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Geth App-Rak/main: 6b714d4a73 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 8 files
Allow URLs as file specification

Also allow multiple ecosystems to be specified with --ecosystem
rak/main: 21cd3df75c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
App-Rak/main: 10a3139922 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | xt/02-simple.rakutest
Add tests for --sourcery, --ecosystem, URLs
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Geth App-Rak/main: 6c9fdfa34b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 6 files
Add support for --description

Allowing users to add a description to a custom option
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Nemokosch Hello hello 18:21
rak '{ .say if .comb(/ \d+ /).first(* ~~ (1 .. 65)) }' path_of_file.c
do you know a significantly easier way to get the lines that contain a number between 1 and 65? maybe I'm just too much of a noob and overcomplicating things 18:22
oh and found the answer to the other question, --no-group-matches can remove the separating lines between the groups of consecutive matches 18:26
Noting another thing I'm gonna try to find out: "find all words longer than 31 characters in all files with a certain extension" 18:28
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Nemokosch It turned out that I needed to rely on a naming convention rather than the extension and there is something I don't understand 18:48
rak '/ \w ** 32..* /' --file='/ "_config" $ /' src/param/ 18:49
^ this seems to traverse the known universe; eventually it halted on an Excel file or something 18:51
rak '/ \w ** 32..* /' --file='* ~~ / "_config" $ /' src/param/
(I only added smartmatching to the whatever star) 18:52
this works just as I wished
is this intentional design or a bug?
lizmat If you want to limit to files with extension "foo", you can do --extensions=foo 19:00
[Coke] did you mean _config and not a . ? 19:02
Nemokosch yes, unfortunately the system wouldn't use extensions but mere naming conventions 19:06
[Coke] ah 19:07
[Coke] plays with rak, finds Steams engish profanity filter which is a file with 69 lines of regular expressions. 19:09
Nemokosch HAhahaha
[Coke] (was looking for .gz files, not files with swears. :)
lizmat Nemokosch: re " "find all words longer than 31 characters in all files with a certain extension"" do you want to know just the words, or where they are in the files ? 19:10
Nemokosch lizmat: it would be good to at least know the line number (but the whole line is not necessary) 19:11
actually even just the word can be fine but eventually I'd want to find them in the file 19:12
lizmat rak '/ \w ** 32..* /' --file='*.ends-with("_config")' 19:15
that should also highlight the words
Nemokosch nice :)
re: which files to pick - the sad truth is that there isn't a simple and accurate way to determine which files are "this sort of config file" and which aren't. Another check I would be happy with: "select this file only if it contains a certain pattern" 19:16
they tend to have a header with a certain description
lizmat is there a program that you could call to select? then you could use --exec 19:17
Nemokosch --shell='grep -q "yadda yadda config" $_' is okay
I'm just wondering if there isn't a more "native" way 19:18
lizmat well, you could always use a first call to determine the files, and then pipe that to the next rak with --files-from=-
rak '/ initial selection /' --file='*.ends-with("_config")' --files-with-matches | rak --files-from=- '/ further selection /' 19:20
Nemokosch is that dash a shell feature or handwritten?
lizmat handwritten
just following convention
re incorrect config file types: would your search query produce false positives if inspecting the "wrong" config file ? 19:23
Nemokosch yes - but since there is no foolproof definition, I'd pick false positives over false negatives so that's acceptable 19:24
to make the story at least a bit vivid: the story is that a certain config utility in this project stored the keys in char[32], hence anything that is at least 32 characters will fail 19:26
and it turned out that there were indeed some 32 long config key names
lizmat re: all lines with numbers between 1 and 65: 19:31
rak '/ \d+ <?{ 1 <= $/.Int <= 65 }> /'
re false positives being ok: don't bother about the extension / looking at headers ? 19:33
Nemokosch okay... that would be a bit overboard 19:37
remember the Excel files? lol 19:38
lizmat well, if these config files share *some* kind of extension, then you could filter on that with --file
Nemokosch they share the extension of no extension, if that counts 19:39
at least I think so
lizmat --extensions=,
would limit to files without extension
Nemokosch: anything else I can help you with? 19:52
Nemokosch: if you would have an option --accept='*.slurp.starts-with("foo")' the would be given an IO::Path object of the file being checked for inclusion 20:08
that would sorta solve your problem, no?
Nemokosch yes, or at least it would provide quite a great variety of tools 20:22
anyway, thank you, I think as much as it could be investigated with simple CLI tools, we got it covered :) 20:23
lizmat --accept='*.slurp.contains("use Test") would accept files that have "use Test" in them 20:46
rak foo --accept='*.slurp.contains("use Test")
would look for "foo" in files with "use Test" in them
rak foo --deny='*.slurp.contains("use Test")
would look for "foo" in files that do NOT have "use Test" in them 20:47
anyways, glad rak was of help :-)
(I hope :-) 20:50
Geth rak/main: 0561c4662b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 6 files
App-Rak/main: 10f84c38d4 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 8 files
Add support for --accept and --deny

After discussing a use case on #raku-rak . Allows one to specify Raku code that will accept a file or deny a file from being further inspected.
Also add some answers to some questions in the FAQ.
Add default --file setting always, unless it is explicitely set, or set implicitely by another explicit option (such as --extensions).
Nemokosch Sure thing! Even if I can't completely ditch find, grep and similar *nix tools because non-modifiable legacy systems but it really plays well with the Raku-as-utility approach 21:22
lizmat glad to hear!
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