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SmokeMachine :) 21:03
japhb Why the smile, SmokeMachine? 21:06
(I mean, besides just being in a good mood or so.)
SmokeMachine I'm happy on seeing you all here! :) 21:07
japhb :-) 21:18
SmokeMachine I've being playing with this (github.com/FCO/CroX-Red-JsonAPI), if some one gets interested to take a look... 23:05
japhb Looks like it's a CRUD helper? 23:29
Also, I've been working on CBOR::Simple (github.com/japhb/CBOR-Simple), which provides a richer (and more compact) data model than available in JSON. 23:31
I also have a Cro::CBOR module more or less ready to go when the new Cro is released, so Cro users can specify :cbor as easily as they specify :json.