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Set by lizmat on 27 September 2022.
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Nemokosch Hi 08:17
lizmat hi! 08:18
Nemokosch I wanted to list all my weekly solutions and did something like this: `rak --accept='* ~~ / 2colours' --files-with-matches` 08:19
the --files-with-matches option seems to be... a bit tricky. I'm not sure it's the right thing to use.
By tricky, I mean that it skips empty files 08:20
and --files-without-matches would list them
lizmat files-with(out)-matches will only list the filenames, is that what you want ? 08:23
could it be that you want: 08:24
rak '/2colours' --find
Nemokosch Yes, I only wanted the filenames 08:26
lizmat and the filenames that have "/2colours" in them ?
Nemokosch yes 08:27
lizmat rak '/2colours' --find
Nemokosch Thanks, huh well, wouldn't have guessed that 08:31
Is --accept and --files-with(out)-matches a valid combination? 08:32
Because I'd still think "everything matches except the empty file" seems buggy
lizmat well, what are you interested in: the *names* of the files, or the *contents* of the files ? 08:34
--find turns the list of files (implicitely from the current dir and limited by known extensions by default) 08:39
into a virtual "file" in which to search in
Nemokosch the name of the files 09:06
it seems to me the accept version also worked with the path
lizmat yes, it would work on the selection of the files to work on 09:07
Nemokosch the files didn't contain 2colours, that's for sure, yet the empty file - and only the empty file - turned into a non-match
lizmat and since you didn't specify a pattern, it would accept anything in a file 09:08
but if there's nothing in a file, there's nothing to accept, I guess
whether that is a bug or a feature, I don't know
Nemokosch :P 09:09
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