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[Coke] I am also fine with jitsi. 12:49
lizmat then it's just a matter of coming up with a Jitsi URL and a time :-) 12:51
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[Coke] just installed the client on my cell, created a room, seems fine? 12:52
I would rather not announce the full URL on the weekly, but please feel free to mention Jitsi; we can share the URL here in advance the day before. 12:54
lizmat sure... 13:01
[Coke] Probably being over protective. 13:08
[Coke] has to re-learn docker... 13:14
lizmat re being protective: yeah, maybe: at this point I'd say the more the merrier 13:15
after the lockdowns, I think people wanting to join in on an online meeting freely, should be cherished :-) 13:16
[Coke] let's use raku-docs-2022-05 as the room name, not sure how to get the URL from that.
and if you want to share it, I'm fine with that. 13:17
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[Coke] meet.jit.si/raku-docs-2022-05 will be the URL 14:33
I just connected from my phone. 14:34
(but offline now) 14:35
You should be able to test the connection before day of. Coordinate with someone here if you want to make sure everything works
expecting maybe 30m for the first call, not sure 14:39
Altai-man cannot really participate, but would be glad to work given there are tasks assigned 15:20
[Coke] heh. I kind of want you on the call since you have the site in progress. 15:52
I'll try to make sure I have any questions out to you pre-call
Altai-man I wouldn't say it's "in progress". Or, well, but is, but what I'm waiting for is a list of "fix this, this, this, deploy, work out this and that and we're good" sorta management, plus hopefully we'll be able to work out a roadmap for bigger issues we have (opinion on what those are, in short: absence of versioning in the docs, poor state of rakudo changes versioning). 15:58
and sure, questions are welcome
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[Coke] folks, traveling for work again this week, will be checking email in the evenings. 18:08
(tonight is last regular night until friday) 18:12
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uzl[m] What time is the meeting? Do all attendees need to present or can some of them simply attend it? 😅 20:36
^ Never mind my question about the meetup time... 05/21/2022 at 19:00 EST for reference 20:39
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