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Set by lichtkind on 5 March 2010.
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snarkyboojum 32911 passing tests o/ 00:45
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snarkyboojum over 83% pass rate 00:54
jnthn :-) 00:55
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snarkyboojum that's amazing progress.. almost 600 additional passing tests since may 21 00:57
(core-devs)++ :)
jnthn FINALLY!
Backtraces that might actually be useful.
snarkyboojum :O 00:59
jnthn With actual line numbers that relate to your Perl 6 program. :-) 01:00
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snarkyboojum jnthn: wowsers :) 01:12
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jnthn snarkyboojum: gist.github.com/418686 for example 01:27
lue ohai! 01:29
Did I just hear that backtraces are ..... useful?
sorear snarkyboojum: don't forget certain non-core devs who make tests pass. 01:30
lue jnthn: if a part of Rakudo's insides were to fail, would it still look as nice as this? 01:37
jnthn lue: Well, not if the part of the internals is the backtrace printer. ;-)
lue: For subs in the setting, it should be able to do something sensible in theory.
lue: In practice we may have one more Parrot bug to fix yet. 01:38
lue .rnd(must .... get.... phone..... with MeeGo) 01:40
jnthn OK, dare I commit the backtrace code... :-) 01:41
sorear YES
jnthn :-)
We can debug and hack on it together to make it awesome. :-)
sorear It doesn't matter if you break all the spectests - it will still be worth pulling
jnthn sorear: Oh, it doesn't do that
All pass 01:42
Just didn't want to commit something that's even less helpful that the status quo.
But I think what I have now actually reporting real line numbers is more helpful.
.oO(the next step in error message technology: STD-like suggestions as to what zarked up)
sorear I never payed attention to Parrot backtraces
jnthn sorear: Heh. Maybe nobody other than a few core devs did either. I dunno. :-)
sorear: They probably look a tad offputting though.
sorear No, they were better than your version 01:44
However, not containing any correct information compensated for the superior formatting
jnthn sorear: Heh, superior? :-) 01:45
What do you like better about the Parrot ones?
Also, patches welcome. ;-)
sorear I thought we had the various fields lining up, but I just checked and I misremembered 01:46
jnthn sorear: ah
sorear: But nice thought.
sorear also, I'd like to see more information in backtraces
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sorear like the PC value 01:46
(I really did use that)
jnthn Erm
Wow. :-)
sorear: In that case I'm going to suggest, let's provide a flag --pir-backtrace or something, that disables this. 01:47
sorear does your version know how to format long names when it's not being compiled into GLOBAL?
jnthn sorear: And then people can see the real Parrot backtrace and get the PC.
sorear: Not yet, that's one of the next things to add.
sorear What about code in other HLL universes?
jnthn sorear: It should be able to show that too.
sorear: It assumes it has a Parrot sub and anything more it can find out beyond that is a bonus. 01:48
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dalek kudo: b066578 | jonathan++ | (3 files):
First cut of a backtrace printer. With recent Parrot improvements, it actually

come, but commit early, commit often and all that. :-)
kudo: 339d0b9 | jonathan++ | build/PARROT_REVISION:
Bump PARROT_REVISION to get latest Parrot with various backtrace production
sorear wonders whether enhancing the "make generated code pretty" functions would help or hurt debugging 02:03
jnthn sorear: Depends what chance they stand of breaking the code they're beautifying. ;_) 02:05
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jnthn Wow...it's getting light outside already. :-) 02:07
lue Well then, good morning jnthn o/ 02:09
jnthn ;-) 02:11
Saturday late-night hacking has been *so* easier since I moved to Sweden. :-)
(Having church at 5pm rather than 9:30am means I can stay up just as long as I want and not worry about missing it. :-)) 02:12
sorear: Adding namespace to the backtrace too 02:13
lue I thought now it was Sunday early-morning hacking :) 02:14
jnthn It's all relative. :-) 02:19
dalek kudo: 8b3bb0b | jonathan++ | src/Perl6/BacktracePrinter.pm:
Include fully qualified names of routines in the backtrace, plus better handling
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jnthn lue: Thanks for the inspiration - I tried to do something nice to make it clear what comes from the core setting: gist.github.com/418727 02:37
lue Ooh, nice. Now it helps both coders & P6 developers in one shot! 02:41
jnthn :-)
I hope this will make using Rakudo more -Ofun. :-) 02:42
lue I'm assuming <anon> is short for anonymous ?
jnthn lue: yeah
lue ERROR: maybe you should try calling something that exists
jnthn And the angles to indicate it's something special-ish.
rakudo: 0/0 02:43
p6eval rakudo 9581e6: OUTPUT«Divide by zero␤current instr.: 'infix:<div>' pc 365157 (src/gen/core.pir:22103)␤»
lue please email this error code to Rakudo developers, so they can help diagnose the problem: ID-10T
jnthn Awww, it's not updated yet.
oh argh, I seem to have broken something 02:44
lue RD* is just a space station full of broken vases :P 02:45
jnthn Heh, found it. 02:50
Only broke -e and repl. ;-)
lue "only" :) 02:51
jnthn I "only" have a small glass of Nemiroff!
lue It "only" accounts for ~50% of all examples in P6 RT tickets :)
jnthn What, Nemiroff? :-) 02:52
yay, all fixed.
.oO(Quaternions — A healthy part of this balanced 3D modeling library)
rakudo: my @a=((1,2,3),(4,5,6)); my @b=((7,8),(9,1),(2,3)) my @c = (@a * @b); say @c 02:57
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused at line 11, near "my @b=((7,"␤»
lue Awesome, jnthn!
But that looks suspiciously like STD... 02:58
std: my @a=((1,2,3),(4,5,6)); my @b=((7,8),(9,1),(2,3)) my @c = (@a * @b); say @c
p6eval std 30972: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Two terms in a row at /tmp/zK7i83RhI9 line 1:␤------> ,3),(4,5,6)); my @b=((7,8),(9,1),(2,3)) ⏏my @c = (@a * @b); say @c␤ expecting any of:␤ bracketed infix␤ infix or meta-infix␤ statement modifier loop␤Parse
..failed␤FAILED 00:01 …
jnthn STD is still a bit better
Colors. :-)
lue Not for me [at least in Konversation]
jnthn But yes, we are trying to converge with STD, so we now are SORRY about parse errors.
Ah, irssi shows them.
lue What caused a perfectly good matrix multiplication to go wrong? 02:59
jnthn A missing ; before the my
(the my @c)
lue durh :)
rakudo: my @a=((1,2,3),(4,5,6)); my @b=((7,8),(9,1),(2,3)); my @c = (@a * @b); say @c
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«36␤»
lue hyper operators go like «*», right? 03:00
rakudo: my @a=((1,2,3),(4,5,6)); my @b=((7,8),(9,1),(2,3)); my @c = (@a «*» @b); say @c
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«7162741018␤»
lue rakudo: my @a=((1,2,3),(4,5,6)); my @b=((7,8),(9,1),(2,3)); my @c = (@a «*» @b); say @c.perl
jnthn Yup, if you want both sides to dwim.
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«[7, 16, 27, 4, 10, 18]␤»
lue I don't think it's dwimming 03:01
[for matrices anyway]
jnthn Oh, it won't do matrix mult. :-)
lue rakudo: my @a=((1,2,3),(4,5,6)); my @b=((7,8),(9,1),(2,3)); my @c = (@a »*« @b); say @c.perl
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«[7, 16, 27, 4, 10, 18]␤»
lue strangles air 03:02
jnthn watches the air wither and die
lue thinks of a machine that converts CO2 into diamonds (carbon) and oxygen
how would you make matrix multiplication work? 03:03
What happens above shouldn't happen, mathematically. It's errorful :) 03:04
[or can I not have 2d arrays?]
jnthn Well, thing is that parcels flatten
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lue I thought that happened. 03:05
jnthn So for a 2D array you want [1,2,3] not (1,2,3).
lue ah, dankon
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lue rakudo: my @a=en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Searc...3],[4,5,6; my @b=en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Searc...9,1],[2,3; my @c = @a »*« @b; say @c.perl 03:06
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused at line 11, near "my @a=http"␤»
lue AH!?
rakudo: my @a=en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Searc...3],[4,5,6; my @b=en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Searc...9,1],[2,3; my @c = @a »*« @b; say @c.perl
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused at line 11, near "my @a=http"␤»
lue > my @a=en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Searc...3],[4,5,6; my @b=en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Searc...9,1],[2,3; my @c = @a »*« @b; say @c.perl
what the...
Could this have happened because of something server-side? 03:07
rakudo: say [[1,2,3], [4,5,6]] 03:08
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«1 2 3 4 5 6␤»
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lue rakudo: my @a=[[1,2,3], [4,5,6]]; my @b=[[7,8], [9,1], [2,3]]; my @c = @a »*« @b; say @c.perl 03:09
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«[6]␤»
TimToady should fail
lue strangles ozone, going for an extra oxygen this time
TimToady hyper is only for strict parallelism 03:10
lue apparently, typing en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Searc...,3],[4,5,6 causes some weird parsing thru IRC...
TimToady it's not do-what-a-mathematician-means
lue what if I am a mathematician? Then it has to dwim. :) 03:11
lue ponders a Matrix type...
TimToady »op« does not mean that
jnthn TimToady: I suspect Rakudo doesn't yet know about nested arrays in hypers. There was a patch to support it, but don't think it was yet applied.
TimToady: (thus why it didn't fail as expected)
lue rakudo: my @a=[[1,2,3], [4,5,6]]; my @b=[[7,8], [9,1], [2,3]]; my @c = @a «*» @b; say @c.perl # just in case it differs
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«[6]␤» 03:12
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TimToady that also should not do what you mean :) 03:12
lue How does that happen?
just the [6], i mean
TimToady I imagine it's multiplying 2 by 3
jnthn I fear so. :-) 03:13
lue: It's numifying the arrays (and getting the number of elements) rather than descending into them.
TimToady rakudo: my @a = [1,2,3], [4,5,6]; say (@a »*» 3).perl 03:14
lue yeah. Seems rakudo is too scared to go farther than the first dimension :)
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«[9, 9]␤»
TimToady alpha: my @a = [1,2,3], [4,5,6]; say (@a »*» 3).perl
jnthn phenny: help
phenny jnthn: Hi, I'm a bot. Say ".commands" to me in private for a list of my commands, or see inamidst.com/phenny/ for more general details. My owner is sbp.
p6eval alpha 30e0ed: OUTPUT«Non-dwimmy hyperoperator cannot be used on arrays of different sizes or dimensions.␤in Main (file <unknown>, line <unknown>)␤»
jnthn hugme: help
hugme jnthn: (add $who to $project | list projects | show $project | hug $nickname | tweet $twittername $message )
jnthn hugme: tweet rakudoperl Rakudo now has proper backtraces with line numbers from your Perl 6 code. 03:15
hugme jnthn: You need to register with freenode first
jnthn hugme: tweet rakudoperl Rakudo now has proper backtraces with line numbers from your Perl 6 code.
hugme hugs jnthn; tweet delivered
jnthn \o/
Well, maybe I should take some sleep. 03:16
lue yeah, before noon happens. :) Good night jnthn o/
OOPS morning
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lue I love jnthn's new backtrace :) 03:19
Wolfman2000 seems like rakudo is being updated more recently. (I've been following twitter)
dalek kudo: 6e39fe1 | jonathan++ | src/Perl6/Compiler.pir:
Little tweak so things in the core setting get shown in the backtrace with a
kudo: 34542f7 | jonathan++ | src/Perl6/Actions.pm:
Emit file annotation so backtraces have file names.
jnthn night o/ 03:23
TimToady o/
Wolfman2000 Still, Twitter doesn't say everything. How goes the Perl 6 development? 03:25
TimToady it's rapidly catching up with the future 03:26
.oO(And the future keeps coming to the present. It's very annoying. :) )
Wolfman2000 *chuckles*
I'm hoping to get a new Macbook Pro in a few months. Should have plenty of ram and hard drive space. When that happens, I can try compiling Perl 6 again......unless you guys managed to make Perl 6 compile with a gig of ram with no problems. 03:27
TimToady that is much improved, I think 03:28
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Wolfman2000 ...my current laptop has 2 GB ram, roughly 20 GB hard drive space left. Think I can compile Rakudo at this point with few issues? 03:29
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TimToady looks like you only need 275MB of disk 03:30
Wolfman2000 hard drive space I assume for that 03:31
TimToady and 2GB ram should be plenty adequate
I certainly have no trouble with 3GB 03:32
Wolfman2000 Fair enough
lue is src/Perl6/BacktracePrinter.pm written in NQP ?
Darn. Looks like it is. I looked at it and thought := was implemented :) 03:33
Wolfman2000 well, may as well try to build it now 03:35
Wolfman2000 gets the git source
lue has been struck by what to call %_ 03:39
lue is slowly going mad again
Is there any language with a pronoun for a hash-like structure? 03:40
Wolfman2000 ...huh. It compiled...relatively quickly. Seemed too quick. 03:42
Wolfman2000 goes to run the tests 03:43
sorear rakudo compilation has gotten a LOT faster in the last two months 03:44
it was around 10 hours when I joined the project for me
now it's down to 7 ... minutes
Wolfman2000 Compiler.pir took awhile to compile, but it...did its job
lue Maybe when R* comes along, I should try to compile on this old computer again.
Wolfman2000 It was about 7 minutes on my end as well, and I'm also pushing my ram usage to full.
Wolfman2000 is watching an iTunes U movie 03:45
sorear should take about 300 now
2 months ago, it was running 2500
which hurt a lot with 384 physical :/
(all numbers in megabytes)
lue I'd say. that's my number of physical ram (in MiB) 03:47
Wolfman2000 failed part of the spectest 03:49
t/spec/S05-capture/caps.rakudo ................................. Failed 2/21 subtests
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sorear you ... ran... the... spectest....? 03:51
lue I think I heard something about that a while ago.
Wolfman2000 still running
sorear oh okay
Wolfman2000 it's just the first failing line 03:52
sorear the spectest takes like 4 hours, i's very exhaustive and not really intended to be run online
Wolfman2000 ...no summer classes on Memorial day. I can wait if need be
sorear (we'll call it Perl 6 once it passes the entire spectest with no TODOs)
Wolfman2000 I haven't seen any TODOs yet. Still on S-06 03:53
err...just skipped to S-09 somehow
sorear the TODOs are applied by a special script that runs before the test harness
when you see a file .rakudo, it's been modified
Wolfman2000 t/spec/S12-attributes/instance.rakudo .......................... ok random line that has .rakudo. Clarify what you mean by modification here. Should they be .t instead? 03:54
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lue the .rakudo means it's been fudged. 03:54
aka some parts of that test file don't pass yet, and break the spectest. They are "fudged" so things don't break.
sorear Wolfman2000: look in the t/spec/S12-attributes/instance.t file 03:55
lue [How I understand it at least]
sorear you'll see some special comments like #?rakudo skip 1 "This is not yet implemented"
Wolfman2000 ...I'll check later
t/spec/S29-context/die.rakudo .................................. Failed 2/15 subtests 03:56
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Wolfman2000 computer slowing up... 04:00
hopefully not getting kernel paniced here
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isBEKaml TimToady: S02:629, missing variable? 04:07
04:11 xinming_ is now known as xinming
Wolfman2000 ...huh. The Perl 6 code we made for Advent 2009 is part of the test spec now? 04:12
Also: the spec test has finished.
sorear: 30-40 minutes
...huh. TimToady: paste.lisp.org doesn't seem to want me to paste to #perl6. Perhaps you can check? 04:14
lue That happens sometimes. Try gist.github.org
Wolfman2000 no server
or rather, can't find server 04:15
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lue on paste.lisp.org ? 04:16
Wolfman2000 gist.github.org couldnt' find server
saaki maybe your dns is flubbered, been working for me 04:17
lue .com
saaki gist.github.com
lue sorry :)
Wolfman2000 paste.lisp.org/display/110959
pugssvn r30973 | lwall++ | [S02] missing var noticed by isBEKaml++ 04:27
Wolfman2000 ...do I have to --gen-parrot AGAIN for that one change? 04:28
04:29 TimToady sets mode: +vvv buubot dalek hugme, TimToady sets mode: +vv ilogger2 IRSeekBot, TimToady sets mode: +vv p6eval phenny, TimToady sets mode: +v pugssvn
lue :O I search for 'dr math quaternion' and on the first page I get a CPAN module for quaternions (P5 of course, but still) 04:30
Wolfman2000 ...oh, that's pugs. Not rakudo.
sorear Wolfman2000: --gen-parrot is for Parrot changes, which aren't even announced here 04:31
also, Rakudo doesn't generally track the latest parrot 04:32
there is a file in your Rakudo tree, build/PARROT_REVISION
Wolfman2000 ...I forgot there are many bots in this room.
sorear TimToady: hi! any comments on the LTM-in-rules question?
Wolfman2000 rakudo: ([+] (1..999).grep( { $_ % 3 == 0 || $_ % 5 == 0 } )) 04:33
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: ( no output )
Wolfman2000 ...didn't do it right
sorear Wolfman2000: and yes, advent stuff is in the spectests. It makes great regression fodder
TimToady sorear: I usually set BEGIN { $ENV{STD5DEBUG} = -1; }
and figure it out from the logs
sorear Wolfman2000: you need to add a .say there 04:34
Wolfman2000 rakudo: ([+] (1..999).grep( { $_ % 3 == 0 || $_ % 5 == 0 } )).say
sorear Wolfman2000: p6eval just reads and evaluates, it doesn't print
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«233168␤»
Wolfman2000 sorear: if I recall right...doesn't rakudo ahve a time limit?
...guess not
TimToady alias mc='less -R' will display the log in colors on Linux
sorear TimToady: I've actually been setting that on the command line
but the question which I refer to is a semantic one, not a debugging one 04:35
take a look at STD.pm6:1430
notice that both sides of the alternation start with <.ws> 04:36
there should be no LTM going on, right?
TimToady ah, that is factored out
Wolfman2000 rakudo: "5065726C36".comb(/<xdigit>**2/)».fmt("0x%s")».chr.join.say
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT« 04:37
Wolfman2000 ...yeah, that still fails
rakudo: "5065726C36".comb(/<xdigit>**2/).map: { chr "0x" ~ $_ }).join.say
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused at line 11, near ").join.say"␤»
TimToady if there's whitespace before [ a | b | c ] it ignores the first whitespace on each alternative
Wolfman2000 ...and that should have worked
sorear TimToady: gimme5 factors it out, but I rather suspect it's doing so in error, since it changes the semantics - <.ws> ends a LTM pattern
TimToady a new LTM starts at the [] alternation 04:38
Wolfman2000 rakudo: ("5065726C36".comb(/<xdigit>**2/).map: { chr "0x" ~ $_ }).join.say
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«Perl6␤»
Wolfman2000 there
TimToady each alternation is its own LTM
unless the first thing in a token
sorear I don't follow
TimToady but certaint that particular one stands on its own
sorear each alternation starts with sigspace 04:39
so LTM shouldn't be able to affect which one is called?
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TimToady sorear: I said it factors that whitespace out 04:40
since there is whitespace before the [], there is no need to match first inside the []
so it ignores that
sorear gimme5 does, viv doesn't
I think S05 supports viv
but I'm not sure 04:41
TimToady well, then S05 is wrong :)
or at least incomplete 04:42
finanalyst good morning all 04:46
TimToady biab &
finanalyst run across a bug, just checking to see if its known already
04:47 Lorn left
finanalyst rakudo: sub s ( $a ) { return $a }; class A { has $.b = s(2) }; my A $x .= new(); say $x.b 04:48
p6eval rakudo 8b3bb0: OUTPUT«Could not find sub &s␤in <anon> at line 11␤in main program body at line 11␤»
sorear TimToady: pastie.org/983940 ?
lue rakudo: our sub s ( $a ) { return $a }; class A { has $.b = s(2) }; my A $x .= new(); say $x.b 04:50
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«2␤»
finanalyst lue: thanx
lue you are welcome. 04:51
sorear TimToady: As a different but related issue, STD parses x ** y as x <.ws> ** y. Wrong? 04:53
lue afk 04:56
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TimToady sorear: that looks fine 05:05
S05:945 talks about the other 05:06
pugssvn r30974 | sorear++ | [S05] Describe alternation left-factoring in rules, long implemented by gimme5 05:07
sorear what about sigspace with ~ ?
TimToady I think ~ currently screws up under sigspace 05:08
at the moment it's just a "Doctor, it hurts when I do this." 05:09
"So, don't do that."
sorear the viv component which reparses ~ currently just strips <.ws> from both sides
it runs a bit too low level though and even strips /explicit/ <.ws> ...
I wonder what the ideal behavior is 05:10
TimToady well, if we think of '(' ~ ')' <atom> as subbing in the <atom> for the ~, it kinda makes sense to transfer the ws to around <atom> 05:11
but generally, in practice, <atom> will be something that already handles whitespace
<statementlist> for instance
so the situation doesn't arise often in practice, and we could just say it treats it as '('~')' 05:12
sorear *lightbulb* the parsing behavior we want for ~ is exactly the same as for **
TimToady praps
sorear let's parse it as a psuedo quantifier
TimToady whatever works, and isn't *too* disgusting :) 05:13
sorear It'd be less disgusting than the current approach.
heh. I used $self->{dba} in the translation code for ~, but ~ is parsed with dba:additive... 05:19
TimToady you can always override the default dba
sorear no, $self is the match object for the ~ regex_infix__S_Tilde 05:20
that code would have been correct if I had written it as a method on a RE_node
pugssvn r30975 | sorear++ | [viv] Fix a stupid phaso which caused all parsing failures to be reported as "additive" 05:21
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TimToady biab & 05:28
05:31 kaare joined, kaare is now known as Guest67735
pugssvn r30976 | sorear++ | [viv] More aggressive filtering of sigspace in ~ 05:32
05:39 JimmyZ joined
JimmyZ std: { } () 05:40
p6eval std 30975: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Strange text after block (missing comma, semicolon, comment marker?) at /tmp/GZr1AW0sff line 1:␤------> { }⏏ ()␤ expecting any of:␤ bracketed infix␤ infix or meta-infix␤ statement modifier loop␤Parse failed␤FAILED
..00:01 115m␤»
JimmyZ std: {}()
p6eval std 30975: OUTPUT«ok 00:01 111m␤»
JimmyZ rakudo: {}() # oh hi, is it a bug? 05:41
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«invoke() not implemented in class ''␤in main program body at line 11:/tmp/fV4VLyeY9P␤»
JimmyZ rakudo: { say 'hi'; }()
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«hi␤»
JimmyZ rakudo: { say 'hi'; } ()
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused at line 11, near "{ say 'hi'"␤»
JimmyZ rakudo: { } () 05:42
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Confused at line 11, near "{ } ()"␤»
JimmyZ std: { } () 05:43
p6eval std 30975: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Strange text after block (missing comma, semicolon, comment marker?) at /tmp/lH4PkUNOFT line 1:␤------> { }⏏ ()␤ expecting any of:␤ bracketed infix␤ infix or meta-infix␤ statement modifier loop␤Parse failed␤FAILED
..00:01 112m␤»
JimmyZ TimToady, hello 05:44
TimToady a postfix may not have space in front of it
JimmyZ rakudo: { say 'hi' }() 05:48
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«hi␤»
JimmyZ rakudo: { }()
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«invoke() not implemented in class ''␤in main program body at line 11:/tmp/uhsZpZL0Wn␤»
TimToady rakudo: {;}()
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«invoke() not implemented in class ''␤in main program body at line 11:/tmp/cKD0G2h84Y␤»
TimToady rakudo: Hash.new() 05:49
p6eval rakudo 34542f: ( no output )
JimmyZ rakudo: {1;}()
TimToady rakudo: Hash.new()()
p6eval rakudo 34542f: ( no output )
rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«invoke() not implemented in class ''␤in main program body at line 11:/tmp/zLkd13L4Fp␤»
JimmyZ rakudo: {say;}()
p6eval rakudo 34542f: OUTPUT«␤»
JimmyZ rakudo: {True;}() 05:50