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Set by japhb on 16 April 2021.
jjatria japhb: This blackjack game? gitlab.com/jjatria/pop-games/-/tre.../blackjack 15:01
I took a stab at integrating with MUGS but couldn't figure out how, and then got distracted with stuffs 15:02
japhb jjatria: Yep, that's the one. 17:25
OK, it's clear from what you and [Coke] have said that very high on the list of needs for MUGS is one or more "How do I ...?" tutorials 17:26
Actually, anyone who has doc requests/suggestions, I'd be very interested.
[Coke] japhb: where's an overview on how it works? 17:43
The readmes in each repo don't have any details.
Should I be looking in a folder?
github.com/Raku-MUGS/MUGS/tree/main/docs/design ? 17:44
that seems to be leafs of docs, looking for a TOC or something.
japhb Yeah, that's the place. 17:47
There's an index file.
In the design dir.
[Coke]: ^^ 17:48
[Coke] ah. you might want to rename it to README or put the others in a folder to highlight which is the index. 17:51
ok. skimmed through that folder, it's (not surprisingly) design related, nothing really practical about how to wire up a game. 17:56
Guessing I'd have to look at an existing game to figure something out there.
And having skimmed *that*, I'm guessing a sit down with you might be my best bet. :) 17:58
japhb Heh 18:00
OK, I've got some work to do. :-)
Thank you for taking the plunge and giving early feedback -- it's much appreciated.
[Coke]: Do you think it would work to have an index or README file at the top level of docs/? 18:02
Rebooting, BRB 18:16
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[Coke] Yes. That would be helpful. Then you could link to the index from there. 18:21
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japhb BAK. 18:23
Well, that was exciting. First reboot left me without a network device. :-P
[Coke] resend since I don't know if your client is smart: Yes. That would be helpful. Then you could link to the index from there. 18:33
japhb [Coke]: OK, thank you. 19:04
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