Red ORM for the Raku language - #red logs are going to be saved on, and later
Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
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patrickb o/ 18:44
I'm probably missing the obvious, how do I `ORDER BY` in Red? 18:45
Grepping through the source reveals some tests that do `.^all.sort().grep()`. I guess that's just what I need. 18:55
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SmokeMachine patrickb: yes, you can use `Model.^all.sort(*.column)` 20:30
Or `Model.^all.sort(-*.column)` 20:31
patrickb oh! That's nice. Thanks for the tip! 20:35
SmokeMachine ResultSeq has many useful methods: 20:38
patrickb: 👆 20:39