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Set by lizmat on 27 September 2022.
Geth App-Rak/main: 72286615f7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Avoid issue with NYI on older Rakudos
SmokeMachine lizmat: Hi! 11:11
lizmat SmokeMachine o/
SmokeMachine I think not showing filename should imply --/break, because lines from the same file are shown without empty lines between them and from different files they show an empty line... 11:12
but there is no concept of file there (the file name is not being shown)... so, it seems just some random empty lines... 11:13
lizmat: ^^
lizmat well, alternately, you could do --/group-matches 11:15
SmokeMachine with --/grou-matches is still show the "random empty lines" 11:17
lizmat ah... maybe it's the proximate that's doing the empty lines? 11:18
--/proximate ?
if I make --/break default for --/show-filename 11:19
then I get test failures :-( 11:20
so it would be changing existing behaviour
SmokeMachine 11:21
lizmat and without the --/show-item-number ? 11:22
SmokeMachine 11:23
lizmat ok, so it's not --proximate :-)
SmokeMachine 11:25
lizmat looking at a bit of a chicken / egg problem 11:38
SmokeMachine: will need to think about this some more.... but still leaning on having to be specific wrt --/break 11:51
SmokeMachine lizmat: I'm ok with that... I just think it's odd to have "random" empty lines if you don't show the filenames. 11:54
lizmat yeah, I get that... 11:55
Geth App-Rak/main: a49c40941a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
lizmat it's just that too many things break in the tests that I'm not sure they shouldn't break :-) 11:56
SmokeMachine :) 11:59
[Coke] just delete the tests! ;) 15:05
I am so old I remember not writing tests.
lizmat too... and every time I fall back into old habits, I regret it later 16:44
[Coke] amen, sister. 18:31