Red ORM for the Raku language - #red logs are going to be saved on, and later
Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
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japhb FYI, Red is failing to install on Rakudo HEAD (rakudo-moar-2021.06-83-g853dc3936). Haven't yet checked whether it's Red or Rakudo that changed. 05:00
SmokeMachine japhb: would you mind to paste here the log message, please? 07:01
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japhb Sure, hold on 08:51
===> Searching for: Red
===> Testing: Red:ver<0.1.45>:auth<Fernando Correa de Oliveira>:api<2>
[Red] Use of Nil in numeric context
[Red] in block at /home/geoff/.zef/store/Red-0.1.45.tar.gz/Red-0.1.45/.precomp/540D2DA5DA54DC38F6B65E6AC7074DB19B82A5FC/F2/F2E53992C6FFEDC5DC3B09E6E9D69BBEB965D56B line 1
[Red] # Failed test 'explicit .yyyy-mm-dd'
[Red] # at t/61-date-coercion.t line 20
[Red] # Failed test 'eq with Date RHS'
[Red] # at t/61-date-coercion.t line 21
[Red] # Failed test '== with Date RHS'
[Red] # at t/61-date-coercion.t line 22
[Red] # You failed 3 tests of 3 08:52
===> Testing [FAIL]: Red:ver<0.1.45>:auth<Fernando Correa de Oliveira>:api<2>
Aborting due to test failure: Red:ver<0.1.45>:auth<Fernando Correa de Oliveira>:api<2> (use --force-test to override)
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SmokeMachine ok, it seems to be working on 2020.12... updating my raku and retrying... 17:20
it installed on my rakubrew installation (moar-2020.12) 17:46
I'll have to test it on my personal computer
sorry, I've done that wrong... I'm trying again... 17:50 18:08
japhb Welp, that's broken ... 18:17
SmokeMachine it seems there is a deprecated code on my test... 18:19
or is it on mi6 itself? 18:20
I've ran `mi6 test` on a different module and it showed the same message about deprecated code... 18:21
it seems to not be a Red's only problem... 18:23
japhb That seems pretty broken, yeah. Is that a current Zef? 19:28
SmokeMachine Yes… 19:29 19:30
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