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Set by lizmat on 27 September 2022.
SmokeMachine Hi lizmat! Have you seen this before? 15:42
lizmat a black bar and a white bar ? 15:43
SmokeMachine oh... it seems to be empty... I'll screenshot again...
(sorry) 15:44
lizmat no, that's weird though
which version of zef do you have ? 15:45
SmokeMachine I had some dependency problems in the past... maybe that's related to my environment... 15:46
lizmat 0.18.2 is current, perhaps upgrading ?
SmokeMachine I'm upgrading it... 15:47
no luck... :( 15:48
lizmat could you try installing App::Rak::Complete ? 15:52
just as a data point
SmokeMachine I have installed has-word:ver<0.0.3>:auth<zef:lizmat> and then it was able to install highlighter:ver<0.0.18>:auth<zef:lizmat>... 15:53
lizmat weird
could you make an issue for it just in case? 15:54
SmokeMachine but App::Rad changed the error when installing... now it wants Git::Files and couldn't find it...
lizmat thanks!
SmokeMachine I'll try installing App::Rak::Complete
App::Rak::Complete gave the same error as App::Rak... 15:55
I don't really think that's a App::Rak's problem... I was getting something like that with other modules too... (even Red) 15:56
lizmat well, I can't reproduce, and if I can't reproduce, I can't fix it :-( 15:58
SmokeMachine now it seems even more strange... App::Rak won't be installed because it couldn't find rat... 16:00
let me test it with a new rake... 16:01