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[Coke] looks at his calendar for the rest of the month and wonders when we can do the call. 15:40
me guess some saturday around noon Eastern time would be most likely to include. Any feedback on that?
s/me/I/ 15:45
sena_kun works for me (though I'd live better with instructions rather than discussions) 16:29
[Coke] I want the discussion first, because I'm trying to take an inventory of what resources we have, if anyone has any side projects that they are expecting to get get merged, etc. 16:32
Right now, the only big thing I'm aware of is the new site you've worked on.
sena_kun that's fair. 16:34
Not sure if I can be of any help in this area, though. I'm mostly just aware of some issues and also have some ideas on how to resolve them, but too exhausted to try to convince people the issues are real etc. 16:37
[Coke] I also haven't seen any recent commits from anyone except you me & JJ since Apr 6, with some minor exceptions. Not sure if we even have anyone who is working on the site at this point. 16:40
sena_kun I think we occasionally getting PRs though. 16:41
[Coke] Sure. 16:42
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[Coke] sena_kun: we can absolutely talk about stuff before the call though. 20:33
Want to open a new ticket regarding sena_kun's proposed site with a list of the changes, pros/cons, etc. I can probably extract all this from the dynamic site ticket. 22:18
lizmat feels like a good idea to me 22:19
[Coke] Although code sections had said somewhere that this belongs in problem solving.
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