I'm going to rest in half an hour 00:36
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holly_ Game::Decision 0.1.4 is uploaded, now I need to put more "real" tests in it. Apparently Game::Bayes works again as Game-Decision depends on Game-Stats and Game-Bayes 12:16
Game-Stats has a small update
AFAIK I'll try it without prove6 12:17
docs will be coming later on 12:18
the code is commented if you like
ok, I'm a bit afk
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holly_ Everything is documented now, Game-Stats,Game-Bayes,Game-Decision and Game-Numeric all contain up to date pod6's 14:00
These docs should make it easy to use the kits 14:01
japhb Go holly_ go ... :-) 14:39
holly_ ... _holly be good :-) 14:59
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holly_ ok, I'm off, enjoy the docs. Maybe I'll add some more tests tonight but everything is up to date with my reading. CYA! 15:43
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