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tbrowder__ i just found a need for App::Mi6 on Windows. 12:05
for testing Raku community modules
with Github workflows 12:06
lizmat why would one need App::Mi6 for that? 12:07
tbrowder__ well, @2colors reported the urls in the 12:57
lizmat for building the README ? 12:58
I'd see building the README as a developer action, not something a CI would do, unless it was for testing App::Mi6 itself ?
tbrowder__ yes, but i should have just explained the situation instead of making that change. i'll back it out. 12:59
unless i should do something else... 13:00
lizmat I'm not sure... I was just triggered by " i just found a need for App::Mi6 on Windows." :-) 13:02
tbrowder__ i'll delete it, then see how it all looks if the PR is merged 13:06
all but windows which fails installing Path::Finder:ver<0.4.5> 13:43
linux and macos test ok 13:44
lizmat I seem to recall we were having issues with installing modules on Windows ? 13:45
more generally ?
tbrowder__ true 18:53