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Set by japhb on 3 March 2024.
Geth Terminal-Widgets/main: 1d1aec1ea4 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | 3 files
Sketch out beginnings of new TextContent model
Terminal-Widgets/main: 674356a902 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | lib/Terminal/Widgets/TextContent.rakumod
Fix thinkos in throw-cannot-stringify
greenfork Hi, is the concept of Free-as-in-speech explained somewhere? I don't understand how games can be free-as-in-speech. It is in the description of MUGS::Games raku.land/zef:japhb/MUGS::Games 16:34
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japhb greenfork: In English the word "free" has multiple wildly different meanings, which in other languages often get different words. When it comes to software, the two most common meanings of "free" are "no purchase cost" (also called "free-as-in-beer" because a party with alcohol served often has "free beer"), 17:58
and "available for public use and discourse" (also called "free-as-in-speech", because source code is considered a form of artistic expression, which in 18:00
(US) constituional law is refered to as "speech". "Free speech", the ability to discuss and create for the public, is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US constitution, and by similar documents worldwide. 18:01
Thus "free-as-in-speech" means "This software is free in the sense that public art and discourse is considered free" 18:02
greenfork I see I see. Is this similar to Richard Stallman's "free as in freedom", "libre"? 18:03
japhb (It happens that free-as-in-speech often implies free-as-in-beer, but the reverse is not true.)
Yes, "libre" is the French term for "freedom" as opposed to "no cost" 18:04
(I can't remember the French for "no cost" though IIRC the latin is "gratis")
greenfork "by similar documents worldwide" is a bit of a stretch :^) 18:05
japhb Why do you say that? Oh did you think I meant "everywhere"? I meant "in various places around the globe".
greenfork I see "free-as-in-speech" for the first time, thank you for educating me 18:06
japhb Yet another wonderful confusion of meanings in "worldwide" I guess.
Of course!
greenfork Yes, I thought you meant everywhere :^)
japhb Oh, and: Welcome! Let me know if you have any other questions about MUGS or the Terminal::* family of modules (most of which I either wrote or collaborated on). 18:09
greenfork I'm trying to install MUGS, so far I patched Crypt-SodiumPasswordHash to accept newer version of libsodium, 26, and currently having the error with Cro::CBOR github.com/japhb/Cro-CBOR/issues/1 18:10
Thank you, I want to try out MUGS and see what this is and how it works
japhb Looking at the Cro::CBOR issue now 18:14
Responded. 18:20
Geth Cro-CBOR/main: 0ca1633059 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | 8 files
Extract TLS tests from 02-websocket-client and move to xt/
japhb OK, that commit ^^ makes the change in the repo. Now to see if it will let me push to fez without regenerating the certs .... 18:36
greenfork Thank you, I'm trying install it but zef works unrelaibly, I get frozen `===> Searching for: MUGS` when I try to install MUGS. Is it expected? I'm trying to restart it every 5 minutes or so
japhb That's really odd, actually. Are you having network issues? (If not, perhaps zef is.)
You can also try doing `zef update` to force it to update to the latest package index as a separate step.
greenfork I have bad network connection, yes. But this chat and youtube work fine
japhb IRC: Hardy like a beetle. 18:37
greenfork Now started, will wait for the installation crossing fingers 18:38
japhb :+1: 18:42
Gah, mi6 doesn't want to release something with a broken xt/ test ... which is correct for default behavior, but I'd sure like to override it. 18:48
Geth ¦ Cro-CBOR: japhb self-assigned Tests fail: certificate has expired. Are there scripts for generating the certificates? github.com/japhb/Cro-CBOR/issues/1 18:50
greenfork Aborting due to test failure: Red:ver<0.1.70>:auth<zef:FCO>:api<2> 18:56
So far no luck, I will move on to Red and try to fix it 18:57
japhb Good lord, it seems the world has tended a bit stronger towards entropy than I expected. 19:14
greenfork Got it working! Red appeared to have a single test failing, I ignored it 20:04
japhb :+1: 20:05
greenfork What is the state of MUGS currently? For example, this issue github.com/Raku-MUGS/MUGS/issues/2 20:18
Am I supposed to fix this stuff myself?
I mean, do I expect everything to break and this is normal 20:19
Geth Cro-CBOR/main: 4 commits pushed by (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ 20:27
japhb GAH, at first glance that new issue looks like a subtle change in Red semantics 20:28
I'll have to track that down now, bah. 20:29
As for expectations, the problem here is that I've been hip deep in Terminal-Widgets and MUGS-UI-TUI for months now, and haven't had a lot of opportunities to look at everything else with fresh eyes. 20:30
So yeah, a little bitrot expected, but definitely everything you're having problem with "shouldn't" be a problem, so please keep feeding those issues, and I'll keep knocking them down
Speaking of which, just completed and closed github.com/japhb/Cro-CBOR/issues/1 20:33
greenfork Alright, thank you! I will try to unconver your vision with MUGS while feeding issues 20:48
I missed that script to generate certificates, great!