Red ORM for the Raku language - #red logs are going to be saved on, and later
Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
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SmokeMachine 10:42
it seems to be working now... 10:43
japhb: ^^
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ecocode Hi, is it correct that Red does not support MySQL ? 14:43
SmokeMachine ecocode: not yet, but I'm working on it: 15:01
ecocode great ! 15:05
is that already testable ?
SmokeMachine I haven't written tests yet, so I haven't found the problems yet... 15:23
ecocode: so, if you'd like to try it out and open issues about what you found out, that would be very helpful... 15:24
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SmokeMachine ecocode: and please, let me know if you test it! 15:34
ecocode ok, I'll keep you informed if I do 15:35
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japhb Confirmed, able to do a full from-scratch install again (including Red, of course) 20:00
SmokeMachine \o/
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