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Set by japhb on 16 April 2021.
[Coke] ... breaking it into chunks worked. wt 01:04
so if I want to test out a game with a UI? 01:06
japhb "breaking it into chunks"? What do you mean? 01:07
And what are you asking? How to just play a game to prove the system is working? Or to try adding an new UI to an existing game? 01:08
[Coke] I did zef install <prereq1> , then <prereq2>, then tried MUGS, and it worked.
Just to play an existing game. 01:09
japhb Gah 01:25
So, CLI and WebSimple both have (uber-simplistic) lobby functionality, which is to say that you can choose games directly in the UI 01:26
So if you do `mugs-cli` or `raku -Ilib mugs-cli`, you'll get a chance to select a game
(From whatever games you have installed, which in 0.1.1 is a short list.
If you start up a mugs-web-simple server and connect to it with your browser, it's the same. 01:27
If you use on of the newer UIs, like TUI, they don't have in-UI lobbies, so you have to specify the game-type on the command line: `mugs-tui foobar` to play the "foobar" game type 01:28
[Coke] run mugs-cli; type "tic-tac-toe" and hit return. "waiting for game to start"
japhb Oh~
Heh, that's a two-person-required game since I haven't done bots yet. :-)
So, for that you'd need to start a server using `mugs-ws-server` 01:29
And then connect from two different windows: `mugs-cli --server=...`
I thought I made README info about all this, but maybe not? Harrumph. 01:30
Oh, forgot to add:
The first person to select tic-tac-toe creates the game instance.
The other player needs to look at the available active games ('/games' ought to do that) 01:31
... and then say '/game ID', where ID is the GameID of the game they want to join, to join that game.
Note that unlike e.g. TUI, CLI is designed for turn-based games, and currently has a fully-modal command prompt.
So if you want to see the actions of the other player, just press <enter> and it should show you the effect of queued async messages. 01:32
GAH, explaining all this reminds me of just how much *isn't* done./
SO MUCH WORK ... 01:33
[Coke] got the number game working. 01:35
japhb Phew
snowman and adventure and echo should all work too
[Coke] snowman says "Launching" and then hangs.
... and then doesn't. :)
(it's starteD)
japhb Oh FFS, really? 01:36
Oh, phew
ARe you running with an internal stub server, or with an external WebSocket server (mugs-ws-server)?
[Coke] I just ran mugs-cli like you said earlier. 01:37
snowman doesn't tell you the word you couldn't guess??
japhb Ah, that would be the internal stub 01:38
No, right now it just gives you a new word of the same length (if you run out of guesses), or of a shorter length (if you guess successfully).
It was my test case for multi-round games.
Basically all the games *currently* there exist to exercise/test out some part of the infrastructure. 01:39
[Coke] now it's hung. I went to another word, guessed a few letters, now it's hanging after I guessed.
anything I can do to help diagnose before I kill it?
ah. word was "to_nist". dict/words suggests "townist". :)
japhb Not *before* you kill it, but you can run with --debug to turn on (relatively heavy, because you can't yet specify verbosity) debug output 01:40
Yeah, I don't think I would have gotten that word either. :-) 01:41
[Coke] ok. thanks. just wanted to make sure I could do *something*. :)
anyone working on poker of any type? 01:42
japhb It's an 0.1.x release ... I'm working as fast as I can to make it easier for game makers, but *phew* are there a lot of yaks to shave!
japhb feels like he's already sheared an entire flock
I think you were the one person who talked about working on a poker trainer ...? 01:43
I have some *early* bits of CardGame support, but just enough to do things like define and shuffle a deck, and stuff like that.
Someone else has a blackjack game that they were thinking of porting (the person who is working on the Pop! UI) 01:44
Biggest new functionality right now is the CBOR support (which will be in 0.1.2), and the PFX test "game" to go with it. 01:48
That stuff hasn't been pushed yet because it needs a new Cro (the Cro team is working on a release).