Are you looking for Raku language and compiler development? Please join #raku-dev !
Set by AlexDaniel on 24 October 2019.
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timotimo pff
AlexDaniel Hey! Sorry for the interruption once again, but most of us already moved to #raku-dev :) Please reconfigure your irc client to join #raku-dev and not join #perl6-dev, thanks!
timotimo i'm staying here to guide people who come in here 15:18
AlexDaniel timotimo: you can do it through discord, can't you? ;)
timotimo hm. but discord doesn't show the users list 15:19
lucasb haha, ok ok. I'll leave. Goodbye #perl6-dev o/ 15:27
(But I'll remain in *#perl6* for the lolz)
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AlexDaniel mst: I find it interesting that you didn't reconfigure your client yet :) 16:56
mst: anyway, what would be a good guess for the message limit here? 16:57
IIRC you have to calculate it based on something something, it wasn't very straightforward…
mst don't remember, sorry 16:58
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