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Set by avar on 16 November 2006.
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svnbot6 r14857 | fglock++ | MP6-Parrot - added infix:<||>, infix:<&&> 10:31
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fglock kolibrie: pong 10:33
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vin ga 10:46
HJAI 10:47
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DebolazX ponders making perl 5 use '.' instead of '->'. 10:51
kane-xs acme::dot ?
DebolazX That didn't work very well. :-) 10:52
Also, need to replace '.' with '~'.
nothingmuch DebolazX: ObjectivePerl is waaaay cooler 10:53
DebolazX nothingmuch: Scary. :o
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dduncan dood 11:27
nothingmuch dooooood 11:28
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szabgab Good morning 11:32
I am trying to make sense of the smoke reports created by TAP::Matrix
I wonder why does it say FAILED next to rows that are all green?
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gaal szabgab: TODO maybe? are they dark green 12:56
audreyt it also might be that it exited with error 12:57
after completing all tests
DebolazX audreyt: The old picture in your article on wikipedia got deleted so I replaced it with another one in the commons archive. 13:03
audreyt cool, thanks. 13:11
I wonder why it's deleted. lack of copyright?
hm, no, lack of full description 13:12
that's fine. old pictures is fine :)
thanks for the update
nothingmuch mooooooooooooooo 13:14
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kolibrie visited moose territory last week, but did not see any moose :( 13:25
nothingmuch that's aweful =( 13:26
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szabgab 13:38
lambdabot Title: TAP Matrix - Wed Nov 15 01:59:19 2006 GMT,
szabgab this report has everything FAILED even though they are green 13:39
eviltwin_b that's a compatibility thing in the test harness 13:43
szabgab ic, so that's not normal, thanks 13:45
another issue: while compiling pugs on linux load went up to 26+ 13:46
Patterner really? make -j30? 13:47
szabgab now I ran it with nice -20 make, it seems to be in the 9-11 load area but I don't see anything ghc-i in top
Patterner never saw happen here 13:48
szabgab well, if that is not Pugs then someone is playing Solitari on that machine... 13:52
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szabgab another issue with the test matrix that it seems the links under the green and red boxen all lead to 404 pages 13:56
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szabgab Build failed: 2304 at util/ line 359. 14:04
what is this ?
dmq a bug? 14:05
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broquaint A feature? 14:24
dmq a featured bug?
broquaint A bugged feature?
dmq indeed.
~ he was quick on the draw - i thought i'd be dead / he put the gun to my head and this is what he said ~ 14:25
szabgab so how can I overcome this feature?
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Limbic_Region dmq - don't you know I have a license to kill, I think you know what time it is - it is time to get ill 14:41
dmq L~R++
Limbic_Region dmq - is there are reason 5.9.5 isn't on CPAN? 14:50
nothingmuch Limbic_Region: 14:51
lambdabot Title: avva: geek rap contest (англ.)
Limbic_Region nothingmuch - I am unlikely to win by stealing Beastie Boy lyrics from er the 90's 14:53
nothingmuch i thought that album was from the 80s?
aye, 1986 14:54
anymoose, i have to be nice to guests 14:55
see you
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stevan nothingmuch: I think you should rap-battle this guy - 15:29
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cmeyer Hi 16:06
I'm trying to build parrot and am running into trouble.
./parrot -o runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/Capture_PIR.pbc runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/Capture_PIR.pir 16:07
error:imcc:syntax error, unexpected $undefined
in file 'runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/Capture_PIR.pir' line 18
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kolibrie ooooh, fglock! 16:09
kolibrie just compiled two modules using MiniPerl6
(now to find out if they work)
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fglock kolibrie: please let me know :) 16:11
kolibrie fglock: will do
szabgab cmeyer: I just built parrot withou problem, maybe you need to make clean before?
kolibrie I'm sure I'll have questions
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cmeyer szabgab: I did do a make realclean. 16:12
fglock kolibrie: mp6-parrot can already run simple things
kolibrie fglock: I'm returning to my extraction project from a month or two ago
so mostly grammars 16:13
fglock kolibrie: please note that mp6 grammars are "very" limited 16:14
see it's own grammars for examples
kolibrie fglock: more limited than Pugs::Compiler::Rule? 16:15
fglock yes - the grammar was much simplified in order to bootstrap easily
DebolazX prods stevan 16:17
stevan Debolaz: I answered you over on,.. I lost my stupid freenode password, and I am too lazy to get a new one :)
kolibrie fglock: hopefully it will have everything I need, or I can fall back to PCR (I hope) 16:18
stevan: now is the time! do it now!
stevan kolibrie: naaah,... still too lazy :P
kolibrie stevan: okay, well, maybe next year 16:19
stevan kolibrie: :)
cmeyer I just checked out a fresh parrot (r#15918), and am still failing at the same point, runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/Capture_PIR.pir. 16:21
DebolazX stevan: Problem is, that client is at home. I'm far away from home, I'm all the way over at the office. :-) 16:23
DebolazX boots up another client.
TimToady cmeyer: have you ever installed parrot? 16:24
you might have something old sitting around interfering 16:25
not even a make realclean would get rid of that.
you'd have to hunt it down and remove it by hand.
cmeyer TimToady: yeah, I've got a /usr/local/bin/parrot. But the build is calling ./parrot .
I'll try killing the installed parrot.
TimToady usually it's the installed libs that get you. 16:26
so people working on bleeding edge pugs and parrot tend not to install, but just make a symlink from /usr/local/bin/foo to the actual binary 16:27
svnbot6 r14858 | fglock++ | MP6-Parrot - fixed lookup-binding
cmeyer I'll try rm -rf /usr/local/lib/parrot and rebuild. Thx for the advice. 16:28
TimToady you did do a realclean first?
cmeyer Yep.
TimToady the rm is likely to fix it then.
unless it's something architectural 16:29
cmeyer I'll know shortly. :)
TimToady or someone broke the build...
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TimToady but I just rebuilt here in the last 5 min 16:29
what's your architecture? 16:30
cmeyer I'm building on a slightly old suse linux.
darn. I got the same error.
TimToady what's the error? 16:31
cmeyer ./parrot -o runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/Capture_PIR.pbc runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/Capture_PIR.pir
error:imcc:syntax error, unexpected $undefined
in file 'runtime/parrot/library/Parrot/Capture_PIR.pir' line 18
TimToady old binary of imcc out there somewhere? 16:32
cmeyer which imcc returns nothing.
TimToady hmm. 16:33
you might need to hunt someone down on #parrot
most of the folk here are more pugs-savvy than parrot-savvy.
cmeyer I'll try there. Thanks for your help. 16:34
TimToady np
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Limbic_Region cmeyer - not sure if anyone told you that #parrot was on a different network but it is - 16:47
TimToady - is it Christmas yet? 16:48
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cmeyer Limbic_Region: thanks 16:57
kolibrie fglock: my grammar and emitter both compile to compilable perl 5, but when I try to run them I get: Can't locate object method "digit" via package "My::Grammar" 16:58
I tried using <?digit> and \d, and both give the same error 16:59
I see that digit is defined in MiniPerl6::Perl5::Runtime, but I can't seem to make it available in My::Grammar 17:00
fglock kolibrie: you have to specify MiniPerl6::Grammar::digit - mp6 doesn't have inheritance 17:01
kolibrie fglock: so <?MiniPerl6::Grammar::digit> ?
fglock yes
kolibrie thanks 17:02
fglock: that gives me this when I try to compile to perl 5: error in Block at lib5/MiniPerl6/ line 14, <> line 40. 17:05
fglock kolibrie: are you using '=' instead of ':=' ? this is my most common error
this is a 'syntax error' message 17:06
kolibrie fglock: I'm not doing any assignment
there are no compile errors if I use <?digit>
changing to <?MiniPerl6::Grammar::digit> causes this error 17:07
fglock oh, right - it's <?MiniPerl6::Grammar.digit> - method call
kolibrie ah, good, that worked
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fglock mp6 should have been called µp6, or np6 17:09
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fglock otoh, it's mini, not mili - so it's ok 17:16
pmurias no perl6 (for you) :)
fglock pmurias: hi 17:18
pmurias hi 17:19
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cognominal babel realisation 17:38
oops 17:39
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rindolf Hi all. 18:05
rgs: here?
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Troobloo i need a profile manager for my site, know of any that will allow users to register, and the site create static profile page with photo? 20:07
Limbic_Region Troobloo - you want #perl not #perl6 20:11
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Limbic_Region wow, very exciting perl 6 design meeting notes 22:39
it looks like parrot is nearly ready to run the pugs test suite
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