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Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
patrickb How can I set a DateTime column to NULL? Neither `Nil`, nor `DateTime` work... 16:19
SmokeMachine What happens when you ser Nil to it? 17:27
patrickb: it seems it's not for DateTime only: 17:38
I fixed that locally, but I'm trying to fix it if a default was provided, (for example: `has Int $.bla is default(42)`) 18:03
I'll leave it without default for now... 18:12
patrickb: Fix and released! :) Thank you for letting me know about that! 19:17
patrickb Oh! Thank you! I didn't expect it to be a bug. 19:29
SmokeMachine patrickb: could you try it, please? 19:30
patrickb In RCB it doesn't seem to work yet. Will try out a minimal example. 19:38
SmokeMachine RCB? 19:50
patrickb Rakudo CI bot 21:03
The project where I'm using Red.
It does work in a minimal example. I suspect it's working in SQLite and broken in Pg 21:06 21:17
This is the reproduction. 21:18 <- That's the RCB. Still in progress, but nearing completion. 21:21
Thanks for all the work you put into Red! 21:24
SmokeMachine patrickb: I think I found the problem! 23:17
patrickb: about the work I put on Red... I just wanted that was enough... 23:18