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Set by moritz on 25 December 2014.
dalek kudo/nom: a4576a2 | peschwa++ | src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp:
Fix RT #77114.
kudo/nom: f53153d | moritz++ | src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp:
Merge pull request #340 from peschwa/rt77114

Fix RT #77114.
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...l?id=77114
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...l?id=77114
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Timbus 2015-12-24 ... 00:09
yoleaux 29 Dec 2014 16:30Z <psch> Timbus: the issue with .item in a grammar is already ticketed, #77350. the example is with .any, but .item is a method on Mu as well
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...l?id=77350
Timbus what the
oh. yeah i saw that
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b2gills psch: The point of the exercise was to show off matching off of the numerator and denominator of a Rational, while throwing away the actual value. After getting a fair bit into I thought it would be good if it worked for any basic type. 00:15
timotimo bcode: you can now also {new Year: :happy} 00:19
m: new Year: :happy
camelia rakudo-moar 80b912: OUTPUT«===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /tmp/X60rRiNNAy␤Undeclared name:␤ Year used at line 1␤␤»
timotimo m: class Year { }; new Year: :happy
camelia ( no output )
bcode ah nice :) 00:20
psch b2gills: oh, i see. so your use case is actually about demonstrating subsignature unpacking, not about multis per se 00:21
b2gills: or rather, from subsignature unpacking you wanted to generalize
b2gills: with that i think what raydiak demonstrated is probably as good as you're going to get 00:22
b2gills Really how both multis and subsignature unpacking interact
psch well, they don't really, that's the issue, isn't it
b2gills Actually they work just fine 00:23
psch 'cause with Cool $x as Rational (:$numerator, :$denominator) you break on strings
b2gills It's the going from Cool to Rational that isn't as simple as I'd like
psch m: sub f(Cool $x as Rational) { $x }; say f "foo" 00:24
camelia rakudo-moar 80b912: OUTPUT«foo␤»
psch huh, it doesn't break
that surprised me, i don't see how the coercion doesn't break it
ooh, wait, there was discussion about this recently as well
we actually want Cool Rat($x) or something instead iirc 00:25
b2gills Rat(Cool)
psch right, the target type is on the outside
b2gills Similar to :fakename($realvar)
Except backwards? I guess 00:26
psch Rat(Cool) :fakename($realvar) # o.o
b2gills I want to show my cousin who is going for a compsci something or other some cool Perl6 code 00:27
psch my go-to-showoff is lazy fib :) 00:28
b2gills of course, of course
some of the codegolf.stackexchange.com code also 00:29
no_libsoup_for_y On my system (Windows 7 x86_64, Cygwin x86_64, Rakudo Star 2014.12.1, Parrot 6.10.0), evalfile - with or without arguments - always causes the compiler to bail out with the message "no ICU lib loaded". The shell used doesn't seem to matter (bash, dash, cmd.exe, and C:\rakudo\bin\perl6.exe produce the same result). Running it via the "-e" flag, via REPL, or from a file makes no difference either. Any ideas on how to resolve this? I'm 00:31
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muraiki_ your message was cut off at "I'm" 00:43
no_libsoup_for_y odd 00:46
"I'm not really sure where to start." was the rest
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huf irc is like that, unless your client splits it into multiple messages for you 00:50
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b2gills It's almost as if irc predates http ( checks wikipedia ) apparently because it does (by about a year) 01:04
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geekosaur so, wasn't that bug fixed recently (but no new star release)? 01:18
mm, wait, no, both involve icu but not the same thing 01:19
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adu any -05:00 timezone people here? 01:59
geekosaur moo? 02:07
adu any people in here? 02:08
I still can't figure out why my grammar works with Grammar::Debugger, but not without it 02:09
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adu what does this mean? Unhandled exception: ctxlexpad needs an MVMContext" 02:18
colomon some sort of internals leak into the outside world
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adu does perl6 support mixins? 02:27
colomon yes 02:29
though that might depend on your exact definition of mixin
adu the docs talk about roles with undefined methods
colomon that's what Roles do
adu I was thinking more a class with precisely defined methods, where another class subclasses many of these 02:30
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adu colomon: oh, you just say is a lot 02:33
I'm so stupid 02:34
class A is B is C
colomon roles are "does" 02:36
adu omg, I can't believe it 02:45
on Linux, my grammar works with and without Grammar::Debugger, on MacOSX my grammar only works with Grammar::Debugger 02:46
I'm so confused
raydiak heh, nice...
adu so it'a bug specific to MacOSX + NOT using Grammar::Debugger 02:47
raydiak them smart implementor folks have been working on hunting down a moar os x bug lately; wonder if it's the same one
adu hmm 02:48
raydiak: the behaviour is hard to diagnose because it just hangs, if I were to let it run, it would just run forever, I imagine
if it were to encounter a null pointer, at least I could get some error message 02:49
raydiak I'd recommend sprinkling says around in your grammar, but there is a good chance you'll have the same problem as with grammar::debugger
adu raydiak: I did that, actually
you can see the comments in github 02:50
well, that makes me feel better that it's not my fault 02:51
raydiak oh yes, it is certainly pretty much without doubt not your fault at this point :) 02:52
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adu "pretty much" 02:52
raydiak I have pretty exacting standards for "certainly without doubt", which are not normally met by human beings 02:53
but I haven't seen anything in your code that should be platform specific
adu I'm not using any platform specific stuff 02:54
the only thing I can think of is slurp 02:55
but it get's past that point because it gets half-way through the grammar, and then just hangs
raydiak nah that should be portable anywhere rakudo runs
adu which implies that the slurp is complete
raydiak hard to say with laziness and all though 02:56
adu oh, is slurp lazy?
I wonder if I read all file contents from it if the bug would go away
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raydiak idk if slurp specifically is or isn't, just generalizing 02:58
did you learn anything from all the says everywhere? did they un-break it? 02:59
adu I'm going to track down this bug in the next 2 hours
raydiak: not really, but I gave up at some point, hence the comments, I think I'll try again and uncomment them
raydiak if you do manage to narrow it down to something fairy specific, please document it for us in a bug report too 03:02
adu raydiak: the "say"s did not fix the bug, it still hangs with "say"s all over the place
that is my intention 03:03
raydiak I'd just keep adding says between the last one you see before it hangs and the one after that, until you have it bisected 03:04
("between" in the order that it's traversing the rule heirarchy...obviously that could be very different from source code order) 03:05
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ugexe raydiak++, also you might want to try to just use open() as i ran into a similar problem with spurt on linux at one time and manually using open() directly worked 03:20
adu spurt? 03:23
ugexe spurt yes, but i think the problem is the same between them (closing the file im guessing)
so i ended up using like $file.IO.open(:bin, :w).write($content) and it worked. im an idiot though so take with a grain of salt :) 03:26
adu raydiak: ok, maybe putting "say" does change behaviour 03:32
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adu becuase I put says around A and C, ran it, it hung on A, then I put says around B, ran it, and it printed A B C, and hung on C 03:33
it's a heisenbug 03:34
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adu how do I run roast? 03:36
ugexe make rakudo-spectest 03:41
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grondilu Happy new year #perl6 :-) 04:04
yoleaux 27 Dec 2014 04:24Z <TimToady> grondilu: @a[0,2...*] works again in the latest rakudo
grondilu ^yep, noticed that TimToady++
adu grondilu: where are you? 04:37
I think I may have found one indicator of "the heisenbug": pastie.org/9807719 04:40
That's part of roast, btw
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adu happy new year! 05:01
TimToady still has 3 hours to wait... 05:03
grondilu is currently in the middle of the Indian Ocean (France's Reunion island).
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grondilu (9AM, 30°C) 05:05
adu grondilu: wow, I never would have guessed that 05:10
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adu raydiak: are you awake? 05:30
hmm 05:35
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adu should I file a report? 05:47
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raydiak adu: I am awake...even at a keyboard now...are you running latest/very recent rakudo on moar? if not I'd give that a shot 07:19
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adu raydiak: I'm running 2014.12.1 07:20
on both linux and darwin
raydiak adu: try latest via rakudobrew, see if it's the same 07:21
adu rakudobrew?
raydiak github.com/tadzik/rakudobrew
makes it a lot easier to manage this stuff...just install the script and "rakudobrew build moar" 07:22
adu ok
raydiak essentially it'll build the very latest rakudo for you, without you jumping through a bunch of hoops to build moar, nqp, rakudo, panda, and so forth 07:24
also does other stuff you may or may not care about, like switch between different versions of rakudo on different VMs 07:25
adu is it more up to date than star?
raydiak yes
adu oh
raydiak: so I found annother (smaller) grammar that displays the same bug 07:26
raydiak the test you mentioned a while ago? 07:27
adu github.com/perl6/roast/blob/master...ammar/ws.t
raydiak adu: if you run that file directly w/perl6, what is the last test it gives output for before it hangs? 07:30
if it still happens with latest rakudo, I would report it 07:31
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adu raydiak: hmm, it's "ok 10" on both linux and darwin 07:43
I don't know 07:44
what's the recommended way of running all of roast? 07:47
raydiak 'make spectest' or something like that from the rakudo build dir iirc...I don't recall if the output is detailed enough to know exactly which test it was on when it hangs though 07:55
or if you'll only know which file
adu ok 07:58
raydiak PST wishes you a happy new year, #perl6 08:01
ingy Happy New Year
.oO( Happy Release Year? :) )
ingy released the first CPAN 2015PST module
adu happy new year
ingy and attempted the first 4 GMT CPAN releases
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raydiak guess that's the last new year we'll hear unless someone chimes in from alaska, canada, or international waters again... 08:08
s/canada/hawaii/ 08:10
adu raydiak: on linux rakudobrew installs to ~/.rakudobrew, but on darwin it installs to ~/.rakudobrew/moar-HEAD/install 08:16
raydiak adu: rakudobrew itself should be in ~/.rakudobrew if you install like it says in the readme 08:21
adu: and rakudobrew build moar should install rakudo moar in ~/.rakudobrew/moar-HEAD/install 08:22
adu raydiak: I did exactly what the readme said, and it installed to ~/.rakudobrew/moar-HEAD/install 08:23
raydiak adu: I have no idea how "git clone github.com/tadzik/rakudobrew ~/.rakudobrew" would end up putting it anywhere else
adu no, the build moar part
raydiak yeah that's where it puts moar when you build it 08:24
but on linux mayhaps there is a runner script in ~/.rakudobrew/bin that is not used on OS X for some reason? guessing 08:25
the actual install is in moar-HEAD/install though, on both
adu yeah
that also explains why perl6 panda etc. are in .rakudobrew/bin on linux but not on macosx 08:26
raydiak but 'make spectest' should be run from moar-HEAD itself, I think (could be wrong)...if that's what you're doing
adu I don't know what I'm doing 08:27
I've been trying to build a Makefile from which I can run "make spectest" from 08:28
The last makefile I found defaulted to --jvm, and I couldn't figure out how to switch it back to moar
raydiak I think you can just run make spectest from moar-HEAD after you've built via rakudobrew 08:29
adu ah, that worked
raydiak would be cool to have a 'rakudobrew test' command for that 08:31
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adu it's all "ok", so disappointing, wait are the "fudge" tests removed? 08:38
raydiak adu: I notice that bin/cdump.pl6 is executable but has no shebang btw
adu oops
raydiak so does your problem still occur on OS X with bleeding edge rakudo? 08:39
and yeah I think the fudge test are either not ran or ignored if they fail or something, not really familiar with the specifics 08:40
adu raydiak: negative!
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raydiak adu: \o/ 08:41
adu so what changed between 12.1 and 12.69?
I'm guessing 68 things? 08:42
raydiak sounds reasonable...I'm not really an implementor, I just run "rakudobrew build moar" as often as I feel like or if I hit a bug 08:43
github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commits/nom rakudo commit log 08:44
our master is called nom
adu raydiak: how about "#!/usr/bin/env perl6"? 08:45
raydiak adu: that's the one I use 08:46
ever since I worked on a mac for a while, kept driving me nuts when people would assume they knew where my binaries live
adu what about perl6 -I lib? 08:49
wait, that's only in the current directory 08:50
raydiak if you want that, do "use lib 'lib';"
adu ok
raydiak here is an example of doing it relative to the script instead: github.com/raydiak/pray/blob/maste...pray.p6#L5 08:51
that's for '../lib', technically
adu ok 08:52
yey, now I can run "bin/cdump.pl6 t/data/null_main.c"
raydiak awesome
adu raydiak: thanks for your help 08:53
I feel like new life has been given to my old project 08:54
raydiak you're quite welcome...this is a really useful addition to the ecosystem, imo 08:55
glad to have you around :) 08:56
adu raydiak: I was personally going to use it for source-to-source transformations
because for some reason 90% of the software easily available is in C, and yet 90% of the languages people want to write in are not C 08:57
or is it 80 ... 20 ...
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raydiak nice, that's an exciting idea 08:58
adu I would imagine I could finish in a couple centuries 08:59
raydiak what is this "finish" that you speak of? 09:00
adu lol
raydiak off to bed with me...g'night and good luck 09:02
adu gnight
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nwc10 good 2015, #perl6 10:00
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FROGGS such year much new /o/ 10:23
yoleaux 30 Dec 2014 21:33Z <bartolin> FROGGS: looks like I'm ready to run 'PANDA_SUBMIT_TESTREPORTS=1 panda smoke' on a daily basis. do you want to get all those data at testers.perl6.org?
FROGGS .tell bartolin ohh yes :o)
yoleaux FROGGS: I'll pass your message to bartolin.
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bartolin FROGGS: great; tomorrow you should get the first data for panda smoking on moar. 10:54
yoleaux 10:23Z <FROGGS> bartolin: ohh yes :o)
bartolin and: happy new year to everyone! 10:55
dalek kudo/nom: c8c47aa | (Lucas Buchala)++ | src/core/ (3 files):
Change Range excludes_ methods to dashes
kudo/nom: fcd34be | (Lucas Buchala)++ | src/core/Range.pm:
Add deprecated excludes_min/excludes_max methods to Range
kudo/nom: 49fab66 | moritz++ | src/core/Range.pm:
Fix whitespace
kudo/nom: 1f3bb95 | moritz++ | src/core/ (3 files):
Merge branch 'lucasbuchala-range-excludes' into nom

Conflicts: src/core/Range.pm
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pjablons Is :shape implemented yet for compact arrays? 11:36
11:41 virtualsue joined
jnthn pjablons: No, nor are compact arrays really, though work on those is in progress. 11:47
Happy New Year, #perl6 :)
moritz happy new year, jnthn, * 11:49
JimmyZ Happy New Year, you all 11:50
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pjablons hrm... this is a little silly, but is there a cleaner way of writing a binary xor with a bunch of bits than just bit0 +^ bit1 +^ bit2 +^ bit3 +^ bit4 ? 12:16
jnthn [+^] bit1, bit2, bit3, bit4 # though it will run a bit slower at the moment
pjablons oh that works 12:17
jnthn :)
jnthn away for a bit
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timotimo i think someone made a template for travis CI at some point in the past, maybe szagab wants to know about that 13:22
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psch hi #perl6 \o 14:23
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moritz \o psch 14:33
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psch o/ moritz 14:42
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psch moritz: did you have a look at more of #77064? 14:43
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...l?id=77064
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psch i saw you fixed the literal optimization, but the alternation seems to work out differently 14:43
moritz psch: I think the expections for alternations are off 14:49
modifiers are scoped to [] and () groups
psch m: $_ = "Abc"; say /[A || :i B || C]+/ 14:52
camelia rakudo-moar 80b912: OUTPUT«␤»
psch m: $_ = "Abc"; say /[A || :i B || :i C]+/
camelia rakudo-moar 80b912: OUTPUT«␤»
psch i'm not sure, i'll have to reread S05 a bit i think 14:54
moritz m: $_ = "Abc"; say so /[A || :i B || C]+/ 14:55
camelia rakudo-moar 80b912: OUTPUT«Cannot call 'match'; none of these signatures match:␤:(Cool:D: Any $target, *%adverbs)␤ in method Bool at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:14352␤ in sub prefix:<so> at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:4317␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/ujWCcqPxEF:1␤␤»
psch the nqp patch hasn't landed yet either i think
moritz m: $_ = "Abc"; say so m/[A || :i B || C]+/ 14:56
camelia rakudo-moar 80b912: OUTPUT«True␤»
psch it does seem a bit gotcha-y, but doing it differently break [ :i a || b ] 14:57
which means "i agree with the expectation being wrong" i think :)
moritz well, it's the same as my $x = 42; my @a = 1, 2, my $x = 3, $x
m: my $x = 42; my @a = 1, 2, my $x = 3, $x; say @a
camelia rakudo-moar 80b912: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Redeclaration of symbol $x␤ at /tmp/RAHuwpOXwi:1␤ ------> my $x = 42; my @a = 1, 2, my $x ⏏= 3, $x; say @a␤1 2 3 3␤»
psch :D 14:58
dalek kudo/nom: 8f173a0 | moritz++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
bump NQP revision to get regex fixes
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moritz psch: closed RT #77064; thanks! 15:07
synopsebot Link: rt.perl.org/rt3//Public/Bug/Displa...l?id=77064
psch moritz: fwiw, i just pointed at it; you fixed it :) 15:14
moritz psch: I've lost overview of RT about a year ago; such pointers are very valuable to me 15:17
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rindolf Hi all. Happy New Year. 15:32
Ven happy new year, #perl6 o/! 15:35
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rindolf Ven: sup? 15:36
Ven rindolf: sup? 15:37
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rindolf Ven: I went on two walks today and watched an episode of Futurama and an episode of My Little Pony. 15:37
Ven rindolf: I got drunk and am recovering 15:38
rindolf Ven: ah, due to New Year's Eve?
Ven yes
isBEKaml Happy New Year, #perl6! 15:39
rindolf isBEKaml: happy new year.
isBEKaml: what's new?
isBEKaml rindolf: Nothing much. Eagerly looking forward to CPANPR :-) What's on your side? 15:40
Ven also, trying to recode junctions in haskell :( 15:41
dalek ecs: 8969a74 | usev6++ | S32-setting-library/Exception.pod:
[S32::Exception] Add X::Syntax::AddCategorial::MissingSeparator
isBEKaml Ven: drunk haskell.. must be fun :-)
rindolf isBEKaml: today I had a busy day: I went on two walks, exercised, watched an episode of Futurama and and watched an episode of My Little Pony, and ate Shawrama/Gyros.
Ven no, totally sober now. My stomach hates me, but I'm completly sober at least
moritz bartolin++ 15:42
Ven bartolin++
isBEKaml rindolf: Shawarma? It's a drink something, right? mediterranean? 15:43
rindolf isBEKaml: no, it's food.
isBEKaml: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shawarma 15:44
isBEKaml rindolf: ah, I see that now. :-)
rindolf: I don't watch a lot of TV series...
woolfy Happy healthy succesful 2015 to all of you! <3 15:46
rindolf isBEKaml: ah, neither do I.
woolfy: thanks! To you too.
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Rounin Oh, rindolf! Hey there. Happy new year! 15:52
rindolf Rounin: hi, thanks. 15:53
Rounin: what's new?
Rounin Hmmmmmmmm, nothing much. I've taken a very long Christmas holiday (3,5 weeks)... Only thing I've really done is putting my savings into a risky stock fund, so now I'm watching the figures go up and down once a day :P 15:54
What have you been up to lately?
Ven ponders at how to do a listop in haskell...
isBEKaml Ven: map? fmap? 15:56
Ven isBEKaml: how's that a listop? I want something like `1 | 3 | 4`, e.g.
the problem is that (|) cannot have overloads
so except if I provide two operators, I don't see a way to do it
isBEKaml Ven: you could say something about infixr 15:58
Ven isBEKaml: not sure what you mean
rindolf Rounin: I've been mostly OK, but I lack interesting things to do. 16:00
lumimies Ven: foldr?
rindolf Rounin: had a job interview on Tuesday and I'm going to have another one on Sunday.
Ven lumimies: not sure what you mean? doesn't help to declare a listop 16:01
Rounin Ah, that's nice, rindolf... Good luck! Are they interesting jobs?
Or seem interesting, anyway
dalek c: b249312 | usev6++ | / (2 files):
Add exception X::Syntax::AddCategorial::MissingSeparator
Ven any and all exist in straight haskell
rindolf Rounin: the one I've been to a job interview for seems interesting - don't know about the future one.
moritz bartolin++ # thourough! rakudo, roast, doc, specs 16:03
lumimies Ven: If you really need listop-like syntax, there are evil typeclassy things you can do. Check out Printf 16:04
Ven lumimies: ooh that's right :DDD
lumimies Ven: It's probably not worth it, though 16:05
Ven I'm just playing around
Rounin Ah well... Let's hope the future one is interesting as well then 16:06
bartolin thanks! also moritz++ # I learned how to do it mostly by reading your blog posts and getting guidance here
Ven lumimies: yaaaah I'm not sure I can do that without much more hackery 16:08
lumimies Ven: That's what I meant - it's quite a lot of trouble
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Ven lumimies: I mean, I can't have 2 different signatures :( 16:08
rindolf Rounin: yes. 16:09
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dalek c: cd38114 | moritz++ | lib/Type/Metamodel/Trusting.pod:
Fix grammaro
c: 83da0d1 | moritz++ | lib/Type/Metamodel/Finalization.pod:
Document type Metamodel::Finalization
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dalek ast: 61919cf | usev6++ | S03-operators/range.t:
Add test for recent fix: *.say for ^10
c: 7e51211 | moritz++ | lib/Type/Metamodel/RoleContainer.pod:
Document type Metamodel::RoleContainer
raydiak good 2015 #perl6 16:55
TimToady watching Rose Parade
moritz good raydiak, 2015
raydiak checking out the window for flying cars and holographic sharks
heh \o moritz 16:56
moritz flying sharks and holographic cars!
moritz in silly mood
and I have to think of sadhillnews.com/wp-content/uploads/...s-Edit.jpg
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raydiak hah good to start the day with a laugh...or, my day; guess it's closer to your dinner time 16:59
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nine I just finished this chapter zetcode.com/gui/pyqt4/firstprograms/ using Perl 6 and Inline::Python :) I can create and show windows and use dialogs and connect Qt's signals to slots. 17:16
The first time I tried this was back in 2009 with Perl 5's Inline::Python. But I've never made it so far... finally I'm getting somewhere :) 17:17
Ven wow, amazing. nine++ 17:18
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nine gist.github.com/niner/435171022bb1dbff35a4 in case someone is curious how that looks like 17:19
timotimo what's with all the whitespace 17:20
nine Oh, copy&pasted that from vim.
timotimo oooh 17:21
you know about :set mouse=a ?
nine timotimo: that's commented out in my .vimrc. Wonder why 17:22
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nine Clean version: gist.github.com/niner/e5a2f324824fcd453ef0 17:22
Now I just have to convert the 230 lines diff to Inline::Python to nice commits 17:23
timotimo :)
raydiak oh cool...nine++ 17:24
timotimo i like 17:26
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nine But before, I think I have to read the P6 advent calendar :) Been so busy the last couple of weeks that I did not even find time to read it, much less contribute. 17:35
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dwarring happy new year #perl6 18:17
small panda PR github.com/tadzik/panda/pull/128
adds a installdeps command 18:18
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timotimo cool 18:30
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ugexe can i make perl6 -e the same strictness as running perl6 code.pl6? 19:07
timotimo yeah, i think starting the code with "use v6;" will do that? 19:14
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timotimo yes, indeed 19:14
ugexe sure does, timotimo++ 19:18
[Coke] consistency goblin: is-prime, but isNan
(isNaN, even)
dalek rl6-roast-data: e691f58 | coke++ | / (5 files):
today (automated commit)
raydiak github.com/tadzik/rakudobrew/pull/23 dwarring++ inspired me to add a "rakudobrew test" command 19:21
colomon [Coke]: I'm pro is-NaN 19:22
Ven hmm, hard one 19:25
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colomon hopes raydiak++ knows what he's doing. ;) 19:27
raydiak colomon: heh that's always a gamble...but I did test it :) about to open 1 more for a slightly more informative error when the requested implementation is not found 19:28
colomon it's easier to accept the pull and test than it is to test first. :)
raydiak ah...true 19:30
colomon I did look at your code, and liked the looks of it.
raydiak okay the other one is up so people don't get confused