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Set by japhb on 5 June 2023.
Xliff japhb: Hey! Did you get a chance to review my PR? 00:56
I'm hoping I can get your help on fixing the menu scrolling feature. Everything works except for the crash when using nextItem near (or at) the end of the list. 00:57
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Xliff Menu issues fixed. PR updated. 05:59
japhb ^^^
japhb: What's the best way to switch from one form to another? App.boot-to-screen? 10:33
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Xliff 'lo 15:08
japhb Sorry I've been unresponsive. Life and all. 23:41
boot-to-X is a shorthand for first boot through first X. It's not for switching screens/forms. 23:42
Switching to a new toplevel (once you've built it) is as simple as asking the Terminal object to do it for you: `$terminal.set-toplevel($new-toplevel)` 23:47
Depending on whether you are inside a widget that is *already* a TopLevel, `$terminal` may actually be found at `$.terminal` or `$.toplevel.terminal` 23:49
I'll take a look at the menu scrolling. 23:50