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Set by japhb on 16 April 2021.
21:53 [Coke] joined
[Coke] install of MUGS very slow/hanging 22:29
===> Extraction [OK]: OpenSSL to /Volumes/BUKKIT/Users/coke/.zef/store/openssl.git is the last thing --verbose install prints out, then it's just chugging 22:30
japhb That's rather odd. 22:34
How did you install it? `zef install MUGS`? And on which OS?
[Coke] aaaaand segfault 22:45
zef install --verbose MUGS; rakudo v2021.04 22:46
trying deps to see i I can narrow it down. I haven't done anything with mugs since I installed an earlier version
also, mac osx10.15.7 22:50
japhb OK, don't have too much experience with MacOS problems. I do know that crypt tends to be one of the finickiest things to get installed properly even on Linux. :-( 22:58
lizmat: Aren't you also on MacOS? Can you recreate the problem [Coke] is having? 23:13