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Set by mst on 15 October 2019.
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AlexDaniel simcop2387: JSON::Fast for sure, no idea about anything else 01:04
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AlexDaniel simcop2387: I actually don't think we need anything else… 02:28
simcop2387: here's an interesting resource: finanalyst.github.io/ModuleCitation/
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simcop2387 AlexDaniel: cool, i'll take a look and see what i can do. might try to do like i've got for perl5 and get a bunch of the most commonly used ones from that list. 03:58
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Inline::Perl5 (0.42) by 03NINE 10:34
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Tirifto Hello all! 14:12
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timotimo o/ 14:22
Tirifto I'm going to try and write a (fairly simple) program in Perl 6, or nowadays rather in Raku, which I'm new to! I already got familiar with Perl 5, and Raku looks like it keeps everything that made me like it and adds much more. I haven't seen any other language encourage the usage of all the various Unicode symbols in the code, so I already like Raku a lot for that. So far I've only been having good impressions, so I thought I'd mention th 14:26
at here. :-)
cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! Failable (0.1.0) by 03KAIEPI 14:27
timotimo good to hear :)
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timotimo people often react a little exasperated when they see the atomic operators :D 14:28
well, that's what my tweetdeck column that searches for mentions of perl6 and such would have me believe
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Tirifto I find that odd; the atomic operators are ingenious! :D 14:30
timotimo not only that, they also all have an alternative that's just a sub made of normal letters 14:32
perl6 thinks "different things should look different" and "rare or dangerous things should stand out" or something like that
which is why EVAL was made upper case, and why phasers are uppercased, including CATCH, and why BUILD and TWEAK methods are as well 14:33
Tirifto Seems like a good convention, though I haven't dabbled in the affected much. 14:37
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Tirifto Is ‘twigil’ a combination of ‘tweak’ and ‘sigil’? 15:09
tobs Tirifto: I think "tw" comes from "two", as in secondary sigil. They add orthogonal information to, not tweak, the primary sigil. In my undestanding anyway 15:18
Tirifto: the synopsis is not explicit about where it comes from, but points in that direction: github.com/perl6/specs/blob/master...od#twigils 15:23
Tirifto tobs: Ah, thanks!
I also think I finally managed to install Rakudo and Zef! 15:24
timotimo tw is short for twecondary! 15:29
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Tirifto Twecondary igils! 15:30
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AlexDaniel Tirifto: btw, most discussions are now on #raku :) 15:45
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Tirifto AlexDaniel: Alright, thanks! I saw more people here, so I wasn't sure, but I guess the difference is largely inactive. :P 15:56
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samcv what is the state of relocatable builds? i want to try and get perl6 into my workplace. a coworker said there were some issues when they tried 2 months ago to create a centos spec file because installing to directory X where final directory is Y didn't work properly. anything i need to know? 17:11
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cpan-raku New module released to CPAN! XML::Actions (0.4.3) by 03MARTIMM 18:38
AlexDaniel samcv: #raku? :) 18:44
samcv: I think 2019.10 will be the first release that's relocatable
samcv: which will happen pretty soon, actually, are you up for some releasing?
we're not ready yet, but given the current state of things, I'm optimistic 18:45
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samcv AlexDaniel, i am 19:10
El_Che if someone has a clue why this rakudo build fails on travis (with a fedora 30 container) but runs find on the same container on my machine: travis-ci.org/nxadm/rakudo-pkg/builds/599998931
samcv i was looking into a bug you opened today. bugs in .samemark. so i should probably be fixing that tomorrow. 19:11
AlexDaniel, also that's awesome news :-)
AlexDaniel samcv: what bug?
samcv github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/61 19:12
AlexDaniel today??? 19:13
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samcv yeah i was. i've been pretty busy at work and planning next years perl/raku conference in europe 19:15
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samcv but. it was nice to work on stuff again 19:16
AlexDaniel samcv++ 19:23
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AlexDaniel samcv: ah, I misread 20:48
samcv: it's, “was looking into a bug today” not that I filed it today
sorry :) 20:49
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