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Set by avar on 14 November 2006.
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dduncan So, in regards to the weekly list summaries, I'm going to bet that Larry's last statement in the ordinal operators thread will make the quotable quote introduction: "You guys should read The Search for the Perfect Language, by Umberto Eco. It would disabuse you of the notion that perfect orthogonality is possible or even desirable." 03:18
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dduncan TimToady, were you implying that you don't like the proposal to rename operators to [ == , +== , ~== ] then? Or did you just dislike some of the other stuff discussed in the thread? 03:21
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svnbot6 r14759 | gnuvince++ | Added cases to t/operators/assign.t to test for skipped values in list 04:00
r14759 | gnuvince++ | assignment. The equivalent of Perl 5's my ($foo, undef, $bar)
avar svn switch --relocate | | | paste: | | 04:01
avar svn switch --relocate | | | paste: |
avar the commitbot is up! 04:01
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masak print unless (state $)++; 07:06
is this equal to print; ?
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gaal @moose 07:49
lambdabot Maybe you meant: choose more
gaal @moosages
lambdabot nothingmuch said 9h 45m 18s ago: i'm off to sleep now, i'll do it first thing in the morning
nothingmuch said 9h 44m 45s ago: btw, i have more maint work so this fits in (cookiecutter, etc). in short, don't bother
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root4o just watching this : 08:37
lambdabot Title: Aspect Oriented Programming: Radical Research in Modularity - Google Video,
root4o with perl6 we will have similar stuff right ?
after, before ...and things similar to that mentioned int the video...poincuts and jointpoints ? 08:38
I mean Roles cover this ? right ? 08:39
i mean aspect oriented programming 08:40
Alias_ We can do that to a degree now
Things like Hook::LexWrap let you insert the hooks on the fly 08:41
root4o what about perl6 ..? 08:48
Alias_ not sure, but I imagine people would hate to lose features :) 08:49
So my bet would be yes :)
root4o :) 08:50
me too ..but asking here.. to be sure
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nothingmuch @pl map (\f -> f x) 10:29
lambdabot map ($ x)
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ludan hi 10:47
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nothingmuch gaal: /scrollback end 10:56
nothingmuch had 4 days of unscrolled #haskell ;-)
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svnbot6 r14760 | fglock++ | - allow non-modifiable params in "token" 11:03
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svnbot6 r14761 | fglock++ | MP6 - fixed perl5 runtime; implemented built-in tokens like <ident> 11:09
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fglock [OT] anyone from TPF around? re: redirect '' to '' 11:12
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gaal nothingmuch: excellent, thanks 11:48
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svnbot6 r14762 | fglock++ | MP6 - implemented postcircumfix:<( )> method, as in '$obj.()' 12:46
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dmq looks in 13:07
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cognominal I can't see why I am wrong here: $_ = "token a"; s :s :g /(token (\w+))/a name="$1">$0<\/a>/; say $_; 13:39
I would expect a sucessful substition
..substitution! 13:40
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kolibrie cognominal: regex captures nest, so you have $0 (token a) and $0[0] (a), but no $1 13:52
Limbic_Region kolibrie - and presumably things "nest" from left to right? /( () () ( () ) )( )/ so there is a $0 and a $1, $0 has 3 elements, and the 3rd element of $0 has 1 element the other 2 0? 13:55
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kolibrie Limbic_Region: that is how I understand things 13:58
Limbic_Region oh, very nice 13:59
cognominal well, that does not explain the non-substitution
Limbic_Region cognomial - except that there is no $1
or rather - aside from the fact there is no $1
cognominal I am not yet at the problem of a wrong substitution, I am at the problem of no substittion 14:00
your are right about nesting though 14:01
Limbic_Region ?eval temp $_ = "token a"; s/(token (\w+))/foo/; say $_;
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evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[token a␤] Bool::True 14:01
Limbic_Region ?eval temp $_ is rw = "token a"; s/(token (\w+))/foo/; say $_;
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[token a␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region ?eval temp $_ is rw = "token a"; .s/(token (\w+))/foo/; say $_; 14:02
evalbot_r14762 Error: ␤Unexpected "(\\"␤expecting ":" or "{"
Limbic_Region ?eval temp $_ is rw = "token a"; $_ =~ s/(token (\w+))/foo/; say $_;
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[<Subst>␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region cognomial - AFAIK, in order to get methods that normally work on $_ to work on them in Perl 6, they need to be prefaced with a .
as in
it appears that s/// is not working on $_ by default 14:03
Limbic_Region doesn't know if that is correct behavior or not
Limbic_Region wanders off to get a chocolate covered donut
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kolibrie ?eval $_ = "token a"; s :s /token a/foo/; say $_ 14:03
cognominal I doubt that, s :g /\&/&amp;/; works fine
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[token a␤] Bool::True
cognominal thinks he need to work more incrementally. my perl5 expertise does not translate readily hre 14:04
kolibrie does look like substitution is having issues, at least in evalbot 14:05
Limbic_Region ?eval temp $_ = "token a"; s/.*/foo/; say $_; 14:07
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[foo␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region the match portion of the regex is failing
you should put it in a conditional
?eval temp $_ = "token a"; if ( /token (\w+)/ ) { say "match" } else { say "no match" } 14:08
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[no match␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region ?eval temp $_ = "token a"; if ( /token\s+(\w+)/ ) { say "match" } else { say "no match" }
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[match␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region it is barfing on the whitespace
?eval temp $_ = "token a"; $_ =~ s/(token\s+(\w+))/a name="$0[0]">$0<\/a>/; say $_; 14:09
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[<Subst>␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region whatever - the issue is the whitespace and not the replacement 14:10
kolibrie ?eval $_ = 'token a'; s :s /token <ws> a/foo/; say $_;
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[foo␤] Bool::True
kolibrie so it's not picking up the :s
Limbic_Region sounds like it should be a failing test case 14:11
Limbic_Region wanders off for some more donuts
cognominal ?eval my $_ = "token a"; s/token\s+(\w)/<a name=$0">token $0<\/a>/; say $_ 14:12
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[<a name=a">token ␤] Bool::True
cognominal another problem here
kolibrie that is interesting 14:13
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cognominal this is fucking frustrating 14:16
oops, this is not #perl :)
?eval my $_ = "token a"; s/token\s+(\w)/<a name=$0">token $0\<\/a>/; say $_ 14:21
?eval my $_ = "token a"; s/token\s+(\w)/<a name=$0">token $0\<\/a>/; say $_
evalbot_r14762 OUTPUT[<a name=a">token a</a>␤] Bool::True
cognominal I think by default using an non existing capture should emit a warning 14:22
this will happen all the time when dealing with html 14:23
Limbic_Region cognomial - not sure but perhaps you should test this using PGE instead of P::C::R
cognomial - don't think it is an option with evalbot but locally you can set an env var to tell pugs which to use
you may get different results with PGE (and if so, fglock will want to know) 14:24
cognominal I tried but it core dumped. But so far, limitations are mine
Limbic_Region let me try locally, I haven't done this in a while myself 14:25
cognominal I have not yet smashed my head on all potential walls
Limbic_Region this could take a while - I am doing a realclean as well
cognominal syntax hilighting would have avoided me my last error 14:30
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Limbic_Region 68 of 97 14:41
svnbot6 r14763 | fglock++ | MP6 - fixed return-blocks
14:42 fglock joined
Limbic_Region hey fglock - cognomial pointed out some apparent issues with P::C::R 14:43
cognominal Limbic_Region: no, real issues with my narrow mind :) 14:44
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fglock_ Limbic_Region: hi 14:45
cognominal: tudo bem aí? 14:46
cognominal fglock: ?? 14:47
14:47 ludan joined
fglock_ I'm recompiling the bootstrapped MP6 for the nth time 14:47
cognominal: sorry, I confused with "cog" 14:49
cog speaks portuguese 14:50
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capixaba audreyt: hello audrey 15:02
fglock_ pranavaswaroop: hi
[particle] Limbic_Region: you using cygwin? 15:03
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pranavaswaroop hello 15:05
Limbic_Region [particle] - um, yes and no - depends on what specifically you are interested in
pranavaswaroop are anyone upto the documentation part
Limbic_Region cognomial - was AFK but pugs has finished rebuilding - will test now
anatolyv ?seen TimToady 15:06
lambdabot TimToady is in #perl6. I don't know when TimToady last spoke.
Limbic_Region ?eval temp $_ = "one bright day"; s :s/one (\w+)/foo/; say $_; 15:07
15:07 evalbot_r14762 is now known as evalbot_r14763
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[one bright day␤] Bool::True 15:07
Limbic_Region ?eval temp $_ = "one bright day"; s :s/one\s+(\w+)/foo/; say $_;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[foo day␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region fglock - that behavior is the same for P::C::R and for PGE - seems wrong - confirm/deny? 15:08
[particle] Limbic_Region: hoping you could test a devel version of Data::UUID for rjbs
Limbic_Region sure
[particle] great, i'll let him know
Limbic_Region need tarball and test (if not in the test suite) 15:09
[particle] cpan R/RJ/RJBS/Data-UUID-0.147_01.tar.gz
just see if make install works, Limbic_Region++
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rjbs Limbic_Region++: I hear you're going to tell me whether there is finally a Data::UUID release that works on more than one Windows platform at once... 15:10
[particle] oh, you may have to get it from incoming, not sure if it's been indexed yet
avar what's the best way now to distribute Perl 6 modules?
Limbic_Region give me full URL then
rjbs 15:11
Limbic_Region rjbs - I have Cygwin Perl and AS w/MinGW I can test with
Limbic_Region can do both if interested
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rjbs Great! 15:11
[particle] Limbic_Region: i've tested asperl/msvc successfully
Limbic_Region rjbs - FYI in perl Makefile.PL on Cygwin - 'LICENSE' is not a known MakeMaker parameter name. 15:13
rjbs It's a recent addition. I guess I should check version, to make people happy, before including it.
rjbs figured nobody would care!
fglock_ Limbic_Region: not sure how temp, s///, and $_ work together 15:14
Limbic_Region ok, all of t/basic passed
skipped the POD tests cause I don't have those modules installed
rjbs sure
Limbic_Region ?eval $_ = "one bright day"; s :s/one (\w+)/foo/; say $_;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[one bright day␤] Bool::True
kolibrie fglock_: and :s
Limbic_Region fglock_ - the temp status didn't have anything to do with it
rjbs - so Cygwin Perl is a go 15:15
do you want my perl -V
fglock_ avar: Perl6 modules can go to CPAN, with a precompiled .pmc file - if you can get to execute the module
15:15 vel joined
rjbs Sure. 15:15
Limbic_Region k - testing AS + MinGW now 15:16
will nopaste both perl -V assuming success
yep - both worked
avar .pmc? 15:18
parrot magic cookie?
eviltwin_b perl module compiled?
[particle] avar: in this context, eviltwin_b is correct 15:19
pasteling "Limbic_Region" at pasted "rjbs Cygwin Perl and AS Perl + MinGW output of perl -V" (124 lines, 5.9K) at
[particle] there's also perl magic cookies, too
avar that'll run on parrot?
Limbic_Region rjbs - if there is anything else, let me know
[particle] avar: no 15:20
Limbic_Region fglock_ - you see what I mean about the behavior not being related to temp?
avar why do I want to be distributing something precompiled?
[particle] avar: perl5 looks for .pmc files before it looks for .pm files
avar hrm
Limbic_Region ?eval my $str = "one bright day"; $str =~ s :s/one (\w+)/foo/; say $str;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[<Subst>␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region ?eval my $str = "one bright day"; $str =~ s :s/one\s+(\w+)/foo/; say $str;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[<Subst>␤] Bool::True
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avar huh, it'll work on Perl 5 then? 15:20
[particle] yes
Limbic_Region ?eval my $str = "one bright day"; $str ~~ s :s/one\s+(\w+)/foo/; say $str;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[foo day␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region ?eval my $str = "one bright day"; $str ~~ s :s/one (\w+)/foo/; say $str;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[one bright day␤] Bool::True
avar wasn't aware of that hack 15:21
[particle] avar: it facilitates perl6-on-perl5
Limbic_Region there it is - problem exists even if it is a lexical
fglock_ avar: look for 'v6' on CPAN
rjbs Limbic_Region: Thanks, much obliged.
fglock_ ?eval my $str = "onebrightday"; $str ~~ s :s/one(\w+)/foo/; $str; 15:22
evalbot_r14763 \"foo"
Limbic_Region walang anuman
fglock_ ?eval my $str = "one brightday"; $str ~~ s :s/one (\w+)/foo/; $str; 15:23
evalbot_r14763 \"one brightday"
Limbic_Region it is the space
broquaint What does :s mean?
Limbic_Region if you replace it with \s it works fine
fglock_ 'sigspace'
Limbic_Region the :s doesn't change the behavior in this case
15:23 rjbs left
broquaint Isn't a :w necessary to make whitespace significant? 15:24
Limbic_Region ?eval my $str = "one bright day"; $str ~~ s/one (\w+)/foo/; say $str;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[one bright day␤] Bool::True
broquaint I haven't been keeping up ...
Limbic_Region ?eval my $str = "one bright day"; $str ~~ s :w/one (\w+)/foo/; say $str;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[one bright day␤] Bool::True
broquaint Apparently not.
Limbic_Region broquaint - if so, it is still b0rk in implementation
broquaint Yah. 15:25
Limbic_Region behavior seems identical with either backend (PGE & P::C::R)
though I haven't tested extensively
fglock_ I removed all optimizations in MP6 - and it now takes >20min to compile :P
Limbic_Region: it may be a problem in the Haskell side 15:26
brb & 15:27
avar wonders why he hasn't seen .pmc used for perl5 stuff
Limbic_Region fglock_ - that's why I pointed out PGE exhibiting the same behavior. Or rather, my hunch as well 15:28
Limbic_Region wanders off to a $meeting 15:30
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ofer1 what's MP6 ? 15:44
avar MiniPerl6 15:45
15:57 orafu joined
pranavaswaroop audreyt 16:01
are you there
Limbic_Region ?seen audreyt 16:08
lambdabot audreyt is in #perl6, #ghc and #haskell. I don't know when audreyt last spoke.
Limbic_Region oh, pranavaswaroop already left
she said in her blog that she will be out of "net" band for the next week 16:09
cognominal what is the perl6 idiom for : $_= 'a a a a'; my @a = m/(a)/g; print @a 16:10
Limbic_Region cognomial - if I remember what TimToady said correctly that could be done using .words 16:11
?eval my $str = 'one two three'; my @word = $str.words; ~@word
evalbot_r14763 Error: No compatible subroutine found: "&words"
Limbic_Region apparently not implemented (and perhaps not spec'd yet) 16:12
oh, except what you are asking for doesn't always match what .words would give. If the string was 'a b a c a d a e' and you did m/(a)/ you would get different results 16:13
Limbic_Region doesn't know
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broquaint ?eval "a b a c a" ~~ m:g/(a)/ 16:24
evalbot_r14763 3 16:25
broquaint ?eval my $r = "a b a c a" ~~ m:g/(a)/; $r.perl
evalbot_r14763 "\\3"
broquaint Hrm.
Limbic_Region ?eval my @match = 'a b a c a' ~~ m:g/(a)/; ~@match 16:29
evalbot_r14763 "a a a"
Limbic_Region heh
?eval my @match = 'a b a c a' ~~ m:g/(a)/; @match.length
evalbot_r14763 Error: No compatible subroutine found: "&length"
Limbic_Region ?eval my @match = 'a b a c a' ~~ m:g/(a)/; @match.elems
evalbot_r14763 3 16:30
Limbic_Region that works
16:30 sweinig|zZz is now known as sweinig
Limbic_Region ?eval my ($r) = "a b a c a" ~~ m:g/(a)/; $r.perl 16:31
evalbot_r14763 "\\\n ok => Bool::True, \n from => 0, \n to => 1, \n str => \"a\", \n sub_pos => (), \n sub_named => \{}\n)"
Limbic_Region ?eval my ($r) = "a b a c a" ~~ m:g/(a)/; ~$r
evalbot_r14763 "a"
Limbic_Region ?eval my ($r) = "a b a c a" ~~ m:g/(a)/; $r[2] 16:32
evalbot_r14763 \undef
16:36 pranavaswaroop joined
pranavaswaroop hi 16:38
TimToady ?eval $_ = 'a b a c a'; say ~.comb(/a/) 16:39
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[a a a␤] Bool::True
TimToady ?eval $_ = 'a b a c a'; say ~.comb
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[a b a c a␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region pranavaswaroop - audreyt says on her blog she won't be around much for another week 16:40
if it is important you speak to her directly - try email, if not, ask your question in the channel
TimToady - should the following work?
?eval my $str = 'hello world'; $str ~~ s :s/hello (\w+)/foo/; say $str; 16:41
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[hello world␤] Bool::True
16:41 SCalimlim2 joined
Limbic_Region if I change the whitespace to \s 16:41
TimToady it does appear that :s is b0rk
Limbic_Region ?eval my $str = 'hello world'; $str ~~ s :s/hello\s(\w+)/foo/; say $str;
evalbot_r14763 OUTPUT[foo␤] Bool::True
Limbic_Region ahh, ok - will commit a failing test then 16:42
TimToady ?eval my $str = 'hello world'; $str.subst(rx:s/hello (\w+)/, 'foo') 16:44
evalbot_r14763 Error: No compatible subroutine found: "&subst"
Limbic_Region is looking for a good place in t/regex to put the test but isn't sure
TimToady ?eval my $str = 'hello world'; $str.subst(rx:s/hello (\w+)/, {'foo'})
evalbot_r14763 Error: No compatible subroutine found: "&subst"
pranavaswaroop I just wanted to ask whether I can contribute to the perl documentation team 16:45
Limbic_Region pranavaswaroop - you needn't ask audreyt for that 16:46
you can submit patches to perl6.language
cognominal thx Limbic_Region 16:47
TimToady or for things sourced in pugs/, you can just change them directly if you have a commit bit
Limbic_Region TimToady, or pmichaud, or someone with commit rights will evaluate and apply
cognominal pugs> $_= 'a a a a'; my string @a = m:g/(a)/
is this correct?
TimToady pranavaswaroop: do you have a commit bit to pugs?
Limbic_Region pranavaswaroop - what TimToady said
TimToady if not, send your who at where dot whatever here and we'll give you one. 16:48
Limbic_Region cognomial - you saw the example of that I put here that did work right
?eval my @match = "a b a c a d" ~~ m:g/(a)/; ~@match
evalbot_r14763 "a a a"
Limbic_Region so any advice where to put the failing regex test? 16:49
GnuVince ?eval uc("P􏿽xE9p􏿽xE8re")
evalbot_r14763 "PÉPÈRE"
GnuVince oops, /me is not in UTF-8 here
TimToady t/regex/from_perl6_rules/subst.t maybe 16:54
pranavaswaroop TimToady: Sir can you please help me out 16:56
TimToady pranavaswaroop: you need to send your email addr somehow to get a commit bit 17:01
pranavaswaroop k my email add>>>> [email@hidden.address]
TimToady commit bit on its way 17:04
please add yourself to AUTHORS as first commit 17:05
pranavaswaroop oh ok sir 17:06
17:07 andara left
TimToady and don't neglect your studies to work on pugs. :) 17:07
except when you want to. :)_
pranavaswaroop oh I wont sir 17:08
17:08 sweinig is now known as sweinig|bbl
pranavaswaroop step 1 completed sir I am registered 17:09
dmq hrm.
timtoady: i hope my recent \R1 stuff wasnt an issue. 17:11
pranavaswaroop so shall I get involved with my project
pasteling "Limbic_Region" at pasted "Would someone be kind enough to commit these nice failing tests pointed out by cognomial++ I seem to have commitment issues" (20 lines, 477B) at 17:13
dmq how could someone who is married have commitment issues? 17:14
Limbic_Region I can't seem to commit ATM so could someone else do so?
dmq - have you seen the divorce rate in the US?
dmq heh
Limbic_Region oh, and please not that the first 3 fail regardless of PGE or P::C::R and the last one succeeds 17:17
pranavaswaroop well me some work!!!!
can I get 17:18
Limbic_Region TimToady - does have an option for resetting a password, apparently mine has become fubar
I can't login there either 17:19
woah - don't bother
it just started working
still can't seem to commit though 17:21
Ontolog omg I'm learning haskell so I can help with pugs
Limbic_Region grrrs 17:22
yay - I did it - please disregard the request to submit the test 17:23
svnbot6 r14764 | Limbic_Region++ | Added some failing regex tests in both PGE and P::C::R pointed out by cognomial++
pranavaswaroop can I get some documentation task now 17:24
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Limbic_Region pranavaswaroop - you mean you want to help with documentation but you don't know what to work on? 17:25
pranavaswaroop - then you should say that
pranavaswaroop yup I do not know what to work on 17:26
but given a task I will surely
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Limbic_Region pranavaswaroop - look at TASKS 17:29
there is likely to be one or more documentation activities there
17:32 vel joined
pranavaswaroop I did go to this but found a 404 Not found Message displayed 17:33
The requested URL /pugs/TASKS was not found on this server.
that was what i could find
Limbic_Region pranavaswaroop - you haven't checked out a local copy of Pugs on your machine or have a feather acct? 17:34
btw - see the channel topic
17:34 vel joined
Limbic_Region it is now not openfoundary 17:34
lambdabot Title: Perl6 Community Development Server
Limbic_Region 17:35
pranavaswaroop oh uh thanks Limbic_Region 17:40
Itz working now
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pranavaswaroop Limbic can I know something about the user name and the password that I need to put 17:47
in 17:48
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svnbot6 r14765 | particle++ | add task to s/svn\.openfoundry/svn\.pugscode/g 17:53
Limbic_Region pranavaswaroop - you should have seen a link at 17:58
lambdabot Title: Perl6 Community Development Server 17:59
Limbic_Region pranavaswaroop - see for details on getting an acct
lambdabot Title: Perl development server,
[particle] heh, my wife just ran into tom skerritt while out on a run 18:00
dmq i interviewed him when i was grade 6 for school. 18:01
[particle] lol
dmq No seriously i did.
I think he was annoyed all i did was ask about Tom Cruise tho. 18:02
[particle] i believe it. i just expected responses more along the lines of, "who's tom skerritt?"
dmq Yeah, heh, it is weird.
[particle] he lives not too far from us in seattle, apparently.
dmq I remember he was a pretty nice guy 18:03
Limbic_Region oh - I have pretty big news too 18:07
Jasmine took her first step last night
[particle] congrats! time to lock away the liquor.... 18:08
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svnbot6 r14766 | fglock++ | MP6 - optimized ram usage 18:54
Ontolog How do you use ":load" with a Windows pathname? 18:57
and btw WinHugs doesn't uninstall!! don't install it :p
oops I got it 18:59
in GHC you have to use double backslashes
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GabrielVieira audreyt fglock hey.. some pics from CONISLI are on :) pasting the url in pvt, ok? 19:21
fglock GabrielVieira: got it - thanks! 19:23
GabrielVieira ok :) 19:24
svnbot6 r14767 | fglock++ | MP6 - fixed syntax in 19:36
[particle] fglock: is MP6 self-hosting yet?