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Set by SmokeMachine on 1 June 2021.
patrickb SmokeMachine: I think it's working now! \o/ 15:36
SmokeMachine \o/ great! I’ll do a release as soon as possible 16:21
patrickb How do I generate a limit? i.e. return the first 20 rows? 16:49
SmokeMachine .head(20) 17:10
patrickb: 👆 17:11
japhb I love how when someone asks how you do something in Red, my first guess is the right answer. Intuitive++ 17:27
SmokeMachine :) that’s the intent! :) 17:28
japhb Is paging .skip(N).head(M) ?
SmokeMachine I was thinking about that right now… it should be like that… but for some reason I made it wrong and made it .from(N).head(M)… I’m fixing it now… adding an alias… 17:30
japhb Ah, nice 17:33
SmokeMachine but you can also paginate with `Model.^all.batch(20)[3]` for the 4th page with 20 items each...
japhb Also nice. :-) 17:36
SmokeMachine that's the first example from the "cookbook": 17:38
Could you people see if you Messi any case that should be on cookbook, please? 17:45
japhb: skip should work now: 17:58
japhb SmokeMachine++ 18:26
SmokeMachine japhb: :)
japhb: I forgot to mention, Red has a "Ecosystem test" that try to install all modules that have Red as dependency on the ecosystem to let me know if any of my changes has broken any module. For some reason (I don't remember), I've added MUGS::Core as an exception and it wasn't testing it... I've removed that exception know and running the test, ok? 18:29
:( 18:32
japhb Gah. I'll do my build runs and see if I get the same error. Sounds like ye olde expiring cert. :eyeroll: 18:34
SmokeMachine japhb: I'll add the exception for now if you don't mind... :) 18:35
japhb Certainly. 18:36
SmokeMachine currently there are 2 modules not being tested: 18:47
I should make it possible le to add the reason why those are not being tested... 18:48
japhb Good idea
You know, every time I see Rakudo's build message "Installed 20 core modules in 14.123456789 seconds!" I always think "There is no machine on which the timing of that operation could be nanosecond-exact." 18:49
lizmat japhb: yeah, that could be better :-) 19:03
it's just that the nano-second accuracy was added later :-)
japhb :-) 19:06
SmokeMachine 👍 19:09
japhb SmokeMachine: Everything built fine on Rakudo 2022.06-21-gd253dc79e 19:41
Actually wait ... stuff I have locally checked out may not run tests. Let me force that.
Crap. Yep, Cro::CBOR throws an error. 19:44
Dang it.
Refreshed certs indeed fixes it. Looks like I need to update to current release standards too. 19:51
OK, new Cro::CBOR 0.0.4 released 19:58
SmokeMachine Now the exceptions accept a reason... I'll remove the exception and try again just after passing the tests of this new commit ( 20:00
japhb Sounds good
Bah. Anyone know how to deal with the MacOS "loading libcrypto in an unsafe way" failure on GHA? 20:07
SmokeMachine japhb: 20:10
japhb Anyone know how to deal with the MacOS "loading libcrypto in an unsafe way" failure on GHA? 20:24
Sorry, was trying to send to another channel 20:25