[Coke] Looks like the home network finally stabilized. 00:33
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lizmat [Coke]: fwiw I cannot change the topic here 08:16
and the channel isn't registered
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patrickb [Coke]: I've been using the new docs site exclusively for quite a while now. 13:55
Pretty much the only thing I've noticed is that the overlay left menu can cause confusion on mobile devices, because I didn't realize that it could be and had to be retracted to actually see the content. 13:57
Maybe a fix could be to have the menu auto-retract or start retracted, once the screen is small enough so the menu starts to overlay the content. 13:58
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[Coke] in my continuing may adventures, will be offline a bit mid week, mostly wednesday. 16:46
patrickb: if you can make sure there's a ticket that reflects that on github.com/Altai-man/docs.raku.org/issues, that would be helpful 16:51
sena_kun just fixed 3 simpler tickets and deploying in progress 16:53
in a better version of reality I'd took a look at what to do with support of the invalid URLs of the old website and the Documentable PR 16:54
[Coke] sena_kun++ 17:00
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uzl[m] Was the meeting recorded? 21:47
.tell [Coke] I can volunteer to test Altai-man 's version of the doc, although I am not sure what that entails yet 21:49