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Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
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patrickb o/ 07:53
I'm pretty sure Red fails to do "-" -> "_" conversion somewhere in INSERT statement creation on the SQLite backend. Any clues on where to look? 07:56
Is that a drivers responsibility? 07:57
SmokeMachine it should be done here: 08:00
have you used `my $*RED-DEBUG = True;` to see the generated SQL? 08:01
patrickb yes
SmokeMachine patrickb: ^^
would you mind to share the code with that problem. please? 08:03
patrickb <- that's the table class 08:04
all those DB::Stuff thingies are enums 08:05 <- that's the full Schema 08:07
SmokeMachine it seems event-top is not being set...
oh! MAIN_BANCH is the enum? 08:08
patrickb also source-retrieval-retries is still set to its default value
SmokeMachine I mean, is MAIN_BRANCH the enum?
patrickb project is also an enum, and that is set 08:09
so my thesis is, it silently ignores attributes with - in them 08:10
commit-sha is also missing
SmokeMachine it seems a deeper problem... it seems it's not understanding enums... (I don't remember of testing enums...)
patrickb it is well possible enums also don't work, but I'm really sure it also fails to deal with - in attributes 08:11
commit-sha is a plain string column. It's missing. source-retrieval-retries is a plain Int column, its passed value is ignored and the default value applied 08:12
SmokeMachine I've already had many problems forgetting to do the transformation from kebabcase to snake case on Red's code... I thought it was fixed... but it's possible I've forgot it somewhere else...
what's your Red version?
patrickb project on the other hand is *not* missing 08:13
SmokeMachine I'll need to investigate that... 08:14
patrickb are there any hopes for enums to somehow work? (once the - _ thing is solved?) 08:15
SmokeMachine I'll try to fix that as soon as possible... would you mind to open an issue with that, please?
patrickb will do
SmokeMachine if you continue trying to find the problem, and you fix that, please PR it 08:16
patrickb I'll have another quick look, but won't spend much time on it. I guess you'll be a lot quicker than me in finding the problem. 08:22
SmokeMachine thank you!
patrickb 08:23
SmokeMachine thanks! 08:24
patrickb Isn't it possible to specify a column name different from the attribute? `is column<name => 'col-name'> or something like that? 08:30
SmokeMachine yes, exactly that 08:36
patrickb SmokeMachine: Thanks for your work and caring for the users of Red. This is much appreciated and not taken for granted.
SmokeMachine :)
patrickb: one example of renaming a column: 08:49
patrickb how can I give a `referencing` a name? 08:55
SmokeMachine at the same way, `is referencing(*.id, :model<Bla>)` is just a fancy way of doing a `is column{ :references{ .id }, :model-name<Bla>}` ... for example: 09:01
patrickb: ^^ 09:03
patrickb SmokeMachine: I think you were right. It's actually the enums that cause this, not the "-". 10:20
SmokeMachine :) and :( at the same time... :) 10:21
I don't remember testing it with enums... I think I've completely forgot about them... I only thought about creating tables from the enums... but haven't implemented that... 10:23
patrickb: 10:24
patrickb Hm. Couldn't it just do a very thin mapping to Plain ints? 10:25
SmokeMachine I think we should support all of those options... (but we could start with the mapping to the enum's value...) 10:26
what do you think? 10:27
for now, you maybe could use custom inflators and deflators for that (while that's not implemented) 10:28
patrickb I suspect that would cover most uses. I guess one typically would want enums to just list alternatives. Especially in the context of a DB. For that case just writing the enum value to the DB is the obvious solution. 10:29
SmokeMachine a custom inflator/deflator example:
patrickb Thanks! I'll have a look. 10:30
Is it possible to provide inflators / deflators for a type instead of a column? Quite some typing otherwise... 10:31
SmokeMachine It's planed to be possible... currently we have a hardcoded one... 10:36
patrickb So can I implement such a Type class myself and just reference it in `is column{}`? 10:39
SmokeMachine I don't think that will be that easy... if I remember well Json was kind special... and I was still trying to find a goodly to generalize that... 10:41
and Json isn't defined on `is column{}` but on the attribute itself, for example: 10:42
(I really need to improve the documentation...) 10:43
patrickb: can I ask you a favor? if you learning something you find useful while testing Red, would you mind to write. piece of documentation about that and PR it? My poor English make it too hard to me to write documentation... (if any other person would like to also help me on that, I'd thank a lot) 10:46
patrickb Will see what I can do 11:05
SmokeMachine thank you very much! 11:06
patrickb I have now added respective inflators and deflators to my schema and the values in the generated SQL are now properly deflated. But the SQL still only includes default values. All values I passed to the Object constructor are still missing in the SQL. 11:35
This is such an obvious problem that I suspect I'm doing something quite obvious wrong.
SmokeMachine odd, can I see your code? 11:36
patrickb 11:37
SmokeMachine ok, that's it! 11:38
there are 2 options to insert data on database:
1 - `<data1>, :col2<data2>).^save` 11:39
2 - `Model.^create(:col1<data1>, :col2<data2>)`
patrickb ouch
SmokeMachine when you do `^create` you are calling `Model.^create` without any parameter 11:40
is it possible that's the problem since the beginning? (sorry for not seeing that before) 11:41
patrickb Is it possible to forbid ^create on a defined object?
well, the inflators and deflators are probably still necessary.
SmokeMachine yes... I think that's a good idea
would you mind to open a new issue, please? 11:42
patrickb :-)
SmokeMachine (I mean for forbidding .^create on defined obj)
patrickb 11:44
SmokeMachine thanks!
for creating/updating/deleting rows, we have a documentation page: 11:46
have you already seen this? 11:47
(almost everything is missing there... but that's a start...)
patrickb I have read through most of it, yes.
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patrickb SmokeMachine: 19:46
This has haunted me for the last few hours.
SmokeMachine: I suspect it's a rakudo bug, but it makes sense that you have a look first, as I think you can pinpoint better where things go wrong. 19:48
SmokeMachine Have you tried adding `use Red:api<2>` to CITestSetManager.rakumod? 20:05
Without that the operators are not being override… 20:06
patrickb: ^^
patrickb Works. Thanks! 20:08
SmokeMachine But that error is completely LTA…
patrickb The failure mode is... suboptimal.
SmokeMachine Yes, it is
patrickb Yeah...
SmokeMachine Would you mind to add that tou tour issue, please? 20:09
Sorry and thanks for finding all these issues! :)
I really need some help finding and fixing Red issues… 20:13
patrickb Done 20:33
SmokeMachine thanks! 20:49
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