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[Coke] Back. looks like my home internet cut out so many times while I was gone as to be non-existant. 13:08
Still on for the call tomorrow - did I read somewhere that Altai-man can't make it? 13:09
Altai-man o/
[Coke], I think you're right.
[Coke] (such a long week, can't remember the last time I traveled for work, then 2 trips in 2 weeks)
Altai-man ugh, that's a lot 13:10
[Coke] ok. So for you, we're looking for volunteers to test and report out/open tickets
also: when I got home last night: there was a hungry bear in my back yard. 13:11
Altai-man will have like 3 train rides and 5 flights at the end of the month
what, a bear..? 13:12
[Coke] I live in the suburbs, next to an "ever wild" section of forest. Didn't realize there was a bear in there. :)
Altai-man sounds dangerous, yet I value the idea 13:13
[Coke] btw, "ever wild" means "won't sell this strip of land to developers" 13:14
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coleman Tomorrow: just drop a Jitsi link and that's it? 15:37
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coleman Is there an agenda? 15:37
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[Coke] (jeez, how many times have I been disconnected since I plugged in the new router. At least it's automatically reconnecting now...) 19:09
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coleman I have just recently installed an IRC bouncer on a cloud server. It's making things a bit nicer. IRC is still a bit difficult for me, though. 19:34
[Coke] yup. it's the worst, but it's everywhere. 19:38
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[Coke] . o O (clear) 20:33
patrickb I'll be on the road tomorrow evening (I'm utc+2), but I'll try if it's possible to connect via mobile. We'll see if I manage to do that. 20:35
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coleman Can we add this link to the description of this IRC channel? github.com/raku/doc/wiki 20:43
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[Coke] ah, right, don't plan to go see a matinee tomorrow on the one day I have something booked at noon. :) 22:54
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[Coke]_ Thankfully I have cell service that is better than the home 5G service, so I should still be able to make the call tomorrow 23:01
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