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Set by lizmat on 27 September 2022.
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Nemokosch Hi hi 10:30
I was trying to hunt this down but no avail so far... it seems that some files are missing from the lookup, at least with --find 10:31
in particular, I had xls files and they just didn't show up, as long as their content was indeed Excel 10:33
Once I spurted some text into the file, without changing the owner or permissions, it suddenly showed up with rak --find 10:34
okay, it seems that the files were looked up correctly by paths('.') 10:38
lizmat did you specify extensions, or did you assume the default of "what looks like a text file" 10:41
2. is it repeatable ?
Nemokosch This is probably not related but will that adverb bind well? 10:43
> 926 my $sources-seq = %n<sources>:delete // get-sources-seq;
is "what looks like a text file" the default for rak --find? :( 10:45
is this a bug or a feature? because I "fixed it". I could make a PR. 11:08
lizmat hmmm... it might, I'd have to check 11:09
the adverb binds ok this way,, would only be an issue if it were on the RHS 11:10
please make a PR :-)
if anything, it would make the problem and possible solution clear :-) 11:11
Nemokosch eventually, it's a choice. Well, a choice I didn't expect, to the extent of not even considering the possibility. 11:12
lizmat yeah, I guess in the case of --find it should by default really take all files, right ? 11:15
Nemokosch I would say so, yep 11:16
lizmat ok, please make an issue or a PR for it, so it won't fall through the cracks 11:17
my head in currently in rakuast space :-)
Nemokosch understandable :D 11:18
Geth App-Rak: 2colours++ created pull request #38:
Make is-text not default to True if find is set.
Nemokosch What I still haven't gotten around but hope to be able to do is the default for &variables 11:31
which can even be improved compared to the old means, or at least that's what I'd hope
Callable[T] rather than Callable unconditionally 11:32
anyway, gotta work sometimes :DD & 11:35
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