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Set by mst on 15 October 2019.
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johnjay wher is a good summary of changes from perl5 to perl6? 20:11
Grinnz johnjay: remove the entire language and implement a whole new one
johnjay ok 20:12
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johnjay >The possibilities and shorthands are many in perl6. 20:20
Grinnz the language has been renamed to Raku, and the channel is now #raku 20:21
you'll get more help there
it's not a new version of Perl, as Perl 5.30.1 was just released a week ago 20:22
johnjay gotcha 20:24
Grinnz AlexDaniel: maybe time to shut this channel? options as i see it are add a +f to #raku, or see if perigrin can set up his bot here (I can ask if you want) - either way +m and emptying the topic are probably a good idea 20:26
(not sure if you are "channel owner" :)
AlexDaniel Grinnz: yeah, something needs to be done, I'm just unable to think about it now because I have to think about something else 20:27
having a bot here is a great idea though
Grinnz no worries, we're all busy :)
AlexDaniel Grinnz: #perl6-dev is down to just 21 users 20:29
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japhb Grinnz: I dunno about completely emptying the topic. But maybe changing it to " »ö« #raku and #raku-dev are OPEN FOR BUSINESS, please go there instead | OLD irclogs: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log/perl6" 20:43
Grinnz yeah, i meant emptying it of the "current use" stuff
it should definitely refer to #raku/#raku-dev 20:44
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AlexDaniel Perl 6 is now Raku! Go to #raku and #raku-dev | OLD irc logs of this channel: colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_log/perl6
ChanServ sets mode: -o AlexDaniel
AlexDaniel japhb, Grinnz: better? 21:01
Grinnz +1 21:02
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Grinnz perigrin is going to try to set up his bot. this room may become noisy, so probably a good time to leave :P 21:06
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cj hey folks 22:52
I can't install the DBIish
# Connect failed with error Cannot locate symbol 'mysql_init' in native library ''
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japhb AlexDaniel: Yup, definitely better topic! :-) 23:45
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AlexDaniel cj: try asking on #raku, everyone is there nowadays :) 23:46
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AlexDaniel Grinnz: whatever the bot does, please do it on #perl6-dev also 23:47
Grinnz mentioned that
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