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Set by japhb on 5 June 2023.
Xliff japhb: So THERE you are. 02:31
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japhb I AM A HIDDEN MYSTERY. 05:29
I'm currently working on a version of your menu scrolling idea that has a little more DWIM to it. 05:30
I think it's interesting that you have menu items with their own color ... it's easy to support, but I'm curious what your use case is? 05:31
Geth Terminal-Widgets/main: c823323844 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | lib/Terminal/Widgets/Input/Menu.rakumod
Support autoscrolling Menus (more items than height)
Terminal-Widgets/main: 49f81c6d48 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | lib/Terminal/Widgets/Input/Menu.rakumod
Support per-menu-item colors
japhb Got partway through my implementation, loosely based on yours. ^^
Was about to make an uber-example for several of the things you've asked about, but then discovered some layout bugs I need to hammer on. 06:50
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Xliff \o 08:52
japhb: Primary use case is when you want to convey different states for the menu options. Consider my specific use case: EC2 instances... I'd like to see whether an instance is running at a glance, hence the colors. 08:54
.terminal.set-toplevel doesn't seem to wanna work, BTW.
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japhb Ah, interesting case -- a way to compress a little more information in the same space, I like it. 17:47
Hmmm ... push your code (if you haven't already), and I'll take a look at what's gone wrong. 17:48
Geth Terminal-Widgets/main: d6a38f4922 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | lib/Terminal/Widgets/Layout.rakumod
Fix braino in dynamic node layout
Terminal-Widgets/main: dc978025f1 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | examples/scrolling-menu.raku
Add a scrolling, colored, responsive-layout menu example

  ... based on ideas, feature requests, and code sketch all by Xliff++
Xliff Um. The issues with .terminal.set-toplevel aren't in anything repo-connected. 22:49
It's a script I'm trying to develop for $dayJob.
Could you work a quick example where you can switch between two form classes, and thus switch between two UI layouts? 22:50
Geth Terminal-Widgets/main: 96da47244c | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | Changes
Update Changes with pre-0.0.10 commits
Terminal-Widgets/main: 1dd0b629fa | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | 3 files
japhb Xliff: OK, throw me an issue for it, and I'll trade you example code. :-) 23:22
Xliff Crafting the issue now! 23:33
Issue up! 23:41
Geth ¦ Terminal-Widgets: japhb self-assigned Request for an example that illustrates switching between Forms github.com/japhb/Terminal-Widgets/issues/5 23:53