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coleman howdy all; figuring out my irc bouncer 00:33
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[Coke] Next Saturday, noon Eastern work for everyone? 14:05
(for the call?)
hope so. :) 14:41
Altai-man suggested Skype, which I am fine with. We'll use irc as chat channel if needed. 14:42
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lizmat FWIW, the RSC uses a free jitsi, which works fine for ~ 10 people 16:38
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coleman Works for me 18:05
My IRC bouncer seems to be working, so i think I can have a more accurate running list of what's going on :) 18:06
I am still a Raku beginner, I'd say; but I fancy myself a decent writer and a ruthless editor. 18:07
So I'd be willing to be assigned general cleanup or guide authoring. I think we could use guides on zef + mi6 or similar.
lizmat ++coleman 18:10
coleman ACK
202 ACCEPTED 18:11
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