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Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
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patrickb o/ 09:05
I found another enum bug
SmokeMachine Hi! What’s the error that gives? 09:06
patrickb: is this what you are getting? 09:13
patrickb Type check failed in assignment to $!e; expected E but got E::E1 09:14
in method new at /home/patrickb/rrepos/install/share/perl6/site/sources/31359EAA52B95E59401770AFEC03556C7839FDC2 (Red::Model) line 25
in block <unit> at foo.raku line 11
SmokeMachine I don't think that will be hard to fix. But I'll need to leave that for after $DAYJOB...
patrickb Yes.
:-) No pressure at all please. I'm impressed that you answered that quick at all! 09:15
SmokeMachine :)
But that's probably related to Red's own type check... so, that's probably just the case of adding a special handling for Enumerations or (better) comparing how Raked dos that and stealing the code... :) 09:16
patrickb I just updated the gist. I'm confused. 09:20
SmokeMachine ok, it seems it will be even easier to fix... it seems I'm jut not decontainerising the value... 09:36
(Sorry I've also copied the comments)
patrickb: but the answer deconting it seems right 09:37
patrickb: would you like to PR the fix for that? It's probably just the case of adding `.<>` on the methods return... 09:38
patrickb I got a local patch that makes it work. It just assigns `col.type` to a temporary var and uses that for matching. 09:39
I'll see what I can do.
patrickb: ☝️ seems to work... it just need to be inside the method... 09:40
patrickb PR is up. 10:03
SmokeMachine That looks good! Can I ask you another favour? Would you mind on adding that code as a test, please? 10:05
patrickb: ☝️ sorry for asking that 10:07
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patrickb Will do! 10:38
SmokeMachine patrickb: thank you very much! 10:59
patrickb: I'll merge it as soon as the tests finish running 11:01
patrickb: done, thanks! later today I'll release it 11:18
patrickb Thank you! 11:37
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