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Set by lichtkind on 5 March 2010.
sorear aha, found it 00:01
pugssvn r31008 | sorear++ | [viv] Allow .*? to backtrack in rules again. Oops. 00:09
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[Coke] skips review. 00:38
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jnthn mornin' 02:19
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sorear yo. 02:27
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sorear Hmm. 02:36
Fixing quantifier ratcheting doesn't seem to have helped performance much... 02:37
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TimToady <masak> module A { module UNIT::A {} } # clash? 03:03
yes, clash 03:04
colomon jnthn: I'm spectesting Prakash Kailasa's hyper patch, but I'm going to go to bed before it finishes, I think.
TimToady std: module A { module UNIT::A {} }
p6eval std 31008: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Illegal redeclaration of symbol 'MY:file</tmp/NdCFDuauHW>::<A>' (from line 1) at /tmp/NdCFDuauHW line 1:␤------> module A { module UNIT::A ⏏{} }␤Check failed␤FAILED 00:01 114m␤»
jnthn colomon: OK. :-) 03:05
colomon: I've gotta take care of $dayjob for the next little while anyways.
TimToady in fact, nearly all your questions about module nesting are already answered by STD, though you might have to parse a .pm and examine the resulting .syml file to find the answer
colomon It gets at least another 40 tests passing! \o/
jnthn colomon: \o/
colomon: We hit 33k yet? ;-) 03:06
colomon I dunno, but we're within 40 for sure, I think.
jnthn \o/
colomon currently having git issues. :(
jnthn Good chance of us making that in the next 24 hours then :-)
colomon yes 03:07
bother, I just erased the working patch. :()
jnthn :( 03:08
colomon easy enough to rebuild, now trying compile and hyper.t again. 03:09
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colomon ack, things are completely confused here. 03:10
think I will go to bed and tackle it again in the morning. 03:11
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TimToady the _reduced for <foo=.bar> is 'bar' in sTD 03:15
STD even
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sorear TimToady: What are the most important optimizations in gimme5? 03:21
TimToady well, LTM itself prevents a great many false leads 03:22
the other biggie is avoiding lazymap
via ratcheting
sorear Huh. I had never thought of LTM as an /opt/imization 03:23
TimToady if you do the LTM at the termish level, you don't have to redo it at lower levels because the fate is already determined 03:24
sorear hmm. I wonder if that's working 03:25
(in viv)
TimToady should be able to tell from the logs what probes are made and what fates are piced 03:26
sorear on the plus side, LTM lexer caching does not appear to be magically broken 03:28
sorear has a hunch that <.ws> is the most expensive rule
how does HIGHEXPECT and MEMOS work? 03:29
TimToady which is why it is heavily optimized
you could run NYTProf on viv
I run it now and then on std 03:30
generally cursor_fate is the most expensive routine
since it's faking LTM
well, it's doing LTM but not always efficiently
@*MEMOS is indexed by pos in the original source 03:31
each entry is a hash that, beside mapping back to line number, allows any other keys, such as <ws> for the whitespace memoization
if <ws> is set, it's pointing back to the beginning of the whitespace here, and means "we already match ws here, don't do it again" 03:32
also we set some hints for possible future error messages
<nodecl> and such
sorear ponders experimenting with packratism
TimToady probably won't get much
because we don't backtrack much 03:33
HIGHEXPECT records the rules we attempted at the highwater mark 03:34
sorear gimme5: sub ws__PEEK { '' }
viv: sub ws__PEEK { '' }
TimToady it's the list of expectations in 'expecting any of' messages
sorear sub ws__PEEK { $_[0]->_AUTOLEXpeek('ws', $retree) }
aha, I was wondering how that worked 03:35
sorear thinks this __PEEK difference is important
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TimToady I think ws is hardwired elsewhere to terminate LTM 03:35
so this PEEK shouldn't be important
RE_ast:214 03:36
218 rather
sorear in general, though
viv is currently hardwired to generate a single form of __PEEK
sorear doesn't follow the <<DECL>> etc stuff in gimme5 and just cloned behaviorally 03:37
ah, viv generates empty __PEEK for ws fail commit before after panic and anything declared using 'method' 03:39
viv doesn't generate __PEEK *at all* in those cases
I'm also not generating EXPR__PEEK 03:40
hmm 03:52
die processing is pretty slow iirc 03:53
maybe adding __PEEK stubs for things would be a big improvement
except, no, that would only help autolexer generation
which is Not The Bottleneck
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sorear TimToady: Might changing the names of alternatives have broken anything? (ws_03 and ws_05 are now ws_0 and ws_1) 03:56
sorear quickly flips back and forth between two versions of "sub ws" looking for breakage 03:57
lue ohai 04:00
sorear TimToady: Can you tell me anything about the hacks involved in autolexing EXPR? 04:04
dmpk2k Does Perl6 have any method or function help at the REPL, like Python or Common Lisp? 04:09
sorear rakudo: Any.^methods.Str.say 04:11
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«can Numeric elems end reduce Str keys reverse isa uniq classify map pairs kv ACCEPTS min max pick first minmax does grep values join WHICH perl CREATE Capture PARROT bless WHENCE WHERE list notdef BUILDALL new Bool print say defined WALK item BUILD REJECTS clone␤»
sorear something like that?
dmpk2k Alas, nope. Fire up a python interpreter and type "help(dir)". 04:13
It shows you a description of what the dir() function does.
lue there's perldoc, but i'm not sure if that's part of the REPL itself. 04:14
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dmpk2k Perldoc is good stuff, but it'd very oh-so-nice if there were allowanced for it at the REPL. 04:16
I don't use Python, but I use it all the time with Factor.
lue rakudo: perldoc
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«Could not find sub &perldoc␤ in main program body at line 1:/tmp/TrJadigSqD␤»
sorear Perl6 is specced to have online help 04:19
dmpk2k Awesome. :)
sorear it's stored in the .WHY interrogative of variables
lue but last I heard, REPL still has an feeble "memory", in that it can't remember variables from the last line. It still has a waaays to go. 04:20
sorear there's a fork of the REPL from about two weeks ago with the ability to remember variables 04:21
pmichaud is working on a "real" version
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dmpk2k rakudo: say.WHY.say 04:24
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«␤Method 'WHY' not found for invocant of class 'Bool'␤ in main program body at line 11:/tmp/yFmMBZvYyP␤»
dmpk2k So much for that guess. 04:25
sorear there are no complete implementations of Perl 6 yet 04:26
pugssvn r31009 | sorear++ | [viv] Optimize .*? and .*! to SCANs with special meta nodes 04:28
r31009 | Blocks don't need additional cutting
lue rakudo: 3.WHO.say; 3.WHAT.say 04:30
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«Method 'say' not found for invocant of class 'Int'␤ in main program body at line 11:/tmp/eKMULuByqJ␤»
lue :O
that should work, right? 04:31
rakudo: say 3.WHO; say 3.WHAT
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«Int␤Int()␤»
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sorear oh, /nice/ 04:49
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sorear TimToady: apparently the .*? -> _SCANf optimization is Really Important 04:50
implementing it in viv made STD.pmc 36 times faster
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sorear looks through a 196MB viv.log 05:22
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sorear STD-on-viv-on-STD can't seem to handle character classes 05:39
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sorear /<[]>/ fails, tr/// succeeds 05:39
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moritz_ good morning 05:49
PerlJam morning moritz_ 05:52
sorear good morning moritz_ 05:53
ok, I'm missing _PARAMS generation
moritz_ is very pleased with rakudo's progress in last 7 days or so 05:54
sorear hah, viv-compiled-STD doesn't grok balanced punctuation 05:56
pugssvn r31010 | sorear++ | [viv] Fix parameterized role autolexer generation (_PARAMS missing)
sorear it's willing to parse a character class if I spell it <[ a e i o u [>
dalek kudo: 5c09771 | moritz++ | t/spectest.data:
run whatever.t again
moritz_ sorear: :-)
pugssvn r31011 | moritz++ | [t/spec] test that method not found error contains method name and line number 05:59
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sorear wanted: a web changeset service for pugssvn 06:00
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sorear found it 06:05
moritz_ sorear: if you look at the IRC logs in /topic, all the r\d+ occurences are turned into links 06:06
as are many other things :-) 06:07
sorear excellent. moritz++ for telling me moritz++ for the logs 06:08
moritz_ #perl6++ 06:09
most feature ideas and layout patches came here
it was the first ugly-but-useful page I produced, and #perl6 people beautified it 06:10
same with perl6.org (perl6-proejects.org back then)
and same with proto.perl6.org
sorear wonders if #perl6 made mowyw 06:11
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moritz_ nope that was my own, pre-#perl6 invention 06:12
probably not really pre-#perl6, but shortly after I joined 06:13
pugssvn r31012 | sorear++ | [viv] Bracketize \xABCD in perl5-output
sorear yay, STD-viv can now parse bracketing delimiters
moritz_ \o/
sorear one little bugfix at a time 06:14
moritz_ rakudo: sub foo ($a where 5) { say "hi" }; foo(42);
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«Constraint type check failed for parameter '$a'␤ in 'foo' at line 11:/tmp/ld2jH1UvGy␤ in main program body at line 11:/tmp/ld2jH1UvGy␤»
sorear though I was rather in a quagmire not long ago; I had my ETA calculated as June 23, 2042
moritz_ ETA for viv compiling STD.pm6 without errors? 06:15
sorear no
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sorear that's already here 06:15
however, it's miscompiling STD 06:16
miscompilations are very problematic to debug
moritz_ with "without errors" I actually meant "correctly"
sorear ahhh 06:17
yeah. slow going.
moritz_ rakudo: my $x = "test"; given $x { say $_; m/(e.)/; say $/ } 06:18
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«test␤Any()␤»
sorear erm...
what does %<a> mean
moritz_ std: %<a> 06:19
p6eval std 31010: OUTPUT«ok 00:01 114m␤»
moritz_ std: % <a>
p6eval std 31010: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Non-declarative sigil is missing its name at /tmp/NT9FIN0XhR line 1:␤------> <BOL>⏏% <a>␤Bogus statement at /tmp/NT9FIN0XhR line 1:␤------> %⏏ <a>␤ expecting twigil␤Parse failed␤FAILED 00:01 111m␤»
moritz_ has no idea
rakudo: class Foo { }; my $x = "Foo"; my $y = $x.new; $y.WHAT.say; 06:20
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«Foo()␤»
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sorear STD.pm6 lines 3263-3265 contain 3 references to %<O><prec> syntax 06:20
gimme5 compiles this identically to $<O><prec>
moritz_ std: 1 R~= 2 06:21
p6eval std 31010: OUTPUT«ok 00:01 111m␤»
moritz_ rakudo: my $x = 3; 1 R~= $x; say $x
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«1␤» 06:22
moritz_ rakudo: sub foo { my $a = 5; say $^a }; foo(7)
p6eval rakudo dd0e5d: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Multiple declarations of lexical '$a'␤␤»
sorear \o/ I'm 100 lines down 06:24
pugssvn r31013 | sorear++ | [viv] Translate the %<O> syntax found in STD
sorear that cuts about a year off my ETA at previous rate estimates :p
moritz_ somebody flagged rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=62622 as [LHF] (pmichaud perhaps?) but I have no idea where to dig for it :( 06:25
sorear LHF? 06:26
moritz_ low-hanging fruit 06:27
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pugssvn r31014 | sorear++ | [viv] « » needs to generate an Array 06:41
sorear svn-- 06:42
moritz_ it's pugssvn that has problems with UTF-8 06:43
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sorear strange. now it's parsing :=, **, ++ fine, but not => 06:51
aha 06:55
it's parsing :sym« => » as having literal spaces in the name
screws up LTM
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pugssvn r31015 | sorear++ | [viv] We need to trim leading and trailing spaces in word quotes used as adverbs 06:58
sorear jumped ahead *500* lines 06:59
3 years!!!
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Su-Shee good morning. 07:13
cognominal \o
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sorear wishes he understood the contents of viv.log 07:18
mathw Morning 07:25
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sorear TimToady: Why is $CTX only updated at certain places, instead of continuously in deb? 07:32
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pugssvn r31016 | sorear++ | [viv-ecosystem] Add a tiny script to make comparing lexers easier 07:57
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pugssvn r31017 | sorear++ | [cleanlex] Also deal with FATE index skew. 08:04
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pugssvn r31018 | sorear++ | [viv] One hack and two bug-compatibilities to improve LTM 08:20
sorear it can now parse $<a> 08:21
there's something delightfully ironic about parsefailing in the parse error code. 08:22
(line 1307)
mberends heh 08:23
sorear revises his ETA from June 26, 2042 to next Thursday 08:24
mberends that's better than "to *the* next Thursday" ;) 08:25
sorear std: no Foo
p6eval std 31016: OUTPUT«Can't locate object method "explain_myster" via package "STD::P6" at STD.pm line 12432.␤FAILED 00:01 113m␤»
pugssvn r31019 | sorear++ | [STD] Fix a misspelled method name 08:26
mberends tried to access SQLite via zavolaj yesterday. It required some signatures that Parrot doesn't yet support. In other experiments, it *did* create an empty database file before segfaulting. Committed the WIP anyway.
sorear mberends: go talk to plobsing 08:27
mberends yes, will do that :)
sorear plobsing's parrot can handle any signature
mberends oh cool!
moritz_ sorear: local branch?
sorear er, wait 08:33
I forgot... it was an extension 08:34
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sorear github.com/plobsing/parrot-libjit-fb 08:34
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pugssvn r31020 | sorear++ | [viv] Global protoregex trait tables simulate inheritance 08:40
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pugssvn r31021 | sorear++ | [viv] Ignore specific token signature if a proto token provided one, to prevent double shifting and lossage. (Is this the right approach?) 08:46
sorear line 2438! 08:47
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pugssvn r31022 | sorear++ | [viv] Add SUBSUME coalescing (acts like an optimization, but it turns out to be semantically critical) 09:33
sorear can now handle 1 !~~ 1 09:35
moritz_ hopes it returns False :-)
sorear no, it returns (3 pages of AST) 09:36
moritz_ ah well
sorear you seem to have STD confused with a perl 6 implementation 09:37
STD.pm, having been compiled with STD.pm, just successfully parsed STD.pm 09:39
that actually wasn't intentional entering... 09:40
moritz_ looks like a cool move :-) 09:41
now it would be interesting if also rejects wrong Perl 6 programs :-)
sorear: how long did it take (the parsing, that is)?
sorear out of scrollback, but 4-5 minutes 09:42
the same as gimme5 STD
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sorear STD stage 3 contains several <<ERROR>> markers, indicating that unprocessable (i.e. different and wrong) AST is still being generated in some cases 09:45
however, diff -u (stage 3) (stage 2) is 10,000 lines
compared to a total of 60k lines
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moritz_ too much if I understand you 09:46
sorear I mean to say that STD-stage-2 has correctly compiled 80% of STD
and successfully compiled 100% 09:47
moritz_ ok
sorear -> sleep 09:48
moritz_ 'night
Su-Shee I have a sudden hunger for bacon. 09:49
moritz_ chunky bacon? 09:50
Su-Shee slices or chunks, but fried please. :)
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Su-Shee *HAHA* 09:57
my co-worker is from poland. _he_ got the name of zavolaj immediately. ;) 09:58
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masak oh hai, #perl6 09:59
phenny masak: 30 May 19:03Z <sorear> tell masak : there is no 'package' statement in Perl 6. "package Foo;" is interpreted as meaning "use v5; package Foo;" to allow pure-Perl-5 modules to be used unaltered. STD implements this (partially)
masak: 30 May 21:58Z <mathw> tell masak I pushed some changes to Form which make it build on my system, but the tests fail. The first failure is in the parsing tests with some fields not parsing, so maybe Form::Grammar is now out of date.
masak clearly activity kept being high after I left yesterday :) 10:01
mathw: given that there's a new underlying grammar engine now, that sounds probable :) 10:02
moritz_ mathw: biggest pitfal with the current grammar engine: backslash escape sequences in char classes are NYI 10:03
masak sorear: if by 'package statement' you mean 'braceless package declaration', then I agree. I can see how it would be right for STD.pm6 to actually allow such a form, if it did enough p5. Rakudo, in its present form, should probably disallow it. 10:04
moritz_: I could probably implement those. but not before the Yapsi release. :)
moritz_ masak: in nqp-rx? that would be awesome 10:05
masak I've done it before in Perl 6, so... :)
moritz_ it's currently the biggest source of workarounds in JSON::Tiny
it also rates high in the often-discussed bugs on p6c 10:07
jnthn masak: We can make package an error, or a "is this Perl 5" kinda message, quite easily if that's the Right Thing to do. 10:10
mberends std: package Foo; 10:12
p6eval std 31022: OUTPUT«ok 00:01 114m␤»
masak alpha: say ?(chr(9) ~~ /<[\t]>/) # is this meant to work? 10:14
p6eval alpha 30e0ed: OUTPUT«1␤»
masak oh, it does :)
rakudo: say ?(chr(9) ~~ /<[\t]>/)
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«0␤»
moritz_ rakudo: say ord("\t")
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«9␤»
moritz_ rakudo: say ?('\\' ~ /<[\t]>/) 10:15
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«1␤»
moritz_ rakudo: say ?('t' ~ /<[\t]>/)
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«1␤»
masak notices with embarrassment that GGE doesn't implement this at all
mathw moritz_: no char classes in Form's grammar 10:16
masak: Yes. What I need is a grammar engine that tells me what it's doing :)
masak gnnnn. I really really need to write that GGE debugger. 10:17
mathw heh
masak maybe I should convince someone to help me do it? it's really LHF at this point.
mathw I'll probably take another look at it later
see if I can figure it out
right now I need to have some breakfast
moritz_ rakudo: '12 abc ' ~~ /<?DEBUG(1)> <alpha>+/ 10:18
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«3/1: PASS at pos=6␤»
moritz_ not perfect, but better than nothing 10:19
mathw could be just the key
okay I'll look at it now
and then I'll have breakfast
okay now I'm confused 10:22
the same field that's failing... passes if I run just that
but doesn't run inside the test file itself 10:23
so maybe it's not the grammar
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mathw oh 10:26
no my mistake
it is the parsing
bbkr rakudo: my Rat $a; $a += 0.1 for ^10 # chcking if 74626 is fixed 10:28
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: ( no output )
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masak well, it's resolved... 10:28
mathw rakudo: grammar A { regex B { a } }; "a" ~~ A::B; 10:29
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«Can not find sub A::B␤ in main program body at line 1␤»
mathw pah
masak mathw: that's a bug. it was submitted yesterday.
mathw it's enormously unhelpful 10:30
masak mathw: workaround: rename the regex A::B
jnthn er
How is that a bug?
regexes are has scoped by default 10:31
masak oh.
of course.
jnthn They're methods.
masak need to learn to think this new way.
mathw rakudo: grammar A { regex B { a } }; "a" ~~ A.B;
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«Type objects are abstract and have no attributes, but you tried to access $!pos␤ in 'A::B' at line 11:/tmp/CT2pH7kqHL␤ in main program body at line 11:/tmp/CT2pH7kqHL␤»
masak mathw: that's calling the regex.
not referring to it.
jnthn /<A::B>/
Or our regex and than &A::B 10:32
masak rakudo: grammar A { regex B { a } }; A.B
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p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«Type objects are abstract and have no attributes, but you tried to access $!pos␤ in 'A::B' at line 11:/tmp/ydvRI0xwHf␤ in main program body at line 11:/tmp/ydvRI0xwHf␤» 10:32
masak slightly unhelpful error message there.
mathw rakudo: grammar A { regex B { a } }; "a" ~~ /<A::B>/;
p6eval rakudo 5c0977: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤regex assertion not terminated by angle bracket at line 11, near "::B>/;"␤»
masak would it be possible to get something like "oh, you tried to call me as a method, don't do that"
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masak mathw: I don't think /<A::B>/ is implemented yet... :( 10:33
colomon jnthn: seem to have a solid patch this morning....
jnthn masak: gah, now *that* is annoying (<A::B> NYI)
mathw any chance it's LHF?
masak jnthn: glad we agree :)
jnthn mathw: Well, probably if you're pmichaud 10:34
mathw: Maybe even if you're not. :-)
colomon: yay!
mathw because figuring out this Form thing without being able to call individual regexes in the grammar for testing is going to be a pain in the arse
it's going to be a pain anyway, but...
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jnthn masak: On the error, not quite sure what the best way to be more helpful would be. 10:35
masak: Perhaps though if it emits a signature with the invocant as :D when the binder supports that...
...then at least the dispatch fails if you try and call the regex on the type object.
masak hm, yes.
but until then, maybe we could have a check inside the regex method? 10:36
jnthn moze byt.
masak likes how 'may be' and 'moze byt' are built from the same components 10:37
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jnthn masak: Well, it's more literally "can be" 10:37
masak and 'may' means...? :) 10:38
it comes from a proto-Germanic root *mag-, which indicates ability. 10:40
jnthn heh
Perhaps that's proto-indo european; Russian "I can" is могу for example. :-) 10:41
masak from proto-Indo-European *mogh/*megh meaning 'power', from Sanskrit mahan, 'great'. it's related to 'might'.
yes, they're probably related.
I never thought of that. 10:42
jnthn Cute.
Su-Shee "to understand the meaning of perl 6 modules, please refer to Linguistics 0.1 for beginners and consult a Sanskrit grammar of your choice. Knowledge in attic greek and japanese is helpful." 10:43
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masak even the etymology for the month May flows out of that same river. 10:43
jnthn Grr. If validating XML, helps to actually load the document you're planning to validate into the reader before calling .Validate().
On the upside, the first XML schema I ever wrote in my life...works straight off.
Su-Shee masak: I thought may comes from mars actually? 10:44
10:44 JimmyZ left
jnthn It's "Mars" the word for May in...some romance language? 10:44
Su-Shee yes. 10:45
jnthn is very rusty on romance
*romance languages
masak Su-Shee: no, it seems to come from the greek goddess Maja/Maia, whose name has to do with might and power. 10:46
Su-Shee no, I'm wrong and confusing it with march ;)
just looked it up. :)
jnthn Oh!
Su-Shee jnthn: *HAHAHAHA* :)
masak Swedish for Match is 'mars' :)
jnthn masak: Match or March? :-) 10:47