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Set by japhb on 5 June 2023.
Geth Terminal-Widgets/main: 0d3527db92 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | examples/styles.raku
Add simple text, border, and layout style demo
02:48 Xliff joined
Xliff japhb: The menu example in the Terminal-Widgets repo is now broken again. Can you fix that, please? 02:50
japhb Xliff: I hadn't merged your menu example PR, because we hadn't finished the discussion at github.com/japhb/Terminal-Widgets/...1798844324 03:25
So *my* copy of the repo doesn't *have* a menu example. :-) 03:26
And your repo appears to be out of date with respect to mine, so I can't ensure we're looking at the same thing. 03:27
Xliff I submitted a PR. 03:45
Not. My. Fault! :) 03:46
japhb "The menu example in the Terminal-Widgets repo is now broken again." -- it's your repo, it's your change, and you have not pulled my latest commit. How could I have broken your code, if you already had it working? 04:45
Xliff japhb: Did you approve the PR? 04:55
japhb No, see github.com/japhb/Terminal-Widgets/pull/2 04:57
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Xliff Updated pull/2 with proper backtrace. 16:23
Geth Terminal-Widgets/main: c892536d4f | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | Changes
Update Changes with Menu/examples work
Terminal-Widgets/main: a00654b7f8 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | 3 files
japhb PR discussion updated with lots of detail. :-) 23:44