Red ORM for the Raku language - #red logs are going to be saved on, and later
Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
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japhb SmokeMachine: Red seems to be failing install on Rakudo head. 18:03
SmokeMachine Really? :( 18:04
japhb : Do you have the error? I’m not able to try it out now… 18:05
japhb Yeah, it wouldn't compile because "On Red:api<2> references must declaire :model-name (or :model-type) and the references block must receive the model as reference"
SmokeMachine Does it say on what error it happened? 18:06
japhb Mind you, 18:08
Mind you? Don't know what that was from
But the gist should give info. :-) 18:09
SmokeMachine japhb: thank you very much!
japhb Sure! 18:11