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Set by lizmat on 27 September 2022.
15:16 lucs joined
lucs How to show lines containing 'url' only in "…/.git/config" files under the current directory? 16:04
lizmat rak --find .git/config | rak url 17:52
rak url --dir=.git --file=config 17:53
lucs I had tried the second one, with no luck. 18:25
The first one also appears to fail. 18:26
lizmat hmmm
then please make an issue for this...
lucs Note that the .git directories are a couple of subdirs down from the current working directory.
lizmat does
rak --find .git/config
at least work?
lucs No :( 18:27
lizmat meh 18:30
my mind is not in rak mode at the moment :-( 18:31
lucs Okay. I'll let you know if I figure out anything. 18:32
lizmat thanks!
PRs welcome!
lucs Yep :) 18:33
(Looks like it's the prefix '.' in ".git" that might be interfering.)
lizmat hmmm... could be 18:34
lucs Welp, for now, this works, and I'll leave it at that: 18:46
rak --find .git/config --dir | xargs rak url 18:47
lizmat rak --find .git/config --dir | rak --files-from=- url 18:57
that's without needing xargs
lucs Ah, cool. Thanks. 19:50