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Set by diakopter on 11 July 2007.
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SamB have you folks seen this: www.ohloh.net/projects/3300/analyses/latest ? 01:19
lambdabot Title: Pugs Code - Ohloh
Tene What is it? 01:21
SamB it's got some statistics about pugs 01:22
unfortunately it doesn't know what Haskell is yet
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moritz_ TimToady: iirc substr isnt 05:50
ah, I should read on before answering ;)
hoowa does audryet here? 05:51
moritz_ hoowa: she idles here, but hasn't been active lately 05:52
@seen audreyt
lambdabot audreyt is in #haskell and #perl6. I don't know when audreyt last spoke.
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meppl good morning 08:04
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agentzh masak++ # p6 dom builder 10:22
@seen masak 10:23
lambdabot I saw masak leaving #perl6 18h 4m 12s ago, and .
agentzh i think you can rework the v6.pm's grammar to make it always return the entire match objects instead of particular captures... 10:24
masak: but i'm not quite sure about the precedence parser part in PCR...
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bloonix hmmm 12:15
hello together
?eval say :8(10)
pugsbot_r17185 OUTPUT[8␤] Bool::True
bloonix ?eval say 10.:8
pugsbot_r17185 Error: ␤Unexpected ":8"␤expecting ".", "\187", ">>", "=", "^", operator name, qualified identifier, variable name, "...", "--", "++", "i", array subscript, hash subscript or code subscript
bloonix is that not yet implemented or will that be never implemented? 12:16
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sysdef cycle 14:18
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bloonix how can I get the inode of a file ? 14:24
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broquaint (stat $fn)[1] 14:28
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bloonix stat() on unopened filehandle FH at /usr/share/perl/5.8/File/stat.pm line 49. 14:37
jettero hrm, I wondered if that was a perl5 question 14:38
bloonix my $fh = open('test.txt'); say (stat $fh)[1];
jettero oh
bloonix #!/usr/bin/pugs
jettero perl6 loads perl5 modules?
I clearly need to read some web pages about pugs 14:39
bloonix hmm I dont understand how to open a file for appending 14:42
what is the right operator?
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bloonix :a 14:44
just test it
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bloonix I tried to open a file with "my test.pl" and not with "vi test.pl"... 15:06
I need holiday :/
moritz_ bloonix: was ist lexically scoped at least? ;-) 15:11
bloonix hi moritz_ 15:12
moritz_ hi bloonix ;)
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bloonix how can I implement something like Fcntl's O_CREATE | O_APPEND ...? 15:15
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pasteling "bloonix" at pasted "use perl5:POSIX <strftime>; my" (6 lines, 118B) at sial.org/pbot/26612 15:51
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bloonix *** 15:52
Unexpected "$lt"
expecting "=", context, ":" or "("
at ./posix.pl line 5, column 4
moritz_ ?eval localtime 15:53
pugsbot_r17185 Error: ␤Unexpected end of input
bloonix moritz_: any idea?
moritz_ bloonix: learn haskell, fix pugs :/
?eval localtime();
pugsbot_r17185 \Time::Local.new(("day" => 2), ("hour" => 17), ("is_dst" => Bool::True), ("min" => 53), ("month" => 8), ("picosec" => 0), ("sec" => 49), ("tz" => 7200), ("tzname" => "CEST"), ("wday" => 5), ("yday" => 213), ("year" => 2007))
moritz_ ?eval localtime().day;
pugsbot_r17185 \2
moritz_ ?eval localtime().yday; 15:54
pugsbot_r17185 \213
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moritz_ ?eval localtime # without parenthesis 15:55
pugsbot_r17185 Error: ␤Unexpected end of input
moritz_ why that?
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gnuvince @seen audreyt 16:04
lambdabot audreyt is in #haskell and #perl6. I don't know when audreyt last spoke.
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lumi Ah, whatever happened to the Haskell-people meeting? 16:10
diakopter: Whatever happened to the Haskellite meeting you suggested? 16:13
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diakopter lumi: I didn't push it 16:25
lumi Still interested, though? 16:26
diakopter lumi: yes
lumi I'm asking as a beginner Haskellite, I don't know the compiler innards 16:27
So I won't be able to judge your ideas for feasability probably
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lumi s/abil/ibil/ 16:27
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diakopter lumi: :) 16:30
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bloonix ?eval 333 ~~ /^3{1..3}$/ 16:35
pugsbot_r17185 Match.new(␤ ok => Bool::False, ␤ from => 0, ␤ to => 0, ␤ str => "", ␤ sub_pos => (), ␤ sub_named => {}␤)
bloonix why is that false?
moritz_ ?eval 333 ~~ m/^3**{1..3}$/ 16:36
lumi ?eval 333 ~~ /^3**{1..3}$/ # maybe it's like this?
pugsbot_r17185 *** Cannot parse regex: ^3**{1..3}$␤*** Error: Error: quantifier not implemented: $VAR1 = {␤ 'closure' => '{1..3}'␤};␤␤Match.new(␤ ok => Bool::False, ␤ from => 0, ␤ to => 0, ␤ str => "", ␤ sub_pos => (), ␤ sub_named => {}␤)
moritz_ bloonix: {} in p5 is **{} in p6 16:37
bloonix hmmm
moritz_ bloonix: plain { ... } encloses code that is executed on matching
TimToady presumably your p5ism would be caught eventually by a "Useless use of range" warning 16:41
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moritz_ TimToady: is that already in STD.pm? 16:42
TimToady STD doesn't do context analysis
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TimToady but it might be a simpler problem than in p5, so maybe STD could do at least some of it 16:43
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moritz_ I saw detection of while(my $var =... as p5ism 16:44
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TimToady some of the void context can be spotted by syntactic analysis, while other instances require semantic analysis. It's an interesting question whether it's better to report in two place rather than one, assuming the syntactic analysis can find the problem significantly earlier. 16:45
it's not always the case that , or ; introduce void context on the left 16:47
and certainly in this case, the bare block called from regex doesn't know that it's in void context unless the regex parsing rule tells it
as far as {1..3} is concerned, the range is the final value, so is returned 16:48
moritz_ right
TimToady it's also an interesting question to what extent STD, when used as a mere syntax checker, should be reporting such warnings 16:49
but in the user's mind the distinction between syntactic and semantic analysis will be fuzzy in any case 16:50
plus there's a minor side issue that we run the risk of warning twice about the same thing if we do it in two places 16:51
[particle] unless the analysers share state info 16:52
TimToady there's probably something profound in here about what can be factored out
semantic analysis that merely makes distinctions
vs tree transformations 16:53
I think a syntax checking could warn about use of an undefined sub, for instance.
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TimToady *checker 16:54
moritz_ erm ist that really a syntactic issue?
TimToady depends on how you define "syntax" :)
moritz_ doesn't that depend on the import mechanism of modules, for example? 16:55
TimToady BEGIN changes things
including your current syntax
moritz_ aye
TimToady but it seems obvious that there will be things that BEGIN can do that are well-behaved (in a PPIish sense) and things that aren't 16:57
so maybe we can have some enforcement of what kinds of syntactic changes are allowed without extraordinary declaration of UNSAFE_PRACTICES
you ought to be able to swap in a completely new grammar safely, but BEGIN { require $x if rand < .5 } is obviously not so safe 17:00
moritz_ but it's a nice idea ;) 17:01
TimToady and maybe BEGIN is really the counterpart to eval, insofar as any forced use of it to do something that needs less power indicates a missing feature 17:02
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DarkWolf84 I found perl6-alpha in subversion 18:17
It really work 18:18
Tene DarkWolf84: I don't understand your question.
DarkWolf84 does perl6-alpha in pugs subversion work 18:19
is it ready for testing 18:20
sorry for mu bad english
[particle] perl 6 is under development. 18:21
DarkWolf84 i know
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DarkWolf84 is it ready for testing 18:21
does it run some code
? 18:22
[particle] there are almost 20,000 tests now
there are evalbots and other things written using perl 6 (pugs)
?eval "hello, world!".say 18:23
pugsbot_r17185 OUTPUT[hello, world!␤] Bool::True
DarkWolf84 what is the diference between pugs and perl6-alpha then? 18:26
and why there r Install and Istall.v6-alpha 18:29
fglock DarkWolf84: just try 'cpan v6' for installing v6 from cpan 18:31
it comes with some tests
DarkWolf84 right this is perl6 on perl5 18:32
fglock yes
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moritz_ and pugs is p6 on haskell 18:36
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PerlJam but perl6 on parrot is the *real* perl6 ;-) 18:37
moritz_ PerlJam: does it pass the test suite yet? *g*
moritz I have my nick back ;) 18:41
but probably not for long :(
obra PerlJam: Perl 6 on Parrot is "Onion"
moritz obra: not officially
obra Just to be pedantic, the "real" Perl 6 is _ANYTHING_ that passes the test suite 18:42
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obra and that's canonized in Syn1. 18:42
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moritz so I'll write a script that passes the test suite - and it will be called official perl 6 18:43
it's a 10 liner in clean p5 ;)
obra moritz: if your script can run everyhthing in the test suite, then yes. 18:44
if you emasculate the test script and print 1 ok and exit... well, we'll all giggle.
but there is not one 'official' implementation.
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PerlJam moritz: write script that uses the test suite to gather the answers it is supposed to give and then output them at the appropriate time. Eventually it will pass the test suite :) 18:44
moritz obra: good april's fool joke ;)
obra moritz: sure.
DarkWolf84 LOL 18:45
moritz I planned to do that for previous 1st april, but I didn't find the time
obra use.perl.org/~jesse/journal/26825?from=rss 18:46
lambdabot Title: Journal of jesse (2531)
PerlJam ed.7 xferlog_regular.processed.3 18:47
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lichtkind moritz: hihi 19:14
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meppl good night 21:46
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pugs_svnbot r17195 | lwall++ | Allow for $$foo forms of attached sigil 22:29
diff: dev.pugscode.org/changeset/17195
lambdabot Title: Changeset 17195 - Pugs - Trac
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Limbic_Region salutations all 23:23
Debolaz Salutations Maximus. 23:25
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