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youssefx uhhh 05:10
moon-child youssefx: sup
youssefx oh shoot this is a thing
and there's real people here?
i feel like 05:11
moon-child possibly even more than one!
youssefx i discovered a weird spot in the internet
a place on the internet that feels more real than most places on the internet
does that makes sense?
because now adays, the internet is just a few big sites that dominate most of the world's users, but now, i found this weird service on my OS that i think very few people in the world know 05:12
and thus, it feels more internety than most internet places 05:13
sorry if i am weirding you out lol
it's been such a long ass time since i touched a computer too 05:14
i just got out of bootcamp, MCT, and now im in my school house
i *just* got my laptop
oh shit i gtg for a second, i have to go to formation for evening counts 05:15
ok im back 05:46
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