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Set by japhb on 27 May 2021.
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japhb jjatria: Pop hard-depends on a version of Color that no longer exists in the ecosystem. Would you mind nudging that? 17:02
lizmat japhb: which version? 17:03
japhb ===> Failed to find dependencies: Color:ver<1.002008> 17:04
lizmat zef install Zef::Configuration 17:05
zef-configure enable rea
zef install 'Color:ver<1.002008>'
in other words: enable the REA, and you should be able to install the module 17:06
also as a dependency
japhb Hmmm, I'll start adding rea to my default rebuild-everything script for now. I guess we need to get REA enabled by default in Zef sooner rather than later, if things are now breaking for lack of it. 17:07
lizmat approving github.com/Raku/problem-solving/pull/318 would help :-) 17:08
japhb Sorry, just getting back into the swing of things today. Nasty bug since Friday. 17:11
Will take a look
Phew, I thought *not a single person* had replied to your review request, but it looks like you just requested those reviews 15 minutes ago. I was going to wonder if we'd all simultaneously gotten sick or something. 17:25
lizmat no, but I did post the PR a week ago 17:36
but I guess everybody was distracted by other events :-(
I know I was / am
japhb Yeah, I need to get back to that, too. :-( 17:54
OK, I followed up on your question about ugexe's comment. To be clear, I'm happy to approve otherwise, just want to clear up his feedback. 17:56
One of the previous review systems I used differentiated "LGTM" (looks good to me currently) from "Approve" (I have the authority to give the go-ahead and this change is clearly ready) 17:57
Kinda miss that