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Set by japhb on 27 May 2021.
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Guest56 hi 14:45
I want to know if the pseudo-random number can be predicted? 14:46
japhb Guest56: Raku uses a relatively modern PRNG (a variant of Mersenne Twister, if I recall correctly). The pattern is statistically strong, but I don't think it is *cryptographically* strong. 15:51
In other words, you are unlikely to see biases or obvious human-intuitable patterns in the random number generation, but if you need crypto RNG to get a source of "entropy" data, use /dev/urandom, not the builtin PRNG. 15:52
(MUGS does not provide its own special PRNG, but I have considered allowing the creation of multiple *independent* PRNGs, so that users could seed them individually for repeatability where that is valuable. That hasn't exactly reached the top of the todo list. :-) ) 15:55
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