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Set by allbery_b on 24 March 2007.
Jedai I don't get an error running it in my Pugs, do you get this error in the pugs prompt too ? 00:06
Besides I don't think that getting () for <ident> is intended, as S05 clearly state that it must be assigned an array of Match in this case 00:09
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moritz Jedai: no 00:15
Tene In in t/oo/methods/overload.t there are two instances of 'mutli' where I would expect 'multi' 00:16
Can anyone confirm that that's a typo?
It also says "currently these classes do not compile", but if I replace mutli with multi, they seem to compile fine. 00:18
moritz Tene: yeah, that's a typo I guess 00:19
Tene okay to drop the eval?
moritz yes 00:20
but they will still be declared as "todo" because of the run_tests_with routines 00:21
Tene Well, then we get unexpectedly succeeding.
moritz right
moritz tries to understand rules - very confusing 00:25
svnbot6 r15811 | tene++ | Typo fix.
r15811 | tene++ | Also, this code compiles fine now, so doesn't need to be hidden in an eval.
Jedai ?eval "foo bar" ~~ m/<ident> <ws> <ident>/
evalbot_r15810 *** Cannot parse regex: <ident> <ws> <ident>␤*** Error: ␤Match.new(␤ ok => Bool::False, ␤ from => 0, ␤ to => 0, ␤ str => "", ␤ sub_pos => (), ␤ sub_named => {}␤)
moritz but not as confusing as the first time I read it
so I'll read it over and over again...
and after pass $n I'll understand 90%
say, $n ~~ 6
why does it complain that it can't parse the regex, but still returns a match object? 00:26
that's weird
Jedai Well, I don't know where it comes from, since in my pugs it doesn't complain, it may be a bot bug there 00:27
moritz Jedai: do you have r15810 pugs? 00:28
mine is only r15805 right now
Tene is updating right now to confirm
Jedai I think I've done make with the r15808
moritz ok 00:30
S05: say 'Full match context is: [$/]';
shouldn't that be double quotes?
can somebody confirm that single quotes are nonsense? 00:33
anyway, time for bed++ ;-) 00:35
Jedai Good night :) 00:37
moritz Jedai: thanks
Jedai I'll be following your example... 00:38
dduncan question: I understand that the .perl method of a value will generate Perl code that when evaluated will produce that value ... now, is there a similar method that produces a Perl AST for that code instead of the code as a string? ... eg, similar to what a macro definition could receive as input 00:51
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allbery_b notes that .perl and .yaml don't seem to be documented in S29, where he'd expect them 01:32
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Tene ?eval "foo bar" ~~ /<ident><ws><ident>/ 01:52
01:52 evalbot_r15810 is now known as evalbot_r15811
evalbot_r15811 *** Cannot parse regex: <ident><ws><ident>␤*** Error: ␤Match.new(␤ ok => Bool::False, ␤ from => 0, ␤ to => 0, ␤ str => "", ␤ sub_pos => (), ␤ sub_named => {}␤) 01:52
Tene I'm running 15811 also, and it works fine for me
TimToady ?eval token ident { [ <alpha> | _ ] \w* }; "foo bar" ~~ /<ident><ws><ident>/ 01:56
evalbot_r15811 *** Cannot parse regex: <ident><ws><ident>␤*** Error: ␤Match.new(␤ ok => Bool::False, ␤ from => 0, ␤ to => 0, ␤ str => "", ␤ sub_pos => (), ␤ sub_named => {}␤)
TimToady dduncan: you're looking for quasiquoting; see q:code in S06 02:02
lambdabot TimToady: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
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dduncan looking ... 02:27
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Aankhen`` ?eval my @foo; @foo[0.5] = "abcd"; "@foo[]" 03:27
evalbot_r15811 "abcd"
Aankhen`` ?eval my @foo = <a b>; @foo[0.5] = "abcd"; "@foo[]"
evalbot_r15811 "abcd b"
Aankhen`` Ah.
Tene ?eval my @foo; @foo[0.5] = "abcd"; @foo.perl 03:28
evalbot_r15811 "[\"abcd\",]"
Aankhen`` "Man found dead; sharp end of feed operator suspected" 03:36
Tene Heh.
Aankhen`` "Stray = sign found on scene taken into custody" 03:37
(closure interpolation)++ 03:38
perlbot, karma closure interpolation?
perlbot Karma for closure interpolation: 1
Tene Aankhen``: "closure interpolation"?
Aankhen`` " { <yes, closure interpolation>.join(' ') } " 03:39
Hmm, wonder if that's valid code?
?eval " { <yes, closure interpolation>.join(' ') } "
evalbot_r15811 " yes, closure interpolation "
Aankhen`` Kewl.
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Aankhen`` ?eval my $अ = "हाँ ।"; 03:50
evalbot_r15811 \"हाँ ।" 03:51
Aankhen`` ?eval my $ँ = "हाँ ।"; say ++$ँ
evalbot_r15811 Error: ␤Unexpected "\2305"␤expecting "::"
Aankhen`` ?eval my $कर_लें = 1; say $कर_लें 03:53
evalbot_r15811 OUTPUT[1␤] Bool::True
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gaal www.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell/2...19293.html 05:37
lambdabot Title: [Haskell] haskell communities worthy of academic study?
Aankhen`` o_ 05:42
?eval constant Num π = atan(2,2) * 4; π 05:46
evalbot_r15811 Error: ␤Unexpected "\960"␤expecting ":" or "("
Tene ?eval constant Num foo = 1; foo 05:47
evalbot_r15811 Error: ␤Unexpected "foo"␤expecting ":" or "("
audreyt ?eval constant Num $foo = 1; $foo 05:48
evalbot_r15811 \1
audreyt I'm not sure declarating barewords is really that great an idea...
lambdabot audreyt: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
audreyt lambdabot: @messages
lambdabot fglock said 1d 9h 56m 56s ago: I can implement regexes in plain pugs using macros, it seems - it needs some cool syntax, like 'macro circumfix:</ />' and some way to deal with infix:<~~>
Aankhen`` I was just trying out an example from S04. 05:49
audreyt Aankhen``: I know :) but I wasn't quite able to figure out how to implement that, so I punted
Aankhen`` Heh, okay.
audreyt adding a $ sigil would work
Aankhen`` nods.
audreyt (bbiab) 05:50
Aankhen`` Don't really have any problem with it; the sigil-ized version seems fine to me. I was just curious as to whether the bareword version was implemented.
See ya.
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Talaman hello, i am wonder how to add a carriage return to a log file 06:27
Tene Okay. 06:28
I am wonder how to help you without more information.
knewt echo >> logfile *g* 06:30
Tene Heh.
Talaman it's ok, i found someone who gave me this: print LOG "\r"; 06:31
totally worked 06:32
Tene Talaman: that's Perl 5, you're in the Perl 6 channel. 06:33
Talaman is print LOG "\n"; not in perl6? 06:34
Tene That's right. The syntax would be different.
Talaman oh, ok 06:37
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Jedai Well that would be $log.print "\n" 08:19
Or $log.say "" 08:20
print $log:"\n" would work too
Tene He's gone. 08:21
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Aankhen`` He changed my life. :-( 08:21
Jedai Yeah, I just came back here and found this discussion, didn't see he was gone before I typed so... Anyway it's nice to have the ":" to disambiguate print call now 08:28
Tene nodnod
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Tene p5 URI::Escape exports its %escapes. p6 URI::Escape does not. Does anyone know if there's a specific reason for this? 08:52
Aankhen`` An oversight, maybe. 08:53
Tene Hmm. Perhaps I misunderstand something, actually. 08:57
nothingmuch moritz: commits welcome ;-) 09:34
lambdabot nothingmuch: You have 1 new message. '/msg lambdabot @messages' to read it.
nothingmuch @moosages
lambdabot moritz said 22h 23m 44s ago: on perlcabal.org/~nothingmuch/harrorth/doc/02.kwid there is a dead link, the one to the forth tutorial (moved to somewhere under www.jforth.org/ but I can'
t reach that page)
nothingmuch when the website is back up i'll try to remember to fix it
@tell gaal moose think rock climbing is cool 09:35
lambdabot Consider it noted.
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pasteling "rjalex" at pasted "Please be as rude as possible ! 8-) have a dir full of files which begin with four digits. need to flag those missing and duplicates" (29 lines, 502B) at sial.org/pbot/23930 09:41
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svnbot6 r15812 | unobe++ | r15836@www: unobe | 2007-04-01 02:46:19 -0700 09:59
r15812 | unobe++ | * Makefile.PL now has three options: (two for Trac ticket #16)
r15812 | unobe++ | --no-precompile-prelude (force prelude not to be precompiled)
r15812 | unobe++ | --precompile-prelude (force prelude to be precompiled)
r15812 | unobe++ | --help (print build system overview)
r15812 | unobe++ | * make prelude or make blib6/lib/Prelude.pm.yml
r15812 | unobe++ | * build_pugs.pl now takes _+GEN_PRELUDE --precompile-prelude (0|1)
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gaal @moosages -- who thinks rock climbing is cool 10:54
lambdabot nothingmuch said 1h 19m 13s ago: moose think rock climbing is cool
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svnbot6 r15813 | unobe++ | Trying to close Trac ticket #1 11:10
r15813 | unobe++ | * created buildbot master config and setup script (should work on any unix)
pasteling "evalbot_r15812" at pasted "Pugs build failure" (52 lines, 2.1K) at sial.org/pbot/23931 11:13
"evalbot_r15812" at pasted "Pugs build failure" (161 lines, 7.8K) at sial.org/pbot/23932
svnbot6 r15814 | unobe++ | * added few directions at top for initial setup 11:19
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TimToady Jedai: $log.say "" is not legal syntax. It would be taken as two terms in a row. Has to be either $log.say("") or $log.say: "" to tell the method it has any args. 11:44
lichtkind hello TimToady 11:46
TimToady: when i remeber correctly you where allowed to release perl because placker failed? 11:47
TimToady: and after that you worked for JPL? thanks
moritz lichtkind++ # for today's p6 article in $fooMag ;) 11:53
lichtkind moritz: thanks but my actual questions are for the wikipedia where im maintaining the perl things
moritz lichtkind: I thought so, because today it would be too late to change anything ;) 11:54
TimToady lichtkind: no, the release of Perl would have happened whether or not the Blacker project succeeded. 11:55
and in any case it didn't fail till some time after that.
(to the extent that it did fail) 11:56
lichtkind TimToady: thanks but you did say if it where property of Unisys they never woul let it free 11:57
TimToady I never asked for permission.
lichtkind ah :)
TimToady: and JPL was after that before O'reilly?
TimToady yes
lichtkind TimToady: ok than i made it all correct, thanks fo being such human :) 11:58
moritz lichtkind: do you know "Stefan Lukas" by any chance? 12:00
lichtkind moritz: i dont remember 12:01
moritz ok
lichtkind moritz & @all have great day im off (and chunter a bit about by not approved TPF grant) 12:03
moritz lichtkind: have a nice day ;) 12:04
gaal So, I was walking down the hallway at work and was thinking of moose. moose moose, I said to myself, as I often do. Then I saw my work roommate and prompted him to think of an animal. "Camel", he said. 12:05
moritz *lol* 12:06
nothingmuch gaal: we're getting moose postcards 12:11
`from beer sheva
appearantly steffi found some
gaal are there moose in beer sheva? cool 12:13
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Patterner I read that as moose beer... I need sleep... 12:18
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gaal ...or a trip to Canada 12:21
Patterner ...before it's the 52nd state. do i have to hurry? 12:30
nothingmuch montana has a beer named moose drool 12:33
nap &
this jet lag is killing me... i might take you up on that weird stuff gaal 12:34
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gaal ooh, weird stuff 12:37
you should definitely try to get a few winks before another state joins the union, sure 12:38
nothingmuch ? 12:39
gaal (who's the 51st?)
nothingmuch: that was to Patterner
nothingmuch ah
i really need a nap too ;-)
i'm missing lines
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pasteling "moritz" at pasted "how does BUILD with named args (should) work?" (30 lines, 532B) at sial.org/pbot/23934 13:30
moritz anbody got an idea regarding my paste? 13:33
svnbot6 r15815 | kudra++ | Checking for a commit bit on this machine 13:38
gaal moritz: you know you have a space in "width = > 2", yes? 13:41
moritz gaal: is that not allowed?
oh yes, damned 13:42
gaal why would it be? "=>" ne "= >"
moritz gaal: you are totally right...
gaal: but still, if I remove that space...
*** No compatible multi variant found: &Rect::BUILD 13:43
at inhertiance_BUILD.pl line 28, column 1-29
should that work?
gaal that I don't know. :)
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Jedai moritz : Did you do a "perl Makefile.pl && nmake && nmake install" recently on your computer ? Your pasted script work perfectly for me o_O 14:30
moritz Jedai: I have r1805 installed (through debian packages though, not make install - but that shouldn't make a differenc) 14:31
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Jedai Well correction : the first part of your script work, Square doesn't 14:32
moritz Jedai: that's what I'm aiming for :(
Jedai Well I have to take a train, I'll come back in a few days. Goodbye :) 14:35
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vangelys jh 15:23
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Limbic_Region hey audreyt 16:50
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nothingmuch q/w 11 17:49
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wolverian don't try to compile pugs with 768mb of ram and no swap :) 21:38
moritz wolverian: I guess it works... if you have no X and no firefox running... 21:39
wolverian: and no apache, no mysql etc ;-)
wolverian yeah.. not the case on my laptop ;)
(the no swap situation was an error) 21:40
moritz has only 448MB RAM, but a bit swap space
wolverian okay, trying again with 1.5gb of swap..
sili pugs made it to the ports collection. i'm excited 21:45
Limbic_Region 768mb of physical memory should be plenty i think
if it is available anyway 21:46
wolverian wasn't, but I had other large processes too
probably only had around 400mb free
Limbic_Region yeah, 512 is definately not enough
wolverian yay, got past pugs.internals this time :) 21:48
er, pugs.ast.internals
eek 22:07
Linking pugs.new ...
/home/wolverian/Projects/pugs/third-party/installed/lib/Pugs-6.2.13/ghc-6.6/libHSPugs-6.2.13.a(p5embed.o): In function `pugs_SvToVal':
p5embed.c:(.text+0x202f): undefined reference to `pugs_PvnToValUTF8'
what did I break?
Limbic_Region wolverian - does your env say anything about pugsembed ? 22:10
wolverian no.
Limbic_Region hrm
moritz wolverian: when did you make your last realclean?
wolverian moritz, I don't remember :)
I'll just try that and come back in half an hour if it doesn't work... 22:11
moritz wolverian: that's always worth a try if pugs build fails - although it takes rather long :( 22:12
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moritz are there any more or less regular windows builds for pugs somewhere? 23:29
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MaartenB I have a problem with a procmail rule where I use perl for regular expressions, is this the right channel for such questions? 23:34
moritz MaartenB: no, it's not 23:36
MaartenB: this is about perl 6 dev ;)
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MaartenB moritz, ok, any suggestions about the right channel? #procmail is really silent, and I can't find any other regular expressions / perl / procmail based channels :) 23:37
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moritz MaartenB: there is #perl on irc.perl.org, but I don't know how much the like questions like that 23:42
MaartenB: but at leaste there somebody might have a better suggestion
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MaartenB thanks moritz 23:43
moritz MaartenB: np
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