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[Coke] Meeting in about 45 minutes. 15:16
Sadly, I think I may have picked the worst time for the two people I wanted the most feedback out of. :)
sena_kun [Coke], ping? 15:40
I guess it's not the best timing to join the meeting now. : ) 15:45
coleman Good day! 15:46
Assuming this is still the link meet.jit.si/raku-docs-2022-05 15:47
sena_kun the meeting is in 10 minutes, right? 15:48
[Coke] yes
sena_kun thanks, so I'll join I guess 15:49
[Coke] WOO 15:51
I hope I haven't oversold the utility of this meeting. :)
coleman you gotta start somewhere 15:52
[Coke] I wonder at what point I will stop reading 'coleman' as 'colomon' 15:59
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coleman Here are the meeting notes github.com/Raku/doc/wiki/Minutes:-2022-05-21 16:51
Please edit if I misinterpreted anything, new vs. old, etc. 16:52
[Coke] here are the build notes I got from the devops call: 16:57
the markdown is the curated notes, I did include basically the chat log. 16:58
Thanks to everyone who was able to join!
coleman Does the devops team have their own IRC channel? 17:01
[Coke] don't think so. 17:06
updated md gist which wasn't actually written in markdown. 17:08
(but is now) 17:12
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patrickb Hi! 17:34
patrickb reads the backlog 17:35
I think I'm too late for the meeting, right?
sena_kun patrickb, yup 18:17
[Coke] was noon Eastern (2:40 ago) 18:38
will be a regular thing going forward (probably limited to 30m tops), so you're welcome to join next time 18:39
coleman: let's figure out the best time for folks before locking anything in. Earlier on a saturday might work better?
coleman I can go earlier 18:56
i'd be willing to do 9 or 10
and rotating it for other timezones might be fine, too 18:57
This channel ought to have a topic/description. Coke do you have power? 19:07
Perhaps just a link to the wiki
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coleman My first (but not last) attempt to build the old-docs branch is in a txt file on my private server 19:56
I am sketching out a packer build that builds an LXD container with the requirements Coke sent 19:57
LXD is cool because they're containers, but you can easily run Docker/Podman containers inside :)
anyways that's just for my personal notes
it's a shell session. Had to skip tests but that might be because I hadn't installed graphviz initially 19:58
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[Coke] coleman++ 22:01
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