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Set by avar on 16 November 2006.
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pmurias Alias_: it's only 2:43 here 01:44
dduncan but its 17:46 here 01:46
Alias_ 12:48pm here 01:50
pmurias good bye :) 02:01
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DebolazX 02:13
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prism good year all 02:33
Alias_ And fresh connections for all! 02:34
DebolazX ponders if he should revert or rewrite the edit a bit.
avar garg @ perl6 repos 02:50
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svnbot6 r14974 | agentz++ | [syn_index.html] 06:23
r14974 | agentz++ | - fixed the link for S26 (Documentation.pod)
r14974 | agentz++ | since we don't have a perl 6 POD HTMLifier atm, plain POD
r14974 | agentz++ | is preserved.
r14975 | agentz++ | [syn_index.html] 06:29
r14975 | agentz++ | - removed markstos' comments since i've already fixed the
r14975 | agentz++ | links
r14975 | agentz++ | - made it explicit that S26 is in Perl 6 POD.
Alias_ Is there a graph anywhere of committers and commits? 06:34
I saw at one point ages ago Audreyt had one
dduncan just a minute ... I may know where one is ... 06:47
okay, this is far from flawless, but it has some of what you want: 06:51
lambdabot Title: Pugs - Ohloh Metrics Report
dduncan Alias_
Alias_ ta, looking 06:52
Wow, not many comments
Is it just misparsing?
wolverian doesn't read haskell, eh? :) 06:57
dduncan nope ... I did say it was far from flawless
Alias_ right 06:58
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cognominal How can I get to compile MAD in perl5 without answerinfgmanually all the questions? 11:36
./Configure -DPERL_MAD -des # does not work 11:37
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LeeD hi, I have some trouble on compile pugs(r14975) with embeded parrot 13:32
after enable embeded parrot, I find some include path is wrong
at line 446 of Makefile.PL, 13:33
my $include_path = parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, 'prefix') . parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, my $include_path = parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, 'prefix') . parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, my $include_path = parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, 'prefix') . parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, my $include_path = parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, 'prefix') . parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, my $include_path = parrot_config($base, $parr
ot_config, 'prefix') . parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, 'inc');'inc');'inc');'inc');'inc');
this will generate wrong include path, like /home/lee/parrot/workinginclude 13:34
but after I fix this Makefile.PL, I got more compile error 13:35
like this
[ 1 of 96] Compiling UTF8 ( src/UTF8.hs, dist/build/UTF8.o ) 13:36
In file included from /home/lee/parrot/working/include/parrot/string.h:17,
from /usr/local/lib/ghc-6.6/include/HsBase.h:59,
from /tmp/ghc11400_0/ghc11400_0.hc:4:0: 13:37
and something like this
ghc use parrot's string.h instead of /usr/include/string.h 13:38
Anyone see this problem before? 13:40
line 446 of Makefile.PL is 13:41
cognominal that was ./Configure -Dmad # and one must not set PERL_MADSKILLS and PERL_XMLDUMP before compilation 13:43
LeeD my $include_path = parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, 'prefix') . parrot_config($base, $parrot_config, 'inc'); 13:46
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LeeD I have post this problem to [email@hidden.address] and [email@hidden.address] 14:18
diakopter TimToady or someone else very familiar with the synopses - where is "say" defined in the Synopses, juxtaposed with "print" 14:39
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diakopter nm; found it. 14:52
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svnbot6 r14976 | diakopter++ | Fixed the last two smartlinks, for now. Now to add a bunch more. 15:07
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riffraff hi 17:02
someone knows how to set a default value for an Hash?
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riffraff sorry, this is pretty dumb, but how do I use pugs' builtin fact() function? 18:32
wolverian I don't see that builtin
riffraff ah, then probably you're right :) 18:34
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TimToady ?eval [*] ^10 18:50
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evalbot_r14976 0.0 18:50
TimToady ?eval [*] 1..10
evalbot_r14976 3628800
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diakopter_ ?eval [*] 1..61 21:16
evalbot_r14976 507580213877224798800856812176625227226004528988036003099405939480985600000000000000
diakopter_ ?eval [*] 1..62 21:17
evalbot_r14976 31469973260387937525653122354950764088012280797258232192163168247821107200000000000000
diakopter_ ?eval [*] 1..66
evalbot_r14976 544344939077443064003729240247842752644293064388798874532860126869671081148416000000000000000
riffraff ?eval gather{ take 1; take 1 unless gathered} 21:18
evalbot_r14976 Error: No compatible subroutine found: "&gathered"
riffraff mh.. mh.. no gathered yet :/
allbery_b gathered is a proposal (which got little discussion that I saw, so don't expect much) 21:19
riffraff it is a proposal? I thought it was specced out since the beginning 21:20
allbery_b no, someone recently asked on the mailing list if such a thing (he called it "was_taken") might be considered 21:24
see the latest perl6 weekly summary on 21:25
(it's at the end of the summary document)
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riffraff yes, I saw that, but I remeber gathered from Perl6::Gather and it was there 21:28
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